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I’ve been reading with interest recent articles and blog posts proclaiming that social practices won’t work in the enterprise. Posts such as ‘ You ready to fail at social networking ’ and the excellent post from Jeevan Joshi ’4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work ‘, have really made me think and reflect on the hype surrounding social business and more specifically the rise of social networks / communities within the work environment.

Vary Sentence Structure in Voice Over Scripts

Experiencing eLearning

When you use voice over for elearning, do you want it to sound natural and flowing, or do you want it to sound stiff and didactic? A great voice over person can make a good script more engaging, and a great script sound fantastic. However, if the script itself is completely stiff and unnatural, there’s only so much a voice over person can do. One common problem in writing for voice over is overly complex sentences. Voice Over Scripts: Writing Style Tips.

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Why your Enterprise Social Network is your most valuable social learning platform

Jane Hart

In the workplace, social learning comes through social collaboration. Social learning is a natural everyday phenomenon; simply put, we learn from our colleagues as we work with them. For this reason the new enterprise social platforms (like Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) that underpin social collaboration are your most valuable social learning platforms. Social learning

Lockdown – Ep.4 A New Hope

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

I am connected with Coventry colleagues through email, MS Teams (chat, files, video calls), LinkedIn, Twitter, Sharepoint, etc. I actually had a phonecall recently, a no-nonsense voice-only phonecall.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Fosway Group (2017), ’Fosway 9 – Grid Authoring Systems’ Share Stories with Screen Recording1 1 11Index: Table of contents gomolearning.com @gomolearning User-Generated Videos: Tapping into Social Sharing2 Quick, Accurate Auto-Captioning. audio elements, including your voice.

italki - Social Network for Language Learning

Tony Karrer

People find each other using the site and then connect via chat, IM, voice/Skype, etc. There are other resources, but the use of a social network to find people who can help each other learn the language is a great idea. italki is an interesting website in the language learning space - which seems to be very busy these days. They provide the ability to connect with other learners who are trying to learn a language.

Performance - Collaboration - Social Network Analysis - eLearning Hot List

Tony Karrer

eLearning Learning Hot List June 1, 2009 to June 12, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. World Part 2 - Social Enterprise Blog , June 6, 2009 Should you Care about Google Wave? yes, they went there - WISE Pedagogy , June 1, 2009 Time Spent - The Learning Circuits Blog , June 1, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals.

Driving results through social networks

Jay Cross

Driving Results Through Social Networks: How Top Organizaiotns Leverage Networks for Performance and Growth by Rob Cross and Robert J. This sequel to Rob Cross’s The Hidden Power of Social Networks is chock full of practical advice on leveraging networks for innovation and increased performance. Network analysis provides a powerful means for leaders to understand and drive value through this seemingly invisible aspect of organzations.

Driving results through social networks

Jay Cross

Driving Results Through Social Networks: How Top Organizaiotns Leverage Networks for Performance and Growth by Rob Cross and Robert J. This sequel to Rob Cross’s The Hidden Power of Social Networks is chock full of practical advice on leveraging networks for innovation and increased performance. Network analysis provides a powerful means for leaders to understand and drive value through this seemingly invisible aspect of organzations.

Long road to ruin

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

Well, over the 2018 festive break I’ve read more than a few reflective pieces from those in my extended network about the direction and increasingly intrusive nature of technology in our lives, and this song title leapt to mind. Companies that use voice recognition or voice-stress analysis in an attempt to root out hacking in an attempt to keep us safe, even from ourselves.

Give Learners a Voice by Incorporating Social Learning

Adobe Captivate

If you’re a fan of Adobe Captivate Prime, you may be aware of the new social learning features that were just released. Social learning is an important developing aspect of the learning technology industry. So much of what we learn comes from informal interactions with the people we know, whether we’re interacting in person or through social media. Connect with the author on Twitter or LinkedIn , and follow me on Adobe’s eLearning blog.

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Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT SAHANA CHATTOPADHYAY (Social Learning & Collaboration Strategist, Performance Consultant Exploring Emergent Learning, Blogger). Her passion is to help organizations become learning organizations through social and collaborative learning. She was also listed in the Top 25 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media in 2013 and 2014. Everyone’s voice gets heard and good ideas rise to the top.

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Work Out Loud – Don’t Just Share What You Did

Nick Leffler

Today is the final day of my four-day journey to cover my thoughts on this week’s topics for the online cMOOC Exploring Innovations in Networked Work and Learning. When you do that – when you work in a more open, connected way – you can build a purposeful network that makes you more effective and provides access to more opportunities. There are infinite ways of working out loud, it just takes finding your voice and finding a way that works for you.

Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange.

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange of Information by Paul on March 14, 2011 in social learning Most of us in the adult learning industry have already found and incorporated Twitter into our everyday lives. So now that I’ve said my peace, I’ll get off my Twitter pulpit and share five ways to utilize Twitter for social learning: 1.

An Expert’s Voice on Remote L&D


You can enrich and contextualize learning experiences with a combination of content that either currently exists, can be easily developed, or can be repurposed from online libraries such as LinkedIn Learning. The post An Expert’s Voice on Remote L&D appeared first on NovoEd.

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vlingo: Voice Control Goodness

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Amplify’d from janeknight.typepad.com vlingo Vlingo is a voice-powered user interface that unlocks access to mobile phone wireless data services. This includes dialing your phone, sending an email or SMS, creating and saving a memo or task, opening a web browser and performing a web search, composing a social-networking status message and more. I really hope this is real. I just discovered it on Jane Hart's pick of the day.

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The Voice of The Customer: Introducing gomo Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram

gomo learning

A 2019 LinkedIn survey named Customer Success Manager as the second “most promising” sales job for the year. So, what does it take to be the “voice of the customer” at gomo? gomo Customer Success Manager, Simon Waldram, acts as your advocate within our team.

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5 Tips for Building Your Brand


From Facebook to Pinterest, you have an array of social networks that you can use to start connecting with your potential audience. The first step is to decide which social networks fit your brand best. Corporate brands may prefer LinkedIn and Twitter (or even Facebook). Use social media marketing when possible. If you go for months without posting content on social media, your followers are likely to forget about you.

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4 Digital Marketing Trends Projected to Hit Hard in 2019


The rise of voice search. Thanks to the success of the Internet of Things’ connected devices, like smart speakers and wearables, as well as artificial intelligence, like Siri and Alexa, we’re on track to conduct nearly one-third of our web searches with just our voices. In fact, nearly 60 percent of consumers used voice search to find local businesses in the past year. According to Hootsuite , the endless scroll of the social media news feed may soon be a thing of the past.

The 2020 Workforce and the LMS Disconnect


We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jeanne Meister for Xyleme Voices. By 2020, the workplace will be highly personalized and social. Social networks will be the first point of contact between companies and their future employees and internal social networks will be the primary way that workers communicate, connect and collaborate. For Millennial and 2020 employees, smart mobile devices are appendages and social networking is second nature.

Bouncy, bubbly or British? How To Choose Voice Over Talent

The eLearning Coach

Integrating the perfect voice into an online course, video or slide show enhances the audience’s perception and enjoyment of the program. On the other hand, choosing a voice that doesn’t fit can sometimes feel like fingernails scraping across a blackboard. Voice actors must sound knowledgeable even when they don’t understand the subject. They also need disciplined voice control and excellent enunciation. Use a voice that fits the audience.

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Top 6 Content Marketing Trends for 2019


According to We Are Social’s Global Digital Report , half of U.S. A 2017 Animoto report found that 64 percent of consumers will follow through with a purchase after watching a branded Facebook video. Make sure you are also using Facebook, Snapchat and IGTV to name a few. Research shows that 85 percent of videos on Facebook are viewed with no sound. Natural Voice Search. Remaining abreast of social media trends is important.

Social Media and Love

ID Reflections

The post highlights in a very straightforward, and therefore hard-hitting, terms the values and commitments one must bring in when engaging with social media. Two statements that leapt out and struck a chord with me: “Social media is your own child and once you are committed to it, you cannot stop loving it.” It’s the same with social media too. Social media (the organic mass of thinking, living, breathing human beings) will catch you and make you an outcast.

Institutional Innovation and Podular Design

Skilful Minds

In Social is the plural of personal JP Rangaswami contends that institutional innovation is required to achieve the potential that social software offers organizations in general, and for-profit companies in particular. JP's voice is one of several important contributions to current thinking about innovation. Change Management Collaboration Experience Design Innovation Social Business Design Social Media Social Networks Web 2.0

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 2

E-Learning Provocateur

Stephen offers the following tips: place yourself (not the content) at the centre of your own learning network; organise your knowledge (eg build your own CMS with Drupal ); simplify your learning by summarising it; and accept the fact that you can’t read it all, so choose what you need now and let the rest of it go – if you need it again in the future, it will be on the Web somewhere.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Voice Coming to Second Life

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « My Blog is Worth $66, 615.72 (any buyers??) | Main | Google and MSFT to Clash Over Copyrights » March 08, 2007 Voice Coming to Second Life Geez.finally right? According to this press release , Voice will be coming to Second Life in Q2 of 2007. Residents dont have to be on voice-enabled land to do this.

Change Management Strategy: Use Social Media

Infopro Learning

For this blog, I will focus on the use of social media as a strategy to facilitate and manage change for business transformation—to stay competitive and survive in increasingly harder business climates. Use of Social Media. The points listed below facilitate better and faster Change Management strategies through social media: Involve and Engage Employees. Social media facilitates free flow of information in multiple directions. Share Through a Knowledge Network.

Five Myths of Social Learning


Home > Social Learning > Five Myths of Social Learning Five Myths of Social Learning December 3rd, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment There is no question that the rise of social networks is creating a profound shift in the way training departments are delivering knowledge to their employees, partners, and customers. Social learning is disruptive and training organizations need to evolve or die, there is no disputing this. E-Social CM Media?

What You Need to Know to Get the Best Audio

TechSmith Camtasia

How to Prepare a Room for Quality Voice Overs. Your point gets lost in the static along with your voice. But for anything with a voice over, on-screen dialog, or interview, you’ll want to make sure the sound quality is as good as possible. Once we understand what makes a voice recording echo-y or scratchy, we can start fixing the problem. Direct sound comes from sound waves going directly to your ears (or voice recorder). Audio Best Practices.

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Is There a Better Way to Social Learning?


Home > Learning Technologies , Social Learning > Is There a Better Way to Social Learning? Is There a Better Way to Social Learning? July 21st, 2010 Goto comments Leave a comment Last week, I had the good fortune to speak with George Siemens for an upcoming Xyleme Voices podcast. My conversation with George was no exception as we spoke at length about Connectivism , social learning networks, and the future of current learning technologies (LMS, LCMS, etc.)

Social media: It’s not about the technology!

Learning Cafe

As an enterprise, Acme Corporation is “dipping its toes” into social media. While the organisation has invested in social technology, and maybe even documented a social media policy, the majority of its social media activity is driven from the bottom up. In other words, usage of social media within the organisation relies heavily on grass-roots support and viral marketing among its rank-and-file employees. too shy to voice an opinion.

Email a ’rounding error’?

Clark Quinn

And if we take a performance ecosystem view of elearning, including performance support and social, we can begin to think much more broadly about the relationship. I don’t think John thought of self-learning via Google or YouTube, or learning together via LinkedIn and Twitter, but if we give him the benefit of the doubt, we can begin to think that elearning may be of a substantial bulk in proportion to email, though not yet rounding error size.

Backchannels, hashtags and learning

Learning with 'e's

I wanted to capture the student voice on learning in Higher Education. Blogging and social networking platforms help them to extend their thinking and also enable them to participate more deeply if they have dyslexia. bett2014 backchannel BETT show dyslexia education hashtags learning student voice Technology Twitter video As a part of my BETT Show presentation, I featured some of my students on video talking about their use of technology.

Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

Learning Visions

Tom Werner, Chief Research Officer, Brandon Hall [link] LMSs are adding social features – including RSS feeds, peer ratings of content. Social media allow: Conversations to continue after training Peer-to-peer interaction in groups – so learners can continue to learn Find individualized answers (by approaching instructors and fellow learners) Share your own content Makes training more efficient Can shorten formal training, because the conversation continues. social social media

danah boyd ASTD Tech Knowledge Key Note #astdtk13

Learning Visions

Networked Learned: How Tomorrow’s Workers Will Challenge Today’s Organizations. She has been tudying teenagers for the last decade: from Friendster to Facebook to fragmented apps today of Instagram, Tumblr, etc…. In a networked world why would you only talk to people in your org? Code is now a social, communal, collaborative process. Geeks are really social in term sof engaging in certain activities. Because they are highly social networked. Kineo.

ASTD 149

Making a Business Video: 5 Questions – 5 Answers – 5 Pro-Tips


B2B Voice Actor Demos. If you don’t see the question or answer you are looking for, please email me directly or connect with me on LinkedIn. eLearning Video Production business video corporate video post-production production shot list target audience video blog voice actorMaking a Business Video: 5 Questions – 5 Answers – 5 Pro-Tips. Over the past 20 weeks, I’ve focused on answering questions related to corporate or business video.

Modern Communication in HR: Embrace Digital


Between our gradual switch to text messaging instead of calls and instant messaging and social media punctuating our lives in unprecedented ways, human resource departments are facing new challenges. Utilize Social Media to Your Advantage. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Social media should be embraced by HR for its potential to increase credibility, collaboration and reach. A little social interaction fosters the right spirit for collaboration.

Check Out My Latest LinkedIn Learning Course: eLearning Tips

Tim Slade

Back in 2017, I share a post, documenting my experience scripting, recording and producing my very first online course for LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com at the time): Learning Articulate 360: Rise. Well, I’m so happy to share that my second LinkedIn Learning course has finally launched.

Evolution of the Mobile LMS: mLearning for the new-age learner


This, combined with the ability to communicate with anyone through a choice of multiple channels – voice, text message, chat or social media platform, provides a rounded platform of learning for the new-age learner. Social and collaborative learning. Learning is not an isolated activity and the benefits of social learning are especially well experienced through the mobile platform.

Change Our Traditional Approach to Education

Kapp Notes

While kids are growing up with cell phones, internet access, virtual worlds and a culture that rewards creating digital networks and online content, the basic instructional paradigm for teaching those students has not adapted to the explosive use of technology among the culture of third millennials. Friends are made over digital networks and kids who have met one time keep in contact for years via updates to Facebook, MySpace or other social networking pages.