Could e-learning content be the key to solving your corporate learning challenges?


They give us the opportunity to break into new markets, generate more sales, and target new customers. Think of a tango: where one person takes the lead into each step and the other is trusting their guidance – partnerships are the same way.

Disorienting Dilemmas, Eye-Opening Openings, and Inspirational Closings: Online Training 101


What I’m going to do today is I’m going to show you what the research says about why we’re all liars, how you can become a liespotter and why you might want to go the extra mile and go from liespotting to truth seeking, and ultimately to trust building.” Increase sales numbers? “All children, except one, grow up.” Barrie, Peter Pan (1911). Okay, now I don’t want to alarm anybody in this room, but it’s just come to my attention that the person to your right is a liar.

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10 Elearning Trends That Research Says You’ll See in 2018


With performance needs constantly changing and a torrent of content available both outside (TED talks, YouTube, blogs, etc.) Or would you rather have a system that allows each sales rep to learn just what they need for five minutes a day – and follow up by posting their own videos and evaluating their colleagues?” for more user-autonomy , fewer mandated learning paths and more trust for people to find the content they need when they need it.

Turn Training into a Profit Center – Here’s How

eLearning 24-7

We push the productivity increases, sales increases, safety issue decreases, happy employees and retention as proof that Training or L&D is successful and thus here is the proof with ROI. Pricing strategy – The number one winner or bummer in terms of sales. Like I said about iTunes, Apple came out of the gate charging 99 cents per MP4, whereas the competition was multiple dollars and those who weren’t paying and going via Torrents, were staying clear. L&D.