Course Review Tracking Template

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How do you track revision comments in your e-learning or online courses? Most of the time, I use a spreadsheet based on the revision tracking template below. How do you track feedback on your courses?

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Adobe Captivate – Slide Audio Three Ways

Adobe Captivate

It’s useful to know this since you may end up getting your slide level audio broken down by slide or you might get one long file. The post Adobe Captivate – Slide Audio Three Ways appeared first on eLearning.

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Articulate Rise – Custom Fonts and Track Using Storyline Block

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Here comes two cool features in Articulate Rise – Track completion with a Storyline Block and Custom fonts. Track completion with a Storyline Block: Usually you can track your course in LMS with quizzes, triggers and the number of slides viewed, but now you can track your completion of course with a storyline block.

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Tracking Learning Videos with SCORM

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Tracking Your Learning Videos. You track progress on the course but not on the video. Tracking learning videos is something different, however. In some cases, however, ( in fact probably a growing number of cases ) the video itself is the training we wish to track.

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Articulate Storyline: LMS Tracking and Reporting

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These options could impact whether or not your LMS can successfully and completely track the published output and report relevant data.            Click the  Reporting and Tracking  button and you will find additional LMS settings. Storyline supports SCORM 2004 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Edition (the 4th Edition has greater support for tracking and reporting than previous editions).

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Text Entry Box and LMS moodle tracking

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Hello Everyone, A new question to this wonderful Comm.: – I would like to add “Text Entry Boxes” in a captivate project and have a tracking with my LMS moodle. So here some explication of my case: Slide1: A TEB ( no user validate) : No tracking with LMS.

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Empower your lessons with audio and video tracks


But when the expert refers to the slide number one, you come to the horrible realization: you cannot see the slides. If you are committed to learning more, your next steps are to download the slides and do your best to match them with the video. Prepare the slides.

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Comparing Knowledge Check and Quiz Slides

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Knowledge Check Slides have been introduced as one of the new quizzing features with version 9. You can read this as Features (quote from the Help): Knowledge check slide imbibes similar features of question slide without any results, reporting structure and interaction ids. .

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Force View of Slide on First Visit

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The question appears often everywhere: how can I force the user to view the slide completely before the Next button appears; but when revisiting the slide the Next button should appear immediately. The workflows for the audio slides will be explained in a future blog post. Intro.

Improve E-Learning Effectiveness: Track Duration


Frustrated, I decided to solve this problem by changing the settings in the authoring tool that I was using to not allow anyone to click next until the slide was completed. Duration tracking. Duration tracking is the total time spent in an e-learning course.

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Global Tablet Shipments on Track to Surpass Total PC Shipments by 2015 [#mLearning]

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Today we don’t get to decide which device learners use to access our Learning – slide used in my mobile learning workshop.

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Why Does My Custom Menu Lose Track of My Progress?

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We have also created a “complete” state for each button on the “Menu” slide. You will notice that we added a custom “Menu” button to the player that jumps to this slide, so the user can always go back and explore a different topic. Using Variables to Track Progress.

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About Slides and Frames – Intro to Micro-navigation

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The present post can be considered as an introduction to ‘micro-navigation’ Slides versus Frames. Slides. You, Captivate user, are aware of slides and master slides. The Timeline panel can be used both for slides and master slides.

MATEC Webinar Notes and Slides: Social Media and Student Success

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And here you will find the slides for the presentation and a few links to some interesting entries to support the presentation. Using Social Media to Track the Nation's Mood --what Tweets have to say about our mood. I am giving a presentation today at 1:00 EDT.

PowerPoint: Sites for Slide Sharing (Say that 5 Times Fast)

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When you can't be there in person, but you want to send along a PowerPoint deck in your place, there are a few reasons why you might want to use a slide-sharing site. Whatever the case, a slide-sharing site can give you the peace of mind of not having to worry about technical snafus while giving you a platform to attract potential viewers. Today I'm going to explore five slide-sharing site options. authorSTREAM is a pretty standard choice among slide-sharing sites.

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Custom, Accessible Quiz: Development Highlights

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For both scenarios, I used a single slide to communicate the introduction to the quiz. For both scenarios, I used a single slide to communicate the introduction to the quiz. Similar to the introduction, I used On Enter to attach the advanced action to the slide.

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How to keep track of clients’ favorite details

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Here’s one way to track what happens to your client’s favorite content. Action map: For mapping, I use Compendium , which lets you paste text, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, and web sites in the map. How do you keep track of details?

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Learning From the World’s Biggest Brands, How to Consult, and Scaling Up a Niche Course Subscription Platform with Gary Fox of WP Slide Sync


Learning from the world’s biggest brands, how to consult, and scaling up a niche course subscription platform with Gary Fox of WP Slide Sync in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Where did your product, WP Slide Sync come in?

Using View Slides to Send LMS Completion in Articulate

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Using “Track using number of slides viewed&# to pass a completion status to your LMS: You can have users pass a course if they pass a quiz or if they viewed a pre-determined number of slides. I chose “view slides&# to pass my course. When you publish in Articulate and your course has no quiz, the completion status defaults to “view number of slides&#. You can select how many slides must be viewed.

Here’s Why Slide Count is Irrelevant to Your E-Learning Course

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I get a lot of questions about number of slides or screen count per hour of instruction. Don’t Auto-Advance Slides. The problem with this is that if the person is a fast reader, it’s frustrating to wait for the slide to catch up. The same can be said for slides with narration.

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Interactive Example: World's fastest track awaits sliders at Whistler

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An in-depth look at the Whistler Sliding Center, where bobsled, luge and skeleton athletes are expected to set speed records. Check it out: [link

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Secrets of Video Demo Timeline (cpvc project)

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I will use the word ‘track’ for each horizontal line in the Timeline panel. Immediately after creating a video demo only one track will be visible in the panel, the bottom track labeled as ‘Video/Audio’ This label is automatically attributed to the first track.

April 2016 #Obsidianchat Summary

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You can of course also track traditional elearning with xAPI.” -@AWerkenthin. StephenPVictor tweeted that “xAPI allows you track a lot more learning activities than SCORM does. You can’t capture the results and impact of that learning unless you incorporate xAPI to track the data.

All you have to know about Captivate timeline(s) in a cptx project

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After this introductory post , and the post about the typical Video Demo timeline this article will explain the specific features of the timelines in a cptx project: both for master slides and normal slides. Master slide Timeline . Slide Timeline. Intro.

Consider SCORM/xAPI now rather than later

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These are a set of standards which allow for different applications to share information with each other, and allows for such things as the tracking of student progression through a course, score results, time spent etc. Blog Captivate SCORM tracking xapi


Secrets of Video Demo Timeline (cpvc project)

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I will use the word ‘track’ for each horizontal line in the Timeline panel. Immediately after creating a video demo only one track will be visible in the panel, the bottom track labeled as ‘Video/Audio’ This label is automatically attributed to the first track.

Fluidize your Quizzes

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When publishing my first reflections on Fluid Boxes work flow versus Breakpoint View work flow I didn’t mention my expectations for a smoother creation of Quiz slides using FB’s. quiz slides. Quizzing Master Slides -Setup Fluid Boxes. Intro.

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Register for Webinar – Mastering Custom Quizzes with Adobe Captivate 2017

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In this session, you will learn how to… create a responsive design interface for your question slides in Adobe Captivate 2017 using fluid boxes. setup variables to keep track of the selections made by the users of your eLearning course. Hey Gang, There will be no live stream the week of 26th. Instead, I will be guest presenting over at Training Magazine. The topic will be Mastering Custom Quizzes with Adobe Captivate 2017.

$25 off Adobe Captivate 2017 Udemy Course

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In this course, you will learn how to… create a responsive design interface for your question slides in Adobe Captivate 2017 using fluid boxes. setup variables to keep track of the selections made by the users of your eLearning course. Discussion Advanced Actions captivate 2017 custom question slides final quiz fluid boxes multi state object Multi-state objects Questions Responsive Design udemy Variables

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Audio in eLearning: Cultural Differences?

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Do you use audio on every slide because the client says people will think its broken if you dont? Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Audio in eLearning: Cultural Differences?

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PowerPoint 2010: Audio Won't Trim? Compress It!

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The first track was 2 minutes long, but you trimmed it down to 15 seconds and set it to play across slides. Perhaps your plan was to play the first track when the presentation started, move to the second slide, let the track end and then have the second track start. You probably set the second track on the second slide to start right after the first track ended, which is the correct process. by AJ George.

SlideRocket is HOT!

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know that this will eventually be a pay service and I hope its reasonable cause this thing is awesome - WARNING - please buy and read Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte before getting all into SlideRocket and using this beautiful tool to create Web-based version of existing PPT crap.

How to convert a PowerPoint to SCORM


It’s synonymous with the slide deck, ubiquitous across every industry. PowerPoint is an easy way to create slides that help you to communicate ideas to an audience. Unfortunately for the humble slide deck, a lot of its power is lost without the presenter. Adding a blank slide.


PowerPoint: Playing Audio Sequentially. and Automatically

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  Last week I covered how to play multiple audio tracks at the same time. That wasn't so hard, but what can get a bit complicated is playing multiple audio tracks sequentially.   In the Audio Options group, choose Play across slides from the drop-down menu.

Branching Scenario in Storyline

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Keeping Track of Alternate Paths. Each slide title includes a label like [OK 2] or [Bad 4] to correspond with the tags in Twine. As you can see in the image below, my method of keeping track of what I’ve built so far isn’t very high tech.