Manager's Role in Learning and Performance Improvement

The Peformance Improvement

What should be a manager’s role in employee learning? This is the question I will be answering in an ASTD-sponsored webcast on September 24, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. So back to the question: “What should be a manager’s role in employee learning?”

ASTD Webcast on Manager's Role in Employee Learning and Performance Improvement

The Peformance Improvement

I did a webcast for the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) on the topic of the manager’s role in employee learning and performance improvement. Again, a more in-depth explanation of all of these points is available at the ASTD site for the webcast. That must be a hot topic for trainers and managers because the presentation was well attended with over 500 registrants.

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The grassroots of learning

E-Learning Provocateur

Along with some colleagues we started meeting regularly online for live interactive webcasts starting in 2005 at Edtechtalk. In this context, I think the role of the instructor needs much more consideration.

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Bett interview

Learning with e's

When I''m not travelling somewhere to speak or teach, I am at home or in the office webcasting , blogging, making videos and tweeting out content, having conversations with peers and generally engaging with the international community of learning professionals in real time.

Thinking e-learning strategy? Think video

Connect Thinking

Video webcasting is also a growing trend for educating staff and clients, such as conferences and product launches. InterCall Webcast Studio. Video has an important future role for any organisation. Every day, 98 years of video is being uploaded onto YouTube ( reference ).

Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

Association eLearning

The outcome is that the learner becomes the leader of their own multi-modal experience, while the instructor assumes a supporting role. Create “how-to” webcasts or videos, using programs like Camtasia or Jing and upload them to YouTube. Blended learning is not new to training.

Manager Engagement in Employee Learning: More Work or More Reward?

The Peformance Improvement

I was asked during my recent ASTD Webcast whether there’s data to show that managers, who are more involved in training and learning, ultimately receive more rewards and recognition than those who aren''t. Manager''s Role in Learning and Performance Improvement.

Wake Up to the New World of Learning

CLO Magazine

People want to learn by finding what they need online, watch just enough of a video or webcast to learn what they need, then get back to work. All these design elements are cultural, stretching the learning leader’s role.

4 Ways to Become the Mentor Your Company Needs

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So, when it comes to mentorship, we should not only seek out individuals to inspire and guide us, we should feel empowered to be the role model for others. Actively trying to be a role model can help you find what you’re looking for in a mentor.

Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in E-Learning & M-Learning


This concepthas been playing a significant role in reshaping our perceptions of how objects in our physical world can be linked to related information in the digital world. QR Code Use Examples & Case Studies : In this webcast, David Erickson (of the e-Strategy Blog) discusses how to use QR codes as a marketing tool with a few interesting examples of the good, bad and the ugly ways QR codes have been used.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

Talented Learning

These systems are the upstream core systems that feed user, manager, organization and role data into the LMS. Virtual classrooms, webinars, webcasts and online meetings are all loosely synonymous terms.

Cure Your Top L&D Challenges


In this month’s ATD Watch & Learn Webcast , our very own Brittany McClain discussed why content selection is your best weapon when facing these challenges and shared tips and tricks on how to increase consumption of learning content. As often as possible, stop and look at your training content from the viewpoint of your learners in regards to location, language, job role and how the learner will relate to the content provided and their user experience.

Why Should You Use Cloud Computing For E-Learning?

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Cloud computing allows learners to take courses, assessments, webcasts as well as get feedback online. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the technology which uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain applications and data.

10 Unconventional Ways to Get More Value from Your Association’s LMS

WBT Systems

Quarterly live webcasts on a hot industry or career advancement topic with time for a Q&A session about the association. Assign them only the content they need for their particular role and responsibilities. Help them learn how to handle anticipated objections and answer questions with role-playing videos. If your association’s learning management system (LMS) is only used by staff in the education department, you’re not taking full advantage of its potential.

Why Blended Learning Is Really Just Blended Training


People learn from one another, from job aids, Internet searches, blogs, webcasts, and countless other places. We need to start seeing at our role as one of performance support, connecting workers with the resources they need at the time that they need them.

10 Steps from Zero to eLearning Hero

Blue Sky eLearn

Record a few webcasts or start a podcast series to get you going. Think about your naming conventions – is it a webcast or a webinar? Be intentional about owning your role and eLearning program.

2015 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Award Recipients

Talented Learning

Association LMSs require tight integration with association management systems (AMSs), B2B and B2C ecommerce, globalization, audience segmentation, mobile responsiveness, usable social learning capabilities, virtual classrooms, webcasting tools, podcast support, and event management features.

What Can You Expect in 2013?

CLO Magazine

The video trend will continue in 2013 as video is embedded into Web courses, attached to learning databases and appears on self-generated YouTube sites, Skype and video-enabled webcasting. Webcasts, for example, are used to discuss ideas and provide access to experts. Alternatives are virtual learning labs for virtual hands-on software training, 3-D virtual worlds for distance role plays and live or online simulations to model the real world.

Improve Quality of Life With Virtual Learning

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based managers more directly in achieving company goals, Sodexo’s virtual learning environment is used to communicate progress and define the manager’s role in successfully executing corporate strateg Sodexo learning events span several weeks and usually focus on a theme, such as operational excellence. It offered more than 2,700 webcasts with Q&A sessions, and webcast views totaled 50,168. Designed to involve the organization’s 4,500 U.S.-based


The New-School Virtual Leader

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Further, the role of the business leader has changed. They are also being used to offer more interactive training sessions through live webcasts, social media interaction, expert Q&As and collaborative online sessions. For example, it is now possible to host training sessions via a live webcast, allowing an unlimited number of individuals to join from pretty much any corner of the globe. Leadership and what it means to be a leader have changed.

If We Had To Do It All Again

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That’s part of the diversity of the role; people come from different industries and backgrounds and have different experiences. That’s what makes the CLO role so vibrant. Prior to my learning role, my career focused on the business operations side. I chose to pursue a role in learning and development as a result of my personal passion for helping people succeed.


MediaTec Publishing and INXPO Launch Human Capital Media Television

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“Plus, its exceptional visibility and connectedness makes it easier for everyone to converse, collaborate and take an active role.". ABOUT INXPO INXPO has changed the way companies communicate to both internal and external audiences by combining the benefits of traditional broadcasting and webcasting media with the power of social media tools, resulting in three product offerings: webcasting, online events and social business TV. CHICAGO, Jan.

eLearning Conferences 2010

Tony Karrer

link] January 21, 2010 Prior Learning Assessment : Balancing Academic Quality and Enrollment Goals, online webcast. link] March 25-27, 2010 Faculty Roles in High-Impact Practices sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Subverting the system

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Foreign press photography and reporting inside the country has been banned, but still the images emerge, courtesy of brave souls with mobile phones and other devices capturing and then webcasting their footage for the world to see.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning

Learning Visions

Your summaries of books, webcasts and webinars are always so thorough. who play online role-play games with others, the thoughts are “can I trust this person&# or “how can I earn more points through cooperation.&#

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2017 Talented Learning LMS Awards: Best of the Best

Talented Learning

In our role as learning tech analysts and consultants, we meet dozens of LMS salespeople from around the world, and we see how they sell up close. As 2017 draws to a close, the learning community is buzzing with chatter. Why? It’s time again for the annual Talented Learning LMS Awards!


Best LMS? 2016 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Awards

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Association LMSs require tight integration with association management systems (AMSs), B2B and B2C ecommerce, digital libraries, globalization, audience segmentation, mobile responsiveness, usable social learning, virtual classrooms, webcasting tools, podcast support, and event management features.