Adobe Captivate 8 Templates Are Here!

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We carry Adobe Captivate 8 templates ! We added several templates to our huge library, and we are adding more all the time. If you are an eLearning Template Library member already, you’ll see our Captivate templates being converted to be Captivate 8 compatible.

Free Adobe Captivate Template

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We’d like give you a free Adobe Captivate template! This free eLearning template is one of the many new Captivate i nteractions in the Library. And yes, this template is SCORM compliant. . Sign up for a free account to get this Free eLearning Template.

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13 Steps to produce a SCORM course


Our Account Managers are regularly asked the question: how do I create SCORM courses? Basing my approach on Josh Kaufman’s brilliant book: The First 20 Hours , I fast forwarded my progress to being able to produce SCORM (and Tin Can) content in a single sitting. SCORM.

Why You Should Use SCORM in Your Online Courses

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Today one of the hot topics and areas of need is SCORM. I have many clients who contact me and ask what does SCORM compliant mean and how do they become SCORM compliant. So why would you use SCORM? The post Why You Should Use SCORM in Your Online Courses appeared first on.

New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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and SCORM/AICC. Features include adaptive learning, collaboration, scenario builder, SCORM, question pool/assessments and SaaS. SCORM and assessment tool. #4 SaaS based, SCORM supported, layers and much more. Everyone loves lists.

Adobe Captivate: Multi-SCORM Packager

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel, CTT,  COTP         If you have created multiple Captivate projects and need to combine them into a single package for upload into a Learning Management System (LMS), the Adobe Multi SCORM Packager is pure gold.

Meet The Demand for SCORM Compliant Mobile Learning With Lectora 17

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All this information can be tracked by an LMS using SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), a set of e-learning technical standards. A number of authoring tools are available in the market to develop SCORM-compliant courses. SCORM-Compliant Tracking.

Getting Started with Games in PowerPoint

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This approach is most often applied to quizzes (whether SCORM compliant or not). And then on the other hand you might be developing it as a template or something to be re-used by others on a regular basis. Video games have always been and still are something that I love playing.

3 Productivity Tips for Naming Files in Lectora

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Remember to… Just remember, if you do replace files external to the AWT, be sure to publish the course to copy those updated resources into your HTML or SCORM publish folders. Lectora Templates.

Learning Objectives Drive Personalized Learning


Now the learning objectives from an easygenerator SCORM course can be used as part of the personal learning path in aNewSpring, with the results of each objective reported into the learning platform. aNewSpring suggests a SCORM activity based on your Learning objective profile.

HTML 5 Games Now Available in our Template Library

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The first 5 games are now available in the eLearning Template Library. Library subscribers get unlimited access to all of our templates and assets.). SCORM compliant. eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured HTML 5 Games games HTML 5 mLearning Mobile Learning

Saba Player Templates and Best Practices

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In this case, I was unable to find a best practice when it comes to packaging as SCORM to deliver in an LMS. To lower the cost of delivery I want a faster turn-a-round on development time, I want it simple to test, and I want to reuse my work as a template for other projects. Use a player template in saba that will serve as the table of contents for the course. It seems there would be a toggle in Saba for this but I don’t see it as an option in my player template.

Dreamweaver, CourseBuilder and eLearning Templates

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For instance, Captivate comes with a ‘ Multi-SCO Packager ’ if licensed through the eLearning Suite, and Flash comes with a few quiz templates and ‘ learning interaction objects ’ that, again, are not included with Flash outside the eLS.

Product Review: Litmos LMS

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Provides batch.CSV template, so an end user would download the file, add in their end users and upload, without having to worry about column settings, etc. SCORM 1.2. Create new users, Upload users (using their.CSV template) and view the current users.

eLearning Weekly » Tutorial: Build SCORM-Compatible Lesson Templates for Your LMS

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How to Make Your eLearning Deliver

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eLearning developers should know the rules of SCORM. A course that is not coded to SCORM technical standards will have a hard time running on different LMSes. SCORM is the industry standard that allows compliant courses to play well on different LMSes.


ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 4/08/2010 ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter eFront is an LMS commited to international standards. Through time we offered support for SCORM 1.2

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Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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These tools are often “too big” and too complicated to enable rapid course development through use of course templates or reusable objects and activities. Course template flexibility. Multi-format publishing. · Web. · SCORM 1.1,

The Return of Code

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Rapid elearning tools offer anyone the capability of publishing flash modules, SCORM or AICC compliant. But, for many, the templates and functionality have replaced instructional design. eLearning Tools AICC Design iPad mLearning Rapid Development Samsung Galaxy SCORM Xoom


State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

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Themes and customized templates- Many have it including the ability to do a custom skin of your own colors and branding. While I am thrilled to see more templates, what I am not thrilled about is the number of templates.

Answers: How Do I Get Started With xAPI?


There’s also some narrative history of how it evolves from the last big eLearning specification, SCORM. Sean Putman recently shared a set of templates at DevLearn 2014 to a standing-room-only crowd, and his templates look really easy to work with. Download the templates.

xapi 124

10 Reasons Why Raptivity is a Must Have Tool


Pre-built templates Raptivity comes with a library of 190+ pre-built templates across categories like games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more. Today, Raptivity templates are proving to be a boon for eLearning professionals.

Managing your courses just got a lot easier with Content Controller v2.0

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License Templates. Use license templates to create and save licenses you enforce across multiple accounts and content. Then, make it available to LMSs that support SCORM or AICC. appeared first on SCORM - .

Learning Experience Platform – WRONG

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I will be developing and launching an RFI template specifically targeting the learning engagement platform space at the end of Nov. The same issue with course standards, some allow the ability to upload SCORM courses into the system, others have you link to the SCORM course which is hosted by you somewhere. If they do accept SCORM reigns supreme. . I’ll get right to the point.

Mobile Learning and the Continuing Death of Flash

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You choose templates, add text, images, audio, video and quizzes, then publish for web and mobile. And yes, the mobile version is SCORM conformant. About a year ago, I wrote about the Beginning of Long Slow Death of Flash.

Easygenerator Adds TinCan Support, a New Editor, More HTML Question Types and Course Templates.


This version has a complete new editor, we have TinCan support, we added three more HTML question types and we added a new concept: course templates. TinCan is the new Scorm standard (link) that allows you to track and trace learning experiences from anywhere. Course templates.

Why Author eLearning Content to Industry Standards?


These sites have built-in templates to help you get started, yet the templates are designed to give every course on the platform the same look and feel. Each of these platforms are unique, but they are not SCORM, AICC or xAPI conformant, which means the courses built on these platforms can not be exported for use in another platform or Learning Management System (LMS). .

Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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SCORM compliant learning object generator, customized editing interface, web based media player that works across multiple platforms, video/audio, image slides, text synchronization. Templates. and SCORM support and learning objects. Tools these days come in three flavors.

PENS – Why your LMS and Authoring Tool Solution should include it

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Here I ran the R&D, Training, Content Development and Professional Services departments over my tenure there and also got my first exposure to this brand new standard, at the time, SCORM. Without SCORM PENS has nothing to work with.


The Best of eLearning in November 2015


New to eLearning, or need more details on compliance training, Section 508 Compliance, and SCORM-compliant eLearning? The eLearning Brothers even added over 30 new responsive templates to their Template Library.). The Best of eLearning post is a bit early this month.

Summer Course Authoring Tool Rankings – Top Ten

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Module templates. SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC. #4 Templates. Templates. Templates. The summer is nearly upon us (or in LA it is already here) which means you can expect the following in your hometown.

Publishing E-learning Courses in Articulate Storyline: 4 Things to Remember

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After designing and developing an e-learning course in Articulate Storyline, the final step is to publish the course in SCORM/AICC/Tin Can, API formats. This is the final step to remember when we publish a course to SCORM as it helps us track the status of the course.

The Best of eLearning in August 2015


Template Tuesday: File Folder. First off, “Template Tuesday” is a great name for a blog series, and I’m mad I didn’t think of it first. Second, this is a great Lectora template from the eLearning Brothers with easy customization options. August is a bittersweet month.

eLearning 101: How to Make an eLearning Course (Updated!)


SCORM? The Vocabulary: Learning Management Systems, SCORM, Tin Can and the Experience API. Let’s start with SCORM. Since the late ‘90s, SCORM has been the software standard of choice to ensure that any elearning course will play on any learning management system.

How to Embed a PDF Viewer with Multiple PDFs in Articulate Storyline (Part 2)

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Now that we have our template built. Either post the final output to SCORM Cloud, post to your web server, or use a locally hosted test server (i.e. Get Premium Articulate Storyline Templates.

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The Top 11 Tools for Mobile eLearning Development


It comes pre-loaded with mobile layout templates to help speed mobile course development. It’s SCORM compliant and also comes with a large collection of bespoke mobile themes.

Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: xAPI


xAPI (often called The Experience API, Tin Can, or the next generation of SCORM) helps us measure learner success by tracking many types of learning experiences.