Bloom’s Taxonomy and Online Learning

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Bloom’s Taxonomy is a concept you’ll come across pretty quickly once you start exploring the world of learning. Although you’ll normally see it in the context of teaching children, Bloom’s Taxonomy applies to learning at all levels. Where does Bloom’s Taxonomy come in?

eLearning is now created by people with no e-Learning background

Challenge to Learn

Security officer; compliance training. A security officer at a large plant uses easygenerator to push all the knowledge people have to have about security to his employees and test them. In July 2013 we started developing a new web-based authoring tool for e-Learning.

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6 Factors to Consider while Digitizing Books at Scale

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Taxonomy and I ndexing: Make sure that the service provider you choose for digitizing books at scale provides taxonomy and indexing services as these will help you build proper classification for your eBooks, making them easy to find. What is Book Digitization?

The Learning Blockchain Emerges

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What if the learning department had the ability to securely and appropriately access a wide range of data and content — from almost any source — as long as access was authorized?

Six Game-Based Training Models To Achieve Your Performance Objectives

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Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, a human cognition classification, the Taxonomy Alignment for Gaming was devised by Allen Interactions, an instructional design company, to align game mechanics with specific performance objectives — a framework that we align our work with at The Game Agency. They align well with deep multistory topics, such as IT security (access control, data classification, secure passwords, phishing, etc.).

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Best Elearning Courses for You: Custom Content or Off-the-shelf Courses

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Not in conformity with business guidelines – Off-the-shelf courses may include certain technical or security solutions that do not conform to your internal business guidelines. There has been a paradigm shift in the approach of businesses towards the learning and training of employees.

6 Reasons Why Associations & Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive


Data Can Be Kept Secure. But you can rest assured that the data within will be secure. There was a time when offices used to have cabinets piled with papers and files. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that these papers were converted to digital documents.

The Importance of Compliance Training – Your Real-World Guide to Learning that Delivers


These rules can come in the form of official requirements (for example, the US Health and Human Services’ HIPAA rules or the Security and Exchange Commission’s insider trading regulations), or they can be best practices.

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6 Reasons Why Associations and Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive


Data Can Be Kept Secure. But you can rest assured that the data within will be secure. We help associations and nonprofit organizations undergo a digital transformation with our bespoke content solutions such as cloud-based content development, editorial and production services, taxonomy, tagging and indexing services and many more. There was a time when offices used to have cabinets piled with papers and files.

Top 3 Instructional Design Interview Tips

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You’ve been hunting for an Instructional Design gig and have finally secured an interview – congratulations! A portfolio will definitely boost your chances of securing a gig, because you’re not just talking about things you’ve done, you’re showing them!

Organizing Course Content with Storyboards


Bloom’s taxonomy helps understand this natural order. What’s more with this app, you can share information quickly and securely. Many times you brainstorm about your course writing every concept you want to include.

CFA Competencies

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In addition, the prospective member must be involved on a daily basis in the evaluation and application of financial data, specifically related to securities and investments. Revisiting the CFA curriculum, we see that technical and financial acumen are tested routinely, and in multiple levels of learning taxonomy. An individual with a professional certification brings credibility and expertise to the organization.

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

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But related issues must be addressed – like how to optimize metadata, taxonomies and file compression. When the very first website launched in 92, there was just a handful of sparse pages outlining the new “ world wide web ” project at CERN.

The Key to Great Tests A cheaper solution than you may think

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The key to great tests is neither the most advanced implementation methodology nor the latest in cyber security but it’s something much more basic. Do your IDs know how to translate Blooms Taxonomy into their work and use it as a tool? I’m still seeing lots of opportunity for improvement from instructional designers (IDs) in writing well-constructed performance objectives and corresponding test items.

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Managing Career Paths: The Role of CLO

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Were they built on the premise that job security and advancement for employees have a greater dependence on experience needed, goal achievement and competencies than on length of service? This From the Vault article was originally published on in February 2008.

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GE TV: Karl Kapp on Why Gamification Works

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Welcome to a brand new episode of GE TV ! This week we’re joined by renowned gamification expert, consultant and professor, Karl Kapp. Karl is a professor and director at Blooomsburg University’s Institute for Interactive Technologies.

Learning to the Rescue: The FDIC’s Thom Terwilliger

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He said by 2015 the function’s goal is to have evaluations that reach all five levels of Donald Kirkpatrick’s evaluation taxonomy. The FDIC’s top learning executive works to build off the just-in-time mentality that helped get the agency’s employees through the worst of the financial crisis. Little did Thom Terwilliger know that when he took the job as chief learning officer for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.,

Cloud service and deployment models

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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in their effort to “promote the effective and secure use of the technology within government and industry by providing technical guidance and promoting standards,&# has defined SaaS, as: The capability provided to the consumer is to use the provider’s applications running on a cloud infrastructure. Another great read is Defogging Cloud Computing: A Taxonomy from Michael Crandell.

Five Myths of Social Learning


While one of the big benefits of social media platforms is the ability to create content quickly and eliminate rigid taxonomies for classifying content, policies will need to be put in place to ensure the integrity and proper use of this content. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designers with Degrees: Survey Update

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When the company responds to RFPs, the employee without an advanced degree cannot be used to secure new work. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

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