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before social media) and Learning 2.0. is socially much richer and more participatory, and relies more on interaction with other learners than any previous learning approach. Social media have provided the tools to achieve this on a global level.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Hiring Women in 1943. You Go, Girl!

Learning Visions

A client sent this scanned page to me this morning. most of the social intelligence and really useful things I bring to design and consulting, I learned from truly outstanding mentors. Creating Social Presence in Online Classroom (ID.

More Social Media Marketing Tips

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an excellent online Social Media Marketing course I took. I thought I might share a few more of the social media marketing tactics I'd learned through my Twitter connections. Track your Website Strength and Social Media Presence If you're going to be doing marketing online you're going to want to know how well your hard work is paying off and how far-reaching your online presence is. Tags: Social Media

Social media and reflection: marriage or divorce?

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Social media in organisations has been a difficult topic and sometimes bothers me. When I am invited to do introductory sessions in organisations, I feel like I'm converting people to use MORE social media, whereas I don't believe it is a matter of using as many social media as possible.

Social networking survey

Moodle Journal

If like many of us you are intrigued by the uptake and attitudes toward social networking then you may well find this latest set of survey results from Masie worth looking at. From my initial scan it seems that some applications and approaches are bucking the popularist trend. Comments welcome

Kindle Highlights Social Learning

Marcia Conner

This means you can now have a fabulous way to share what you’re learning and a socially-generated way to learn from others. Rather than just look through ratings from other readers, I’m going to scan through the points that leaped out and resonated with previous readers.

Social media: Prevention is better than cure

E-Learning Provocateur

My previous article, Social media: It’s not about the technology! focused on the internal use of social media by employees to import and share knowledge inside the organisation. I think it’s fair to say that some companies still have a phobia about social media.

Must reads from July 2014

Jane Hart

I can’t read them all from beginning to end, so I scan the headlines for those that are “clickworthy”, then I skim those articles to see if they contain anything of real value for me, and if so, I go back and […]. Social learning

The Shoemaker’s Children – How Travel, Training and Social Learning Expand Your Mind


Brain scans of candidates before, during and after their course of study reveal physical changes in the brain ; their hippocampus become larger, growing more brain cells to accommodate the extra spatial memory required. “ The shoemaker’s children always go barefoot.” – Proverb.

What Social Selling Can Do for Your eLearning Business

eLearning Brothers

You may ask, what does social selling have to do with eLearning? According to IBM, 55% of all buyers do their research by using social networks. of salespeople who actively engage with their target audience through social media tend to outperform their colleagues.

7 lessons how to use social media in an event with social media beginners

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Last year we've experimented with various social media to improve a sharing event for about 100 participants (for more details see my older blogpost ). This is not too difficult when all your participants are social media adepts, you announce your hashtags and off they go. However, in this case the majority wasn't actively using social media. So how can you still use social media? The evaluation was quite positive about the effect of using social media.

Top 3 #LMS 4 Video, Mobile, Social.

eLearning 24-7

Social. Separate mobile apps for various features, i.e. one for social, one for ABC and yada. The former includes multiple configurable channels, QR code scanning, custom branding; the latter has it all including geolocation and voice assistant (think Siri like) for courses.

The happy selfscanner: lessons about introducing new technologies

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Yet I've thrown myself into the self-scan adventure because it seemed a good experience. The first day after the opening as self-scan supermarket there was immediately a girl at the entrance who invited me to try out self-scanning. There was no code to scan on the banana.

Lesson 127

Top 3 #LMS 4 Video, Mobile, Social.

eLearning 24-7

Social. Separate mobile apps for various features, i.e. one for social, one for ABC and yada. The former includes multiple configurable channels, QR code scanning, custom branding; the latter has it all including geolocation and voice assistant (think Siri like) for courses.

My blogging year in the rear-view mirror

E-Learning Provocateur

I invite you to scan the list below and catch up on any that you may have missed. The definition of Enterprise Social Network – An esoteric joke. As the year draws to a close, I like to reflect on my blog posts.

Social Media in Training


I keep seeing lots of "tips for using social media tools in training" but not many concrete examples. Have learners enrolled in a course conduct an environmental scan, taking cell-phone photos in their worksites of items such as signage, furniture, office layouts, etc.

E-learning design for social emotions

Janet Clarey

After spending so much time investigating the positive aspects of learning through social media, I wanted to start looking at the possible negative aspects. Brain scans show it takes longer to respond to admiration and compassion than to respond to signs of something like physical pain.

The 4 lessons Kid Fury teaches us

E-Learning Provocateur

I’m not 100% convinced that a formal Social Media Policy is necessary – especially if your Employee Code of Conduct is up to scratch – but in any case, you need to document what your employees can and can’t do on social media.

Lesson 180

Business applications of Twitter

E-Learning Provocateur

Scanning. With upwards of 20 million Twitter users around the world, companies should at the very least be scanning this massive public forum to keep tabs on what people are saying about them. But of course, tweet scanning also falls into the Customer Service portfolio.

What Happens in the Brain When You learn a Language?

Your Training Edge

For comparison purposes, the scientists took MRI scans of medical students at a local university. After 3 months, MRI scans of both groups were taken and surprise, the brain sizes of the medical students remained constant.

Brain 176

Apply Design Thinking to Story-based eLearning - Tip #180

Vignettes Learning

Have you ever had an MRI or CT scan? Now imagine a child going through that same scan. The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh used to sedate children under 9 years when they came for an MRI scan. He realized that the scanning environment simply didn’t work for the young patients.

Where is L&D heading?

E-Learning Provocateur

What about online social education and Communities of Practice? Beyond the technology, the success of social learning is predicated on the culture of the organisation. Last week I was invited by David Swaddle to be a panellist at the Sydney eLearning and Instructional Design meetup.

For the Love of Learning

Learning Rebels

But first let me scan your badge so you can receive annoying phone calls, a never-ending drip of emails, all while we keep USPS running by single-handedly killing a forest of trees to create junk postcards.” I have just returned from the DevLearn 2014 conference in Las Vegas.

ASTD 212

This Week on #TalkTech: Microsoft’s Nightmare, Training at Facebook and Google Shortens Attention Spans

Bottom-Line Performance

He noted his own struggles focusing on reading books and lengthy articles in favor of skimming headlines and scanning blog posts for key points. Social Learning Facebook Google microsoft social learning talktech

Digital (Learning) Readiness: A Call for L&D Action

Learning Wire

The conservatives feel more comfortable sticking to the tried and tested methods for learning content, social and collaborative learning and tools supporting learning management and administration. Staff at all levels are learning through experience, social networks and formal learning.

7 Characteristics Of A Digital Mindset


The digital five forces – Social Media, Big Data, Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Cloud, and AI and Robotics – are disintermediating, disrupting and deconstructing the old world order.

"Digital Mindset": What is it All About?

ID Reflections

"Digital mindset" seems to have become another buzzword--rather buzz-phrase to be grammatically precise--whenever the conversation (online or offline) veers toward social business, social learning, collaboration, and other 21st Century phenomenon in general.

12 ways social media are screwing with bad work habits

Janet Clarey

Scanning. Share and Enjoy: Tags: Brandon Hall Social Media Can’t hide. Other person: “Want to talk at 2:00? <pause> <pause> Me: “No, I’ve got a meeting at 2:00.&# {note: there is no meeting}. Other person: “OK, how about the same time tomorrow?&#. Me: “Sure, 2:00 tomorrow.&#. (Me, Me, silently: Great. Now I can’t Tweet, update my Facebook status, blog, bookmark, etc.

I’ve been bot-bombed!

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Maybe someone didn’t appreciate my social commentary. It also continues to scan your followers while you’re trying to to block them, which means the list is constantly shuffling.

Why Slack Might Become the #1 Tool for Learning

eLearning Architect

It happens less now that I work for myself, but in the corporate world I would estimate that over half the emails I received I was simply copied into - and would spend much of my day scanning the text for relevancy and then archiving. SOCIAL LEARNING

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning

ID Reflections

Social media and open resources like MOOCs will foster an era of self-driven learners who know what they need, where to find it and take their pick. The CLO today has to be able to scan the emerging landscape and build her/his team in a way that will enable them to meet the future.

Change 240

11 Custom Learning Trends in 2018

Enyota Learning

Trends like mobile learning, social learning, microlearning, etc., Scanning a QR code can give them instant access to the desired piece of information. Social Learning. eLearning has gradually evolved to a large-scale industry over the last few years.

Trends 114

How Mobile Devices Will Continue To Shape HR Departments in the Future?

Your Training Edge

Here are some of the future trends to expect in this category: Social media screening. As social media becomes an extension of people’s lives, HR has now extended their extensive evaluation process of applicants and employees through their own personal social profiles.

Mobile 158

Security Awareness Tips for LMS Administrators

Web Courseworks

Social Security number. Social Engineering. Web Courseworks, like most SaaS vendors, has processes in place to ensure that our customers’ servers and applications remain secure through updates, security scans, and other best practices. Keeping Your SaaS Data Secure.

Technology Evaluation Checklist for Learning Professionals (Free Download)

Bottom-Line Performance

The process starts with scanning for technologies that are even relevant. Make sure you’re connected with blogs, social networks, colleagues, conferences, etc. We are living in the digital revolution and, much like the industrial revolution, progress is truly exponential.