Video in Captivate – Embed Vs Stream

Adobe Captivate

Video in Captivate – Embed Vs Stream. Progressive Download vs Streaming Download. It increases the overall size of your project, sometimes drastically, this will impact your overall loading times for the project when housed on a web server or LMS. Streaming Downloads. Almost every video you see on the web is streaming from a dedicated media server. This allows your video to play in your project, but housed from an external video server.

Workaround for video streaming issues in Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Problem: Videos do not get streamed in Adobe Captivate projects. Solution: The format of the URI depends on how the FLV or F4V file is nested within the ‘App’ folder on the server. Captivate F4V FLV Streaming videoReason: The URIs of the videos are specified incorrectly. The first two sections in this article explain the URI formats when the [.]. How do I.


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Streaming Digital Media for E-Learning 2: Delivering Content via a Web Server

The E-Learning Curve

Deploying streaming media content with the web server approach is very similar to the download-and-play model I described in yesterday's post: it's a pull technology. Tags: video multimedia push technology e-learning Audio web-based training online training WBT streaming media digital media Using this paradigm, the. The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Find out more.

Streaming Digital Media for E-Learning 3: Using a Dedicated Media Server

The E-Learning Curve

According to Adobe, organizations use streaming media for corporate communications, electronic learning, and sales & marketing. In a learning context, streaming media technology is a central. Tags: video multimedia push technology e-learning web-based training online training WBT streaming media digital media The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Find out more.

eLearning Development: 4 Tech Considerations When Using Videos

Upside Learning

Streaming – accessing videos hosted on the streaming server. If you are considering to use streaming videos, you can have two options – either setup your own server by buying Flash Media Interactive Server OR use services from third-party content delivery network (CDN) companies partnered with Adobe if there are hundreds of high quality videos to be delivered and your viewership is high enough.

FLV 157

Rules to Keep in Mind while Selecting CDN Service Provider in 2020


CDN live streaming services are on a rapid rise. Not only brands use webcast live streaming services for marketing, but the businesses, entrepreneurs, business tycoons & other organizations as well are being benefited by broadcast live streaming services.

Adobe Captivate 2019 release

Adobe Captivate

Every time I wanted to test a version of one of the modules, I needed to publish it for HTML5, upload the published course to my web server, email myself the URL so I could pick it up on my iPad and then launch the course. I’ve also seen a restaurant using tablets for the servers to take guest orders. YouTube Streaming. No web server required. YouTube youtube streamingFluid Boxes – Adobe is Listening!

Video Delivery Types in Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Captivate supports the following types of Video Delivery : Progressive download, RTMP Streaming, Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS). RTMP Streaming. Can be hosted on any Web Server or Flash Media Server (FMS). All you need do is upload the publish folder to the web server of your choice and it should just work. This makes it the easiest and most economical (as you can use your existing web server) delivery mode.

FLV 64

Adobe Captivate: Adding Videos to eLearning

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

After you've made a decision between Event Video or Multi-Slide Synchronized Video, the next big decision is to load the video from a file that is already on your computer (by selecting  On your Computer ), or link to the video that is stored on a server (by selecting  Already deployed to a web server, Adobe Media Streaming Service, or Flash Media Server ).

eLearning: Adding Videos to eLearning. The Results

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Your corporate media server (or a server you created on your own). Most developers (54%) store the videos on their computer or server.    If you set up your own media server, tell us your story. Top comments about this question: "Previously attempted to do this with Adobe's Flash Media Server but it was too complicated and expensive. Did Windows Media Streaming as it came with Windows Server years ago.

Tips For Creating Video-based Content And Choosing The Right Technology To Support It: Getting The Value Advantage Of Video-based Learning


Delivering Video-based learning with the ‘right’ Technology: Video-streaming technology has been under research now for many years because of the importance of this new tool in the delivery of video-based content to learners. Thus video-streaming is moving beyond the entertainment area into training and learning. The benefits of video-streaming for learning delivery are many: ? The hosting charges for a streaming server may prove to be expensive.

Video 159

Weekly Bookmarks (5/9/10)

Experiencing eLearning

Myths about video: Macs are better, Flash is best, Final Cut Pro is the only adequate software, you must have a streaming server, everything must be able to play on an iPhone. 5 Myths Of Visual Communication. Do people spend more time reading large or small type? More time looking at large or small images? Is animation the best way to show changes over time? Summary of common questions/myths with research answers. tags : communication , visualcommunication.

Diigo 185

HTML5: Standardize on MP4 (mostly)

ICS Learning

Now for the next big thing…a standard for support true-streaming video via HTTP! Progressive Downloading’ of video works now – link to a video and it’ll start downloading to your device, and the device player will likely start playing that video back as soon as it can… …but you can’t skip ahead and have the video quickly pickup at that point; to do so requires ‘true’ (“Adaptive”) streaming capabilities – like from a media server.

Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


So when you upload them to your server, they’re likely to take up huge amounts of space, slow your site down , and cause lots of errors for users. YouTube isn’t just a video streaming site—it’s also the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

Responsive Captivate template or ideas?

Adobe Captivate

What I would like to create is a responsive layout that includes a table of contents that can be shown/not shown on the click of a button, that is also conducive to non-embedded streaming video (not using Adobe streaming server, we have our own). Hi all, newbie here. Lots of great discussions on this site and sooo many talented folks! Maybe someone can help me with a responsive elearning template I’m trying to create.

Ideas 40

Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

Web Courseworks

Although online services do exist that can quickly stream the pieces and stitch them together into one file, users may be unaware of or may not trust such services. Finally, very technical methods are available to attempt to secure streamed video content. These are the types of systems used by video streaming services such as Netflix. Another factor: using a DRM server means your system now relies on a third-party server that you don’t control.

Movie 100

Case Study of Magoosh: How to make a dent in a competitive market?


Revenue streams. Install it on a compatible web server of your choice. . Since Pinlearn was designed for the eLearning marketplace business, it supports a commission-based revenue stream out of the box. Between 2014 and 2019, the global test prep market grew at a CAGR of 7%.

The 5 Best Open Source Learning Management Systems

Your Training Edge

Free, but you may need to upgrade your hosting and server plans, as well as hire a developer to fully customize the tools. Track progress, get reports, share resources, review grades, and live stream content. Instructors love this platform because it feels really engaging and has a classroom feel thanks to live streaming features. Live stream videos and instruction tools.

Virtual Classrooms: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Online Course


Questions like how to set up a virtual classroom , how to teach live online classes , and how to live stream a class were trending like anything during the COVID-19 lockdown. Install the source-code on a web hosting server. . A web hosting server to store your website’s source code.

4 LMS Features That Were Hot and Now Are Not

Absorb LMS

Locally-Installed Software About a decade ago, many organizations shunned cloud-based software and demanded that the LMS be installed on their internal servers. As an added benefit, new features regularly and magically appear in the LMS without the need for Jim in IT to load CD-ROMs onto a server every couple of months. Make sure your team is buying an LMS for the year you’re in.

CD-ROM 160

Fewer Full-Sized Courses. More learning snacks, ePubs, Videos, and Reference Tools

Bottom-Line Performance

Other pluses to video that are driving its upward trend: Video can be housed in the Cloud rather than residing on a server. You can also use YouTube or Vimeo to let you stream it rather than sucking up your own server space. This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities. The white paper describes today’s learning landscape… then predicts 7 trends for the next 12 – 18 months.

Links of the Week

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Flash isn't BAD and HTML5 isn't GOOD In the seemingly never ending Flash vs. HTML wars, Streaming Learning Center's Jan Ozer decided to run a simple test (using YouTube) to compare both players' CPU utilization. Statistics on Wikipedia indicate that PHP is installed on more than 20 million websites and one million web servers."

MySQL 122

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 360: Publishing to Video

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

And published videos can be uploaded into video streaming servers such as YouTube and Vimeo.  by Kal Hadi, COTP. When teaching my students how to publish Articulate Storyline projects during my beginner class , I often get the following question:   Student: “How do I publish my project as a video (MP4)?”.   Me: “You can’t.”.

Host Your Corporate Training Videos on Your LMS – Why & How

CommLab India

Consider these factors while hosting training videos on an LMS : file size of the videos & compatibility, hosting charges, streaming server, and confidentiality of information. You should therefore have a streaming server apart from the normal server for the continuous streaming of videos. It has better streaming features and costs are based on the usage. Its streaming feature allows learners download the videos in parts.

Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

The solution is a separate collaborative annotation server, such as TeemingPod. This is when code optimization, caching and other expert solutions from Harbinger - ranging up to cluster server deployment- come handy. Video streaming Moodle does not stream video effectively. For better streaming experience third party integration with services like YouTube, Kaltura and so on.

e-Learning Best Practice: How to Make Sure Your System Works


The only thing that will make it right is when you see that constant stream of cool clear water. In web based training, your job is to keep the WBT streaming; to ensure the learner gets her WBT course. This content start point is the course itself and the computer server environment that hosts it. Third is the server environment hosting your courses. With the courses themselves and how they are hosted on a server to be available for your learners.

AICC 138

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 360: Publishing to Video

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

And published videos can be uploaded into video streaming servers such as YouTube and Vimeo.  by Kal Hadi, COTP. When teaching my students how to publish Articulate Storyline projects during my beginner class , I often get the following question:   Student: “How do I publish my project as a video (MP4)?”.   Me: “You can’t.”.

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 360: Publishing to Video

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

And published videos can be uploaded into video streaming servers such as YouTube and Vimeo.  by Kal Hadi, COTP. When teaching my students how to publish Articulate Storyline projects during my beginner class , I often get the following question:   Student: “How do I publish my project as a video (MP4)?”.   Me: “You can’t.”.

How to Use Augmented Reality for Technology Based Learning

Origin Learning

Streaming of 3D objects from a live server through multiple HD display screens within the organization. Technology acts funny at times. It works to make the real virtual, and uses virtual to simulate reality. Take communication for example, face to face communication is now replaced by communication on the world of web where we express real emotions using virtual emoticons.

Tech Tuesday: Translating mLevel Events to xAPI Statements


The event stream is ordered and, in some cases, will contain additional data to assist with the parsing of the events. The other option is called Learning Locker which is an open source LRS which does require a server to host the LRS. Knowing the data provided earlier in the form of the event stream is all that the xAPI processor is aware of will lead to a need for additional data.

xapi 168

Now videos can be part of all elearning content!

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 5 gives you the option to either embed the video in the project, or to stream it from an external Flash streaming server of your choice. One of my favorite features this time is the new Video import and synch capability in Captivate. This adds a new paradigm in content authoring. Now you can add video content to your elearning just as easily as you were adding audio previously.

FLV 73

Video Format Comparison - Flash Video Format - WMV Format - Quicktime - Real

Tony Karrer

Better "Streaming" In general, the Flash video format is very good at playing as it streams down additional content. WMV Format, Quicktime and Real either require a streaming server to achieve the effect or do not do as good of a job. From Adobe : Flash video content and MP3s delivered to Flash Player using a normal web server are delivered through progressive download. The only way around this is to use a Flash Media Server.

Playable UI, eLearning Challenges, and HapYak: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

The video streams from a video streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo. HapYak’s server dishes up the interactive layer – and tracks backend analytics, and the viewer gets a very cool experience. #BLPLearn is our way of saving all of the great content our team curates… and sharing it with the wider community.

How You Can Protect Your Course Videos


This is where someone gets the direct video URL to download or stream the video elsewhere. I still prefer the easy method with Vimeo or Wistia because it also has some additional benefits, least of which is that the video are not hosted on your site but are rather taking up server space elsewhere. Videos are extremely popular in online courses, but how do you prevent people from stealing the content?

Video 124

6 Popular LearnDash Hosting Options (And How to Choose the Best One)

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Enough disk space and enough bandwidth being provided by the hosting server are two essential features to store and stream that content. For any website, the choice of web hosting is a critical one.

Getting ready to include adaptive learning in instructional design


It would be amazing if you could buy an extension, install it on the server that is hosting the company’s LMS, and instantly end up with a platform that can do adaptive learning without a glitch.

Podcast 26: How to Extend Learning Content Availability – With Troy Gorostiza

Talented Learning

That’s exactly why I enjoyed comparing notes with today’s guest, Troy Gorostiza , President & CEO of Knowledge Stream and Co-Founder of Course Container. Those programs can be a source of new revenue streams with training that leverages your existing content assets. So let’s say your content is located in your LMS on one server. Access to that content is a problem for people using a different LMS on another server.

News: Upgrades to the Camtasia Family

TechSmith Camtasia

This includes Camtasia Studio (Windows), Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Relay (server-based). For example, users can now record a camera stream with Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac, edit it on their desktop and send to Camtasia Relay for publishing/distribution. Also, Camtasia Relay 3 (server-based) is getting an upgrade soon. One of my favorite quotes is, "We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.".

LMS-Agnostic eLearning Should Be Your New Strategy

JCA Solutions

AICC allows training vendors to license content that is housed on their own servers. Confidence that your content is secure enables you to expand your customer base to serve more customers on more platforms — and multiply your revenue streams.

25 Tools to Create Training Videos That Engage Learners


From filming to editing, streaming, or hosting, these tools have everything you need to create an employee training video — in one neat package. Hosting services allow you to upload and store your videos safely on their servers, and then embed them into your own page.

Video 83