Learning Thursday #6: Track Classroom Attendance Using a Scan Gun (Includes Video)

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Some learning technology platforms provide QR codes that a learner can scan to receive credit for completing a course. Having learners scan a QR code is probably the most efficient way of marking course completion because the learner is able to do it themselves.

Tracking sentiments

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Answer - they were scanning for mentions of KLM on Twitter and other social media. This is known as sentiment tracking, a method that may well come in useful in education in the future. Several tools are available for sentiment tracking on Twitter and other social media channels.

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Podcast: Elizabeth Jameson – Intersection of Art and Science


Undergoing numerous brain scans to track the progression of the disease, she developed a deep fascination with the architecture of the brain. Elizabeth Jameson is an artist who specializes in the intersection of art and science.

Elizabeth Jameson – Intersection of Art and Science


Undergoing numerous brain scans to track the progression of the disease, she developed a deep fascination with the architecture of the brain. Listen to Podcast: [link]. Elizabeth Jameson is an artist who specializes in the intersection of art and science.

Tracking Instructor-Led Classes in an LMS

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An ideal scenario: At organizations where employees must carry an ID badge, ask employees to scan their badges as soon as they show up for the class. This week’s post starts with a simple question: At your organization, when you hold an instructor-led class, how do you give learners credit for attending the class in your LMS?

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What Is Crawling & How The Search Engine Bots Work Whole Together?

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The advertisements are present, it includes the scanning of all websites, gathering all the details about each and every page like relevant images, wherever the links are being crammed, page layouts, etc. Blog Learner Transcripts Tracking blog google learner transcripts trackingWe all know what Search engines are, but very few of us know about how the search engines Bots work. It is important to know about search engine functionalities.

Mobile Learning: A Manager’s Guide

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It allows a company to have it’s own application store, track usage, and provide security and upgrades. Brenda J. Enders published Manager’s Guide to Mobile Learning some three years ago and it is still a relevant read today.

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Technology Evaluation Checklist for Learning Professionals (Free Download)

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The process starts with scanning for technologies that are even relevant. Note: Find a tool to help you track what you’re focusing on—Evernote, Pocket, or a shared writeboard of some kind.

Apply Design Thinking to Story-based eLearning - Tip #180

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Have you ever had an MRI or CT scan? Now imagine a child going through that same scan. The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh used to sedate children under 9 years when they came for an MRI scan. He realized that the scanning environment simply didn’t work for the young patients.

Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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The coursework components like quizzes, tests and assignments would all be generated through tools that are able to effectively scan the course content and determine its most critical aspects that must be tested.

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The Path to Paperless Learning in Manufacturing


Maintaining and tracking paper-based documents is cumbersome and time-consuming work for managers and employees. Scan current important documents for use with a technology system. Technology has transformed the way we work in the 21st century.

How We Cracked the QR Code

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Participants split up into teams of two and three and used QR readers on their smart phones to scan clues all over the library.

Are QR codes redundant?

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In fact, they have been around since 1994, and were originally created to enable the Japanese car manufacturing giant Toyota to track its vehicles during the manufacturing process. They are essentially two dimensional bar codes that you can scan using your mobile device.

What Happens in a Story…Happens in Your Brain

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The process consisted of the participants reading a story phrase by phrase and the researchers scanning areas of the brain with a 3-T Siemens Vision MRI scanner to observe whether or not corresponding brain activities occurred.

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Here’s What a 700-Year-Old Philosophy Taught Me About Learning Analytics

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One of the challenges for organizations with a distributed workforce is how to accurately track attendance or participation in a particular learning event. Let’s also factor in events that may not be integrated into your LMS, but tracking participation and impact is still important.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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Gallery.io – a collaborative tool for sharing design work, getting feedback, and tracking revisions – quickly and efficiently. Adobe Scan – Get rid of those piles of paper on your desk or the junk in your wallet. The free Adobe Scan app works on your mobile device, scans documents into PDFs, and automatically recognizes text. It is also great for scanning documents with your phone and other similar jobs.

Swiping or Matching?

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eHarmony has an impressive track record for creating long-term relationships. You scan the details, without much time to really focus. Commitment – what type of track record does the candidate have for sticking with a company or seeing a degree program all the way through?

Apps and Digital Tools to Improve College Life


This is a popular app that allows you to make scans with the camera of your smartphone. It can be synched with OneNote and OneDrive, which allows the scanned file to be saved and reused when needed. Office lens can scan pictures, texts, tables, business cards, etc.

Integrating Meta-learning

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If they’re important, how do we incorporate them into systems, and track them? You could choose many characteristics, e.g. from the SCANS competencies (using information technology, reasoning), that the task entails.

Find us at ISTE 2015!

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We’d love for you to swing by booth #2500 to see firsthand how you can use video in your classroom to deliver engaging content, and keep track of how your students are learning. It’s that time of year again: ISTE 2015 is just around the corner!

5 Ways to Get Rid of Designer’s Block

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Maybe you decide to jump on a treadmill or head to the track. Check out the templates from eLearning Brothers, scan stock assets , or try out a new interaction to get inspiration about what’s possible in your eLearning design. .

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Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in E-Learning & M-Learning


The QR code was invented in 1984 by the Denso Wave Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota, to keep track of vehicle parts during manufacturing. You can make your users scan the code using their smartphones and then direct them to a specific piece of information. Place QR Codes on e-learning course screens for scanning and downloading additional supplementary learning or references materials such as the glossary, Job Aid, References, etc.

A new methaphor for e-Learning

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The beginning of a post or a tweet is presented, so you can quickly scan them. It enables you to scan all this post in a faster and more attractive way. Your artist are start, their albums are planets, and the tracks are presented as moons. I’m convinced that we have to find a new metaphor for e-Learning in order to bring e-Learning to the next level.

More Social Media Marketing Tips

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Track your Website Strength and Social Media Presence If you're going to be doing marketing online you're going to want to know how well your hard work is paying off and how far-reaching your online presence is. StickyBits allows you to scan any barcode (those pre-existing on products, or your own that you can create online). Anyone who downloads the free app could then use an iPhone or Android phone to scan your barcode and view whatever you've attached.

Why Slack Might Become the #1 Tool for Learning

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It happens less now that I work for myself, but in the corporate world I would estimate that over half the emails I received I was simply copied into - and would spend much of my day scanning the text for relevancy and then archiving.

Gamification of Learning and Training

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Search engines have a difficult time with image searches, and while facial-recognition software has made strides over the past decade, a new computer can’t scan a photo of, say, Robert Pattinson and tell you who it is. A leaderboard keeps track of the best scores.

Ten Online Training Do’s and Don’ts

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This includes knowing the software needed to create graphics, build quizzes, design interactive games/challenges, develop course navigation/tracking and more. They scan! So, the challenge becomes, how do we make them scan the information that we want them to learn??

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Effective Corporate Training: Microlearning Is the Key

Designing Digitally

One option is to divide the material into smaller modules that are tracked individually in the LMS. Title: Tip 2: Favor a custom design based on ‘scan path’. Description: Scan path refers to the way our eyes ingest information on a printed piece of paper or computer screen.

Trends in Learning - No LMS Left Behind [LSG Webinar Notes]

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These are my live-blogged notes from a Learning Skills Group webinar, hosted by Donald Taylor. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. TRENDS IN LEARNING - No LMS Left Behind Nag Chandrashekar, VP Products Learning Mobile and Assessment, Saba 1.

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6 Custom elearning Design Essentials

Designing Digitally

One option is to divide the material into smaller modules that are tracked individually in the LMS. Title: Tip 2: Favor a custom design based on ‘scan path’. Description: Scan path refers to the way our eyes ingest information on a printed piece of paper or computer screen.

11 Custom Learning Trends in 2018

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Scanning a QR code can give them instant access to the desired piece of information. Features in Learning Management Systems like digital badges, leaderboards, course management, learner performance tracking, advanced analytics and reports, etc.,

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10 Tools and Services For Successful Business Presentations

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No matter what the presentation is for, always scan your work with Plagtracker’s unique algorithm to assure all material is 100% unique and properly proofread. The source offers comprehensive backend analytics, so you can track visitors who viewed or shared your presentation.

How to design web-style learning experiences [video]


Our preboarding example is a perfect example of this; the learning isn’t mandatory, and learners are encouraged to scan and find the information they need. Keep track of what they started, completed, and still need to start.

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Where is L&D heading?

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If I were considering an applicant for an instructional design role, I’d ask them to demonstrate their track record, just as I’d ask a sales rep to do. Last week I was invited by David Swaddle to be a panellist at the Sydney eLearning and Instructional Design meetup.

6 Best Practices in Graphic Designing for eLearners


It’s very easy to lose track of your course structure in terms of graphic design, especially if it is not your main forte. When learners log into an eLearning course, they scan the page from top to bottom and left to right. “Content is King”.