Social Media: How to Search for (and Actually Find) Your Old Tweets

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Searching through old tweets (particularly when you are a frequent tweeter), however, can be a bit of a nightmare. Topsy Advanced Search. Topsy Advanced Search  is also fast and easy, but with more specific search options. This could save you a lot of time if your search query returns a lot of results.    My search was very simple, so Snapbird was all I needed. As with Topsy, you can use Google search to omit results.

eLearning: Google Gets Into Online Learning with "Power Searching with Google" Course

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by AJ George  I have recently written about  how to use Google to search for eLearning images you can actually use  and  how to search specific websites using Boolean operators in Google search queries. Those  Those skills, however, are just the tip of the Google search iceberg. Starting today (July 10), you can take a free virtual course called "Power Searching with Google" straight from the folks at Google.

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Social Media: Reinforce Your Brand

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by Matt Sullivan    How do you determine if someone is a consumer of social media? Would you know a social media consumer if you saw one? if you're reading this, you are a consumer of social media. Social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook let you move content toward those who need it.  So if you have a message, how can you make social media work for you? Create a Social Media Indentity. cuts between: the slides.

Defining Social Learning

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Two years after we published The New Social Learning , I still hear people say “there is no definition” or worse yet, defining it in truly silly ways. How do you define social learning? I define social learning as participating with others to make sense of new ideas.

Social enzymes

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Wikis, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, microblogs, social networking. When we search for an item on the web and get sidetracked down one or more other routes because they look more interesting. I'm off now to lay down some social enzymes.

Social Media, Social Learning, & Curation: Resources Shared at #eACH2015

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I had the pleasure of leading a workshop as part of the 2015 eACH Conference exploring Social Media, Social Learning, and Curation for Learning Professionals. It may also serve as a resource for anyone that wants to learn more about social media and social learning. Session Slides. Specifically Mentioned Social Media Resources. Learning in a Social Workplace (Jane Hart’s blog). Additional Social Media Resources. slide by Jane Bozarth.

Slugs and snails and social enzymes

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Wikis, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, microblogs, social networking. When we search for an item on the web and get sidetracked down one or more other routes because they look more interesting. I'm off now to lay down some social enzymes.

Boiling the backchannel

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Even if they are on Twitter, the search function is so awful that it can be difficult to find them. Putting the presenter’s handle on the last slide is comically late. Put it on the first slide instead, and in the official program too. I enjoy attending conferences.

Survey shows people take training as infrequently as they go to a conference; but they learn continuously in other ways

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Search the Social Web (using Google. or another search engine). Connect with others in public social networks. Watch videos or view presentation slides. Search the organisational intranet. Participate in an enterprise social network/. Social learning

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Gamification Basics

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Gain Social Media Muscle – Strive to generate group discussion and create reasons for learners to log in again and again. Gamification is revolutionizing the field of learning and development. That was the main thrust of the Game On!

Twitter - Social Media - Informal - Weekly Best of eLearning Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Slides without presenters - three more options - Clive on Learning , July 31, 2009. Social Learning Primer - Daretoshare , August 2, 2009. The following are the top items from other sources based on social signals. 7 alternative Flickr search engines , August 6, 2009. Social Media (22). How I use social media: Nancy White , August 5, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning.

Gamification Basics

Web Courseworks

Gain Social Media Muscle – Strive to generate group discussion and create reasons for learners to log in again and again. Gamification is revolutionizing the field of learning and development. That was the main thrust of the Game On!

Making a splash!

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The search algorithms on Unsplash are quite sophisticated. Now that's quite specific, but if you insert the search string 'neon lights wet road', you are immediately presented with dozens of quality images, each of which fits the criterion.

Canva Just Keeps Getting Better & Better

Mike Taylor

Whether you need a quick graphic for social media, slides, a flyer promoting an event or a whole host of other things, Canva has got you covered with 10’s of thousands of pro design options. For the right scenarios, you might even consider using Canva to create and present your slides.

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Webinar: Future of eLearning – The Millennial Apocalypse and Modern Learning Solutions

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Twenty years ago, “eLearning” was introduced as the web became ubiquitous and authoring tools accessible; yet their limits resulted in a plethora of online slide shows.

Build a powerful PLN

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They may be people you meet on a daily basis, but more often than not in the digital age, many PLNs are comprised of people we interact with on social networking sites. Well, there is a growing range of useful social media tools you can use to track down what you need.

Online Professional Networking / Linked In Class So Far

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Class participants are bankers and/or staff from the bank’s support areas and most are very new to social media. They were impressed with the extent to which they could easily search and find events based on keywords. This will allow you to easily search for past colleagues and fellow alumni. I did cover applications such as Trip It, Huddle Workspaces, Slide Share, etc. LinkedIn Social Media Networking

Product Review: Knoodle

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Snapshot and Search. Once you add slides or media, it goes to your Library – which is fine, but to add more you have to use the buttons. Under Slides. After you select create – which you can do after adding media or slides, the screen changes to. .

Surviving the Millennial Apocalypse: Party Like It’s 1999

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We now have multi-device capabilities, social networking, embedded performance support systems, virtual reality, dynamic portals, xAPI analytics, gaming, powerful search engines, and (finally) really good user-generated content!

10Q: Shelly Sanchez Terrell

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Just look at her profile: She is a teacher trainer, author, and international speaker, is the host of American TESOL’s Free Friday Webinars and the Social Media Community Manager for The Consultants-E. What does social media mean to you?

3 New Ways Docebo Supports Personalized Learning With Artificial Intelligence


Previous behavioral data reveals you’ve searched and purchased different types of bags before, with your activity spiking on Wednesday nights on a mobile device. “liked” content, either formal or learner-generated ( social learning ).

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Docebo’s Mobile App Makes Learning Better


Go.Learn allows certain types of learning objects, including SCORM, videos, slide presentation, files, and HTML pages to be downloaded, played and tracked offline. Put The Power of The Docebo Learning Platform in The Hands of Your Learners, Literally, With Go.Learn.

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10 Helpful Types of Video for Business

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Social media video. Social media video can be presented in a variety of formats or styles. These types of video are designed to share on a social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. He shares that video marketing can help with search engine optimization.

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The 2018 ATD Techknowledge Backchannel – Curated Resources #ATDTK

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Kevin Carroll – Daredevil for Social Change via Portland Interview Magazine. Start Thinking Like a Game Designer: An Interactive Learning Experience slides by Karl Kapp. Run your L&D team like a tech startup slides by Hector Alfaro. Augmented Reality slides by Chad Udell. Right Size Fits One – 4 Dimensions of Adaptive Learning slides by JD Dillon. Dedicated Backchannel Queries [Tool and search terms shown in brackets].

New Technologies Making MOOCs Even Better

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Developer Juho Kim describes the technology like this : “LectureScape dynamically adapts to thousands of learners’ collective video watching patterns to make it easier to rewatch, skim, search, and review. Keyword search and an interactive transcript allow learners to quickly find information.

The State of Instructional Design

Tom Spiglanin

The conversation erupted on social media, as it has before, about the state of affairs in the field of Learning and Development, or L&D. I often say this fast-paced, mobile, social, and self-directed learning era is no time for those of us in the Learning and Development field to be lazy.

Learning Tools – Do these really belong?

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Social Media is questionable too. Higher education where social media tools could be utilized for their students. And there are a lot of businesses out there that block their end users from accessing any type of social media from the workplace.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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It is free, there’s no sign-up required, and you can save the map as an image or a PowerPoint slide. Headliner – Headliner is a free online video editing tool that includes a free selection of music to use in your projects as well as an integrated image and video search tool. Headliner is a fun social media video creation app that I’ve been playing with. Quip Slides is a new online, collaborative tool for creating presentations.

Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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Every industry is constantly in search of a “just right” solution, and in the end it always comes down to weighing the costs and benefits of different products. Social authoring. The era of web-based authoring systems is here.

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From the Archives: Our Top 5 Webinars

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Today, we have access to a wide range of technologies—mobile, social, virtual, search, gaming, and reliable user-generated content—along with modern instructional techniques aligned with the way today’s workers naturally learn.

TCC09: Wikis that Work: Effective Wiki Practices for Virtual Learning Communities

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They effectively managed issues of trust, workload, and learning within their social network. Social Learning/Social Constructivism. Social presence–ability to project yourself in an online environment and make connections with others. Social gaming (e.g.,

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Developing Personal Learning Networks – Resources

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Session Slides. Your Most Powerful Search Engine is Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) by David Kelly. The Social Media Guide to Growing Your Personal Learning Network by OLE. What’s your Personal Social Media Strategy?

Video Statistics, Habits, and Trends You Need To Know [New Research]

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Online search continues to be the most common way (45%) for users to find instructional and informational video content. YouTube reported that searches related to “how to” are growing 70% year over year and that hundreds of million hours of how-to YouTube videos is being watched every year.

The Evolution of the “Common eLearning Man”

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There was an increase of wireless access and search technologies like Yahoo and Google. Social networks and open source content were introduced and wildly accepted. Social media networks. Social online learning.

The 2016 ATD International Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources #ATD2016

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Practical use of social media in formal learning slides by Dan Steer. 21st Century Toolbox for Learning Professionals slides by Shannon Tipton. 13 Alternatives to Using Bullet Points in Presentations slides by Melissa Milloway. Dedicated Backchannel Queries [Tool and search terms shown in brackets]. This post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the 2016 ATD International Conference and Exposition being held May 22-25 in Denver, Colorado.