Product Training vs Soft Skills Training

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Soft skills training like public speaking, communication skills etc. can be taken as “good to have” instead of vital component, and product training like quality control skills are usually viewed as a box ticking exercise, not always monitored at the workplace to assess value.

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Technology Skills for Instructional Designers

Experiencing eLearning

These have been my reference manuals while learning new versions of Captivate. Of the three, image editing skills are the most important. Do you really need technology skills? Some jobs don’t require any technology skills at all.

Version 1 Deliver Centralized and Efficient Employee Training With LearnUpon LMS


Founded over 20 years ago, Version 1 provides IT services and solutions to brands around the world. Equipped with LearnUpon LMS, Version 1 implemented a strong employee learning and development strategy. Emer Fogarty, Learning & Development Analyst at Version 1.

Computational thinking: a key skill in the 21st century


In a world increasingly dominated by automation we need to equip employees with skills that complement computer technology and learn to work in partnership with robots. ” […] “So could CT [Computational Thinking] be the way to bridge that gap between hard and soft skills?

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

critical skills needed to achieve a specific business. no practical skills they can implement. curriculum design in place that teaches and trains people on the skills they need. operational skills, which volunteers often do not have. from the business skills they need to.

Skills Series: A Beginner's Guide to jQuery

General Assembly

Skills Series: A Beginner’s Guide to jQuery Discover the accessible coding language that simplifies JavaScript and makes developers more efficient. Programming skills command a high price in today’s job market, so anything that can improve a human coder’s efficiency is money in the bank.

The Holiday Boost – Skilling Your Seasonal Staff

Enyota Learning

They might be your seasonal workforce, but you need them to be as skilled as your regular workforce without giving them the luxury of a learning curve. This means giving the respective departments the capability to curate their own training programs to fill the skills gap. It’s up to the businesses to ensure that they have their seasonal staff upskilled in time so the season doesn’t become a version of hell for them. Half the year has flown past us in the blink of an eye.

6 Considerations on how L&D should prepare for the New Skills Economy


It’s a new skills economy, grounded in the rapid digitization and the amazing transformation it has brought about. This, of course, means investing in the latest LMS versions, keeping up with the technology and tapping into the immense potential Augmented and Virtual Reality have for learning.

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Why acquiring soft skills is not as hard as you think – an article from Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy, in RealBusiness


Coorpacademy’s Jean-Marc Tassetto outlines how to respond to new data on what skills are important in the workplace. To read it in its original version, it’s here. The report, based on input from over 5,000 talent professionals across the globe, says soft skills like ‘creativity’ are increasingly sought after in today’s workplace. Hard skills or soft skills for today’s era?

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Are You Building Skills and Knowledge for the Future?

CLO Magazine

The rate of change is happening faster than ever before, and it’s imperative that we all focus on acquiring knowledge and building skills that will help us stay relevant in the workforce and prepare us for the future. That means helping employees get skills and knowledge at the time of need.

How to organize online training for your remote employees and skyrocket their skills!


Employees should have access to online versions of all company policies and documentation on company values, how-to guides, and any other written training materials. Knowing how to succeed in this environment is a valuable skill that will increase your value in the workplace.

‘A massive skills gap is holding us back’

Sponge UK

Learning expert, Clive Shepherd shares his views on the skills gap in L&D, blended learning and creating compelling content. In this exclusive interview, he shares his thinking on a range of topics from the L&D skills gap to compelling content.

Must-have skills for User Experience (UX) design in eLearning


The hype about User Experience (UX) design skills is not at all exaggerated. The good news is that anyone with eLearning development skills can train to improve their UX strategies. The most desired skills for UX design in eLearning. Opinion elearning User Experience UX Skills

Create Effective Dialogue Simulations for Online Sales Training with iSpring Version 8.3

CommLab India

Good communication skills help sales people connect well with potential clients. Considering this, communication skills need to be included while training sales personnel in any field. The best way to develop communication skills would be through dialogue simulations.

Soft skills in the workplace: Which are they and how you can develop them?


Soft skills are an essential part of any successful career, but developing soft skills in the workplace doesn’t come easily to everyone. Here are some of the most important soft skills a successful team member requires. 5 Soft Skills and the Value They Add.

After the Classroom: What Can You Do to Make Sure New Skills Become Old Hat? [Infographic]

In the first blush of post-training excitement, your team probably feels like they have a new lease on their work and fresh skills to boost their careers. Click here for the full size version.). If appropriate, practice the skill yourself and discuss your efforts with the team.

Three skills to acquire (Captivate newbies)

Adobe Captivate

Seven years ago I started blogging about Captivate (with version 4 – 5). Challenge/Skill 1: Timeline. Challenge/Skill 2: Quiz. Intro. Most subjects are more advanced, you’ll find many use cases for advanced and shared actions.

4 Major Signs Your Leadership Skills Need Attention


Regardless if you fall into this bucket or not, here are some of the warning signs when its time to address your leadership skill set. Through this, you will build the skills necessary in your people to elevate their work to reach the set standards. Find ways to work on your leadership skills as often as possible. A version of this article originally appeared on Imagine being physically and mentally disturbed by the thought of walking into work.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: The Hottest Tech Skills & Certifications for 2018

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  Mastering the skills above is a great idea, but according to CRN, getting certified is even better.   PMP: The Project Management Professional certification indicates someone has the knowledge and skills needed to guide projects to a successful conclusion, on-time, on-budget, and using available resources. He has served CompTIA as an A+ Subject Matter Expert for several versions of the A+ examination. by Kevin Smith, COTP.

The 25 (+1) Most Important Skills for Small Business Employee Training [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s no shortage of skills your employees could be working on right now. Here are the most popular and effective topics for learning and improving small business skills: Click here to see the full size version.

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Step-by-step Guide to WordPress and TalentLMS integration – Plugin version 3.0


In this guide we are going to describe the new features provided by the latest version of TalentLMS WP plugin. Edit TalentLMS CSS Since version 1.2, You need to use your PHP developement skills to do so.

Want New Employees to Stick Around? Use Digital Onboarding! [Text Version]


Return on investment from technology onboarding: Higher staff retention rate – decrease in skills gap. Learning science can be incorporated to empower new starters with skills they wouldn’t usually get from e-learning, and this takes away some of the pressure of a new role. Text Version] appeared first on CDSM Team Blog. Business CDSM E-learning Infographic Insights Learning Skills Gap Digital Onboarding Onboarding[ View Infographic ].

Media Skills New Competency for Learning Professionals

ATD Learning Technologies

Click here to read full version Over the next few years, learning and talent professionals will find it is essential to learn professional media skills—so they can create meaningful content that aids learning, impresses their clients, and offers a sound investment.

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Skills Series: A Beginner’s Guide to Product Vision

General Assembly

Learn how this skill can guide you and your team toward success. Welcome to General Assembly ’s Skills Series, where our expert instructors introduce you to key skills in the high-demand fields of data , web development , user experience design , marketing , and more.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: e-Learning Content & Version Control

Learning Visions

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 e-Learning Content & Version Control Earlier this week, Janet Clarey wrote about the " Preservation of e-Learning Content." After reading Janets post, I talked with our CTO about some ways that we could build a little bit of "version control" into our Flash Course Development Templates. More likely, if they dont have version control tools, its because they havent even thought about it. I suppose most LMS/LCMS keep track of versions on some levels.

Why yesterday’s skills and development strategies aren’t enough to survive today’s digital transformation

Learning Wire

lack digital skills and 14% have none [2]. an estimated 60M people are shut off from jobs because of a lack of digital skills: nearly 20% of American adults do not use the Internet at home, work, or at school, or by mobile device [3]. lack adequate digital skills [4].

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

WBT Systems

skills gap ” problem. What is the “Skills Gap” Problem? These persistently unfilled positions are attributed to an unfortunate and somewhat ironic phenomenon called the “skills gap.”. Skills Gap” Solutions. Associations can lead the way and solve the skills gap.

Media Skills: New Competency for Learning Professionals

ATD Learning Technologies

Click here to read full version Over the next few years, learning and talent professionals will find it is essential to learn professional media skills—so they can create meaningful content that aids learning, impresses their clients, and offers a sound investment.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Version – Product Review

eLearning 24-7

Ease of use – No tech skill required, no knowledge of online learning required (but.see further down). Tech skill is nil. While this makes sense if the archive is an older version and you are updating it, it seems an extra step, if you pulled the course because of whatever reason and it wasn’t because there is a new version online. In the beta version of the product, included T/F, yet for the final version removed it.

Skill Up on Office Politics

CLO Magazine

Navigating office politics, no matter how repugnant a topic, is a skill — and one worth having. Despite its initial stench of nastiness, betrayal and lies, politics is actually a skill — and a worthwhile one. Chief Learning Officer spoke with Godwin about office politics as a leadership skill. How do you define politics as a skill in the workplace? This is an abbreviated version I go on at length about for half a chapter in the book.

Information Design Is Key to the Future of Soft-Skills E-Learning

ATD Learning Technologies

Click here to read full version New e-learning partners instructional design with information design, which focuses on making any kind of content compelling and engaging.

Course of the Week Highlight: Enhance Your Technical Skill Set


Just like the software installed in our computer, our skills become less effective and even obsolete over time. Be sure to check out these select four courses below to hone your technical skill set and stay current!

Choice is Key in Learning

Association eLearning

So, scouts have more say in their badges than working professionals have about their skills training. This makes it hard for them to create different versions of the same courses. Here are some ideas for giving your learners choices: Make beginner and “experienced” versions.

Game Teaches Life Saving Skills: Accidently

Kapp Notes

The power of games for learning is that they can teach lessons that the learner doesn't even realized she or he has learned until the time comes to apply those skills. Games can create a virtual memory and provide real-life practice of real-life skills which can be applied outside of the game.

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Five Must-Have Skills for Learning Professionals: An Update


The first post I wrote here was Critical Skills Learning Professionals Need Now , back in October 2010. Since then, I’ve been on a quest to help people in the learning and development industry continuously learn new skills and stay current. Software developers think in versions.