How to replace top-down training with collaborative learning (1)

Jay Cross

x what’s broken, let’s imagine what ideal corporate learning would look like if we could start over from scratch. They have to keep up with a torrent of new products and services, not just their own but also their competitors’. Continuous learning is the only way they can keep up. Their work has become learning, and learning is the bulk of their work. But this way of learning – autonomous searching and social collaboration – has not yet been re?ected

Electronic Learning System: Which one is best?

Ed App

Traditional learning and corporate training has always revolved around gathering students together, in one space, and talking at them before quizzing them to see how much information was absorbed. The rise of Electronic Learning, or eLearning , broke down some of those boundaries: it helped make learning more interactive and also allowed learners to learn off-site in remote locations. So what should you look for in an Electronic Learning System ?

Sun, Elite, and the future

Jay Cross

They lack the discipline to put in the hard work to learn things the way you and I did when we were in school. Learning professionals know that the incoming generation is not going to put up with what has passed for corporate training since the 70s. Corporations that don’t offer employees the freedom to learn with others will end up with the dregs, not the top talent, and will fail to survive as a result. This is a group that learns from nano-nuggets.

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