Second Life Happenings: CEO Steps Down (again)

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Here is what he wrote on the Second Life blog. I don’t think the timing on this is too good from a corporate perspective as articles such as Academics Discuss Mass Migration From Second Life are starting appear due to the elimination of the educational discount once provided to academic and non-profit institutions using Second Life. So, it doesn’t look real good for the future of Second Life.

Cool Second Life Happening:UW VIBE Future InfoExpo Recruitment

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Researchers from the University of Washington Information School are conducting a research study investigating exciting and useful alternative capabilities for Second Life. These exhibits let you interact with new design possibilities aimed at improving the social and information aspects of Second Life. The Future InfoExpo will be available at this Second Life URL: 2b3d UW VIBE (29,143,22). Matt Media (First Life: John Marino).


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Think Virtual Worlds: Not Second Life

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Here is this Month's ASTD Big Question: Second Life Training? More specifically: In what situations, do you believe it makes sense to develop a learning experience that will be delivered within Second Life? If you were to develop a training island in Second Life, what kind of environment and artifacts would you consider essential for teaching? But first I want to say that we need to get away from thinking the only 3D learning envrionemnt is Second Life.

Second Life Take Over Rumors.

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Here is an interesting rumor and a potentially large game-changer in the virtual world space. It is rumored at the web site metaverselyspeaking web site that News Corp might be taking over Second Life. adding Second Life to their already wide-spanning media portfolio. As it was rumored a while ago also that Microsoft was buying Second Life and it would no longer support SL on the Mac. Tags: Second Life 3D worlds

Second Life Session

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Onge of NCTT and Keith Morneau from Capella University who are providing a session on Second Life. So, I am taking some notes: The presentation will talk about history of virtual environments and a theoretical framework for Second Life in the classroom. They are defining Second Life as "A 3D virtual world created by its inhabitants." Scott summed it up by saying it is a "thriving virtual economy tied to real money exchange system."

Second Life Created Virtual Documentary

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Second Life and movies have had a history. In my post Second Life at the Movies , I discuss the possibility of a full-feature length movie being created in Second Life. Molotov Alva turns the virtual camera on his virtual self. The interviews are interesting and, at times, thought provoking about things beyond virtual worlds with thought of the "meaning of life" popping up from time to time.

Second Life Training Presentation

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We had a lot to cover from how to navigate in Second Life to simple scripting with building, teleporting and designing Second Life training solutions in between. He was poised and well spoken and he knows Second Life very well. One audience member gave a great account of how he is using Second Life to reproduce a critical incident at a power plant. Matt answering questions about Second Life in this hands-on session.

TCC09: Digital Learning Environments: Context Sensitive and Imaginative Classes in Second Life

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Summary: “Ready to teach with Second Life, but not sure how to begin? Using it already, but need to migrate your course content for virtual world delivery? Come prepared to have fun as we explore how to design learning activities for use in Second Life. Tips on how to streamline your virtual world classes and help your students learn how to use Second Life are featured in this session.&#.

Class Meeting in 3D World of Second Life

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Jumping into a virtual world can be a fun but scary and daunting place for first timers. To that end, last night, I threw students into the 3D virtual world of Second Life. I purposefully did little instruction and then sent them off to explore the world and comment on the learning aspects of different places they had visited. The class accomplished its goal of pointing out some difficulties in virtual worlds.

Second Life CEO Resigns, Founder Back in Charge

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Event This just in: Linden Labs, the creator of the 3D virtual world Second Life has announced that company founder Philip Rosedale has been named interim CEO and that Mark Kingdon is stepping down as CEO. Philip Rosedale, in a posting called Returning to the Lab stated: Our thinking as a team is that my returning to the CEO job now can bring a product and technology focus that will help rapidly improve Second Life.

Second Life for Your Health

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Here are some interesting videos showing how Second Life can be used to design and deliver health related training and actual client support within a virtual world. This one demonstrates various views of how a virtual platform can help mental health and other patients. This one is focused on nursing education.

Alternatives to Second Life Continued

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In my listing of Alternatives to Second Life , many packages were missed. MPK20:Sun's Virtual Workplace "Wonderland" The MPK20 virtual world is also known as Wonderland. Plans for future updates include the ability to share applications in the virtual environment, and to link whiteboards in physical meeting rooms with the virtual space to show up in both online and offline worlds. InXpo InXpo has a virtual ASP show platform.

TCC08: Second Life: Teaching Tips from the Virtual Frontier

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OK, I admit that I’m not really expecting to be able to apply anything in Second Life for my current job. Tips for Teaching in a Virtual World. Virtual classrooms don’t have to have desks in rows. Site to compare virtual worlds provided in chat: [link]. The world keeps changing, so it affects how objects behave. Dr. Dobbs Life 2.0: [link]. Second Life is a “context-rich environment&#.

Alternatives to Second Life

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Here is a list of alternatives to Second Life. The company offers private, secure virtual worlds with tailored solutions based on industry and customer specific needs. The flagship product of Forterra is OLIVEâ„¢ (On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment). OLIVE is an open, distributed client-server platform for building private virtual worlds. The company offers private, secure virtual workspace and meeting application.

Much Happening in Second Life

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Yesterday, I presented with Tony O'Driscoll at the DevLearn event virtually. Assisting us expertly was Matt Monahan my graduate assistant who has been helping me with many Second life tasks. Neither Tony or I could make it in person so we presented virtually. Which, of course, was a perfect use of Second Life. We provided a little tour with Brent Schlenker discussing the uses of Second Life for providing learning solutions.

A Few More Alternatives to Second Life

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With all the bad news in the virtual worlds space this week (read Not a Good Week for the Virtual World Space ), I wanted to point out that many healthy 3D virtual immersive environments still exist and more are coming on line daily. Here are three more virtual worlds to explore Blue Mars Hanging out in the visually rich Blue Mars Virtual Immersive Environment. Tags: virtual immersive environment

Big IBM/Second Life Announcement this Week!

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He let everyone know on his blog posting The i-web Singularity Redux that at Virtual Worlds III this week the announcement was made that Second Life has worked out a deal with IBM to move Second Life behind the IBM corporate firewall. If this can be a standard business practice for Second Life (living behind corporate firewalls) it is a removal of a huge obstacle for entry into 3D worlds for many industries like Pharmaceutical and Financial.

Second Life Webinar-Today

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ID Stadium which is used for in-world presentations. Today I am presenting a webinar titled " Second Life in Education " for NETWORKS which is is a National Science Foundation Resource Center that is focused on the advancement of semiconductor, automated manufacturing, and electronics education. So today I am going to discuss the basics of Second Life and how it can be used in educational settings effectively. Virtual Jeans=Real Jeans. Second Life Books.

Second Life Making an Announcement Tomorrow (actually today)?

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Here is a little email intercept I received from an unnamed source (ok, it's from Snickers' Doodles in her post Linden Lab to announce Viewer 2 beta tomorrow which she received in-world from Pink Linden. link] Tom Hale, our Chief Product Officer will announce the availability of the next generation of Second Life viewers—Viewer 2 Beta. Tags: Second Life 3D worlds

Congressional Sub-Committee Meets in Second Life

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Here is a story titled Congress Goes Virtual in Online World Hearing that explains how a sub-committee in congress got together to experience a virtual world. Could Second Life be used as a place to launder money? Are children safe in online worlds? Thanks to SL Tips for pointing me in the direction of this interesting article in the Washington Post.

Still More Alternatives to Second Life: More 3D Worlds to Explore

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Here are even a few more alternatives to Second Life for you to check out. It can be used to create a virtual environment (or world) which can be accessed through a variety of clients, on multiple protocols. Out of the box, it can be used to simulate a virtual environment with expansive spaces and customizable 3D avatars. The environment supports creating multiple 'worlds' in a single application instance. Tags: 3D worlds

Exploring Second Life

eLearning Blender

This week in an Instructional Design class I am taking in the Ed Tech program at SDSU we will be discussing Second Life. I'll be spending more time learning the ropes of Second Life because I would like to use it for eLearning projects. Tom from the Rapid eLearning Blog sparked my interest with his post " Create eLearning scenarios by bringing the virtual word into the real world." Second Life SDSU eLearning

Expelled: Woodbury's Second Life Silencing

Learning with e's

Today, Tim Handorf writes about the experiences of one university in Second Life. We all know that Second Life, the virtual reality world that has become basically indistinguishable from our increasingly unreal physical worlds, is a powerful tool for learning. In fact, it's pretty much a powerful tool for everything, considering the small but growing number of Second Life millionaires. Occasionally this blog hosts guest posts.

Educational Locations in Second Life And the 3D Aids Quilt

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Often I am asked for a list of interesting and educational locations within Second Life, the 3D virtual world software, here is a rather lengthy list of some of the more educational places within Second Life. Of especially keen interest is the Aids Quilt: The 3D AIDS Quilt , debut was in two virtual worlds and across the web on Worlds AIDS Day, (December 1, 2010) – is attracted and continues to attract a wide range of high profile contributors.

Recent Second Life Happenings: Going Corporate

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Some interesting things are going on with the folks over at Linden Labs , the developers of the virtual immersive environment of Second Life. Second Life is going corporate. As described: The Linden Prize will award one Second Life Resident or team with $10,000 USD for an innovative inworld project that improves the way people work, learn and communicate in their daily lives outside of the virtual world.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Second Life Backlash and Controversy

Learning Visions

Monday, August 13, 2007 Second Life Backlash and Controversy The Second Life naysayers seems to be gaining ground lately. And Im not implying that Im a Second Life naysayer. 1) Donald Taylor provides a little summary of some of the recent talk in Second Life Backlash: After all the hype Second Life has had, there is bound to be some push back.

Alternatives to Second Life (continued, again)

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Here is a companion post to two previous posts on the topic: Alternatives to Second Life Alternatives to Second Life Continued If you know of more, please feel free to add in the comments section. web.alive is an enterprise ready, network secured virtual world platform designed to solve business problems of working together over distances in real time and the costs associated with travel and training on complex equipment or in hazardous areas.

Virtual Worlds in Learning

Bottom-Line Performance

The first few posts will be about how virtual worlds are being used. Like those cool gadgets in the December catalogs, though, we might well ask whether virtual worlds are something that will fit into our everyday lives (like my ipod), or something that will end up taking up closet space (like, well, my husband’s ipod). The average learning curve to become proficient in Second Life is approximately 20 hours.

The Office in Second Life.CNN in Second Life

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Here is a very funny video put together by a grad student of mine about the tv show The Office and Second Life.The Office is a really funny show and this clip is funny. As you may or may not know.CNN now has an office in Second Life. So if you have something happening in Second Life, you just might want to give the folks at Second Life an I-Report via IM or a Notecard. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Continuing in Second Life

Learning Visions

Wednesday, September 05, 2007 Continuing in Second Life Im still at it. Slogging away in Second Life. Since I last posted, Ive been back "in-world" a couple of times. link] -- if youre in Second Life you can also try searching for Meteora or NOAA Virtual Island ). Its a virtual click-to-learn exercise. If, like me, youve been reluctant to try Second Life, I can only say just do it and see for yourself.

Second Life Gets All Corporate'y.Finally?

Mark Oehlert

How about "Second Life gets its suit on!"? "Hey, Its take your virtual world to work day!"? What we have are multiple channels ( Virtual World News , Massively ), including official ones from River Runs Red and Linden Lab , bringing us the news that Immersive Workspaces 2.0 "? "? "Your avatar got so drunk at the holiday party.?" " Help me out here.

Stepping into Science: A Second Life Conference

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Wondered about how to use Second Life as a learning tool? This day long conference costs $65 and will be hosted inside of Second Life. During this conference, they will talk about and actually visit some of the best and most creative work being done in promoting science in a virtual world environment. Participants in this conference will enter the virtual world of Second Life to attend presentations and visits simulations.

From World of Warcraft to Second Life – Teaching Science with Immersion and Excursion

E-Learning Acupuncture

She told a story of an experience she had a few years prior where her husband had been pretty involved in playing the world’s most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG)called World of Warcraft (WoW). That’s when she turned to a different virtual world product: Second Life. I’ve written about Second Life a few times before on this blog ( here and here ). Genome Island is publicly accessible in Second Life.

Second Life Training

The Learning Circuits

This month's question came from a reader the June 2008 Big Question is: Second Life Training? More specifically: In what situations, do you believe it makes sense to develop a learning experience that will be delivered within Second Life? If you were to develop a training island in Second Life, what kind of environment and artifacts would you consider essential for teaching? G-Cube - e-Learning and Second Life - How viable is it?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Second Second Life Experience

Learning Visions

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 My Second Second Life Experience Yesterday I posted about the Second Life Backlash and Controversy , with corporations supposedly abandoning SL and moving on. And Karl Kapp talks about the inevitable hype curve in which Second Life is now in the midst. They see through the hype and understand the potential as well as the limitations of these worlds for learning.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Building Community in Second Life: Renaissance Island

Learning Visions

Friday, August 24, 2007 Building Community in Second Life: Renaissance Island As you know, Ive been trying to walk-the-talk and experiment a bit with Second Life, role my virtual sleeves up and see what all the fuss is about. Last week, I visited Renaissance Island and wrote about it in My Second Second Life Experience. Manish.there certainly is a lot of interest in Second Life and a lot of skepticism.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Second Life and Gender

Learning Visions

Friday, July 13, 2007 Second Life and Gender Theres been a great conversation about Second Life and gender and the bleeding edge in the comments on my recent post. Should we be looking at alternative virtual worlds such as Protosphere ? Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.