Introducing the TechSmith Social Media Team

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You might be a subscriber to our blogs , interact with us on Twitter , and/or check out our Facebook pages every once in a while… but you’re still wondering, who are the people behind all this social media magic, and what’s in it for me? I am the Online Community Specialist at TechSmith. I serve as a TechSmith champion to maintain, grow, and work with a variety of communities who are engaged with TechSmith products and services online. Social Media Intern at TechSmith.

The New TechSmith Blog!

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Things keep on moving forward here at TechSmith. This section will highlight how customers, like you, are using TechSmith products and solutions. Once you find what you’re looking for, or just really like, we’ve added social sharing at the edge of the page. The post The New TechSmith Blog! appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Inside TechSmith blog changes news TechSmith Update


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How to Record Your Screen – TechSmith Tips

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This week the TechSmith team is excited to announce the premiere of TechSmith Tips! TechSmith Tips is a weekly series that will focus on tips in screencasting, video editing, and more. Keep your eyes on the TechSmith blog, YouTube channel (subscribe to make it easy) , Twitter , Facebook , we’ll even be posting it on LinkedIn if that’s your thing. Chime in on any of our social channels and we’ll gladly add popular requests to the topics list.

The Green Screen Effect – TechSmith Tips

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TechSmith Tips is a weekly series that will focus on tips in screencasting, video editing, and more. Keep your eyes on the TechSmith blog, YouTube channel (subscribe to make it easy) , Twitter , Facebook , we’ll even be posting it on LinkedIn if that’s your thing. Chime in on any of our social channels and we’ll gladly add popular requests to the topics list. The post The Green Screen Effect – TechSmith Tips appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

Survey: TechSmith Community and YOU!

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My name is Renee Badra and I am excited to be in a brand spanking-new position here at TechSmith called an ‘Online Community Specialist’! In my previous position, I managed the TechSmith Customer Service Department for many years. Now I am part of the Marketing Department and will be working with the social media team to engage with YOU…our customers and friends (I hope)! What do you want from TechSmith and how do you prefer to interact with us? Hello out there!

Boring Internship? Not a chance at TechSmith!

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TechSmith is shaping the professional rockstars of the future by investing in students and providing opportunities for them to gain experience and exposure to great projects. TechSmith does not believe in making interns responsible for fetching coffee and copying documents–the company trusts interns with real tasks and asks them to participate in company meetings, tasks and projects, knowing the potential of the candidates they have discovered. Not a chance at TechSmith!

Screencasting in the Classroom with TechSmith and Edmodo

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Guest post by 7th grade Social Studies teacher Tom Hopper. Tom Hopper has been teaching 7 th grade Social Studies in Okemos, Michigan for 13 years. He’s a big fan of Edmodo, the social learning platform that he found last year. As a social studies teacher it’s nice to be able to pull in current events and make connections to the concepts we’re learning about. The post Screencasting in the Classroom with TechSmith and Edmodo appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

TechSmith Helps Recording Artist Connect with Fans and Producers

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Learn more about how Jessika uses TechSmith Snagit below. Jessika is able to share her music with fans around the world quickly and easily with social media. In addition to her social media following, Jessika uses Snagit to improve her communication with producers. Given her social media presence, Jessika leaves a number of communication pathways open. People share a lot of information quickly through social media,” said Jessika. “To

How can we help you? Customer Service at TechSmith

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Here at TechSmith we pride ourselves in our Customer Service. With all of these options, we hope that you are always successful in reaching TechSmith when you have a product question, comment, or compliment! To keep up on the most current TechSmith news, please follow us on your choice of social media options! Customer Service at TechSmith appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Inside TechSmith Customer Service customers Help Tech Support

Pack your Sleeping Bag! Come to TechSmith for ScreencastCamp!

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We've been busy lately planning ScreencastCamp which will take place at TechSmith Headquarters in lovely Okemos, Michigan on Friday evening, August 3 thru Sunday afternoon, August 5. TechSmith will give you space to camp inside our offices or you can pitch a tent on our lawn. Where: TechSmith Headquarters in Okemos, Michigan. You'll also have access to TechSmith's studio and sound room. TechSmith will provide food, beverages, wifi and fun.

How to contact TechSmith on the Web – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and More!

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Are you social? In fact, TechSmith now has a small team dedicated to a variety of social sites in the hopes that we can connect with you on your preferred method. Well, we are active on all of them, so please contact TechSmith where you want and we promise to deliver the latest news, tips & tricks, and product update information. We have several product pages, plus a corporate TechSmith page, which can be found here: TechSmith Facebook page.

Why Videos and Images Rule for Social Media with Jessie O’Donnell

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When it comes to using social media to help your customers, it’s often better to show, rather than tell. It’s no secret that videos and images win on social media channels. If you’re using social media to engage with customers, images and videos are a fantastic way to communicate.

Meet the TechSmith Academic Solutions Team!

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Here at TechSmith we believe in the importance of listening to our customers and doing whatever we can to meet their needs. Ryan lives in Indiana and was an educator for 10 years (K – Higher Ed) prior to joining TechSmith in 2007. Dave works on developing long-term relationships with TechSmith customers and helps share their successes with the world. Jason is also the co-creator of the latest (TechSmith) social media craze, Tuesdays With Snagit.

Twitter TechSmith LinkedIn Learning Strategy

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The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. The Truth About Twitter - Social Enterprise Blog , May 11, 2009 Twitter Tips: for Teachers & Educators - Don't Waste Your Time , May 9, 2009 Twitter and Webinars - eLearning Technology , May 14, 2009 Developing a PLE Using Web 2.0 Hot List - May 8, 2009 to May 15, 2009 Once again, used eLearning Learning to generate a list of the best from last week.

11 Ways to Bend Space and Time with TechSmith at SXSW That Will Blow Your Mind (and Your Flux Capacitor!)

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That’s right, TechSmith is heading to Austin in March and we can’t wait to see you there! We’re going to be at Booth #545 and would love to hear what you’re working on, what you dream of accomplishing in 2014, and introduce you to some of the new additions to our family: TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome , TechSmith Fuse and TechSmith Relay. Store it safely and securely as always-viewable video with TechSmith Relay. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

TechSmith Maven David Tebo’s Ed Tech Leadership and Vision Shine

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David encourages his staff to be actively engaged on social media. The post TechSmith Maven David Tebo’s Ed Tech Leadership and Vision Shine appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. It takes an exceptional person to run an entire school district, but one who consistently (and successfully) adapts in the ever-changing education sphere? That is someone special. David Tebo, superintendent of Hamilton Community Schools in Michigan, is just that!

So You Just Facebook All Day? Screenshots and Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketers are often misunderstood. When I describe what I do as ‘social media’ my friends and family immediately start the jokes about browsing Facebook all day and getting paid for it. But as fellow social media marketers know, it’s not just nyan cat and double rainbow memes ALL the time…. You can grab images from the web, re-purpose customer content, or combine images to make the perfect visual element for your social posts.

What’s on your Father’s Day Wish List?

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TechSmith has some pretty amazing fathers roaming the halls and making your favorite apps and software. We asked TechSmith dads to share what was on their Father’s Day wish list. Read on to meet a few TechSmith dads and don’t miss the reminder about our special sale! ” Daniel Foster, Social Media Strategist and Father of Four. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

8(ish) Apps for Summer Travel Plans

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Great when looking for a clean bathroom.” – Daniel Foster, Social Media Strategist. The post 8(ish) Apps for Summer Travel Plans appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Inside TechSmith Fun TechSmith TechSmithies With summer underway, TechSmithies are heading out across the state of Michigan, the U.S. and beyond. And since we love to geek out over cool tech stuff, we do so with a homescreen full of apps.

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Must-Know Tips for Job Hunters

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TechSmith hiring managers see a lot of resumes. In the interview below, marketing managers Amy Somerville and Katie Moore share their experiences and what they look for in candidates applying to be the newest addition to the TechSmith team. KM : I manage our Social Media and Evangelism teams, so I’m very interested in applicants’ online personas. The post Must-Know Tips for Job Hunters appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Amy Somerville.

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Social Media Video: Why You Should Use It, Plus 3 Tips for Success

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One of the most popular ways to use video, however, is on social media — especially Facebook. But what does it take to be successful with social media videos? Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. The Social Media Video Experimental Campaign. Because of this, at TechSmith, we recently made a decision to start using video more on our social media channels. It’s hard to say what will be the next big thing in social media.

Women in Technology: Julie Neil

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We interviewed several women here at TechSmith about their background, their journey to the tech field, and any advice they have for people who want to pursue a career in the tech industry. I am a Quality Assurance Analyst or Software Test Specialist (aka “Tester”) at TechSmith Corporation. Familiarity with hand held devices and social media use will be very useful for technology careers now and in the future. All photos © Greg Smith/TechSmith Corporation.

“It spread like wildfire.” A district rollout that actually worked.

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As we prepared to launch TechSmith Relay , a new enterprise-wide video solution for schools and businesses, we spent a lot of time with pilot site Forest Hills School District in West Michigan to observe how it would be used in the real world. In fact, TechSmith Relay spread like wildfire ! Teachers and admins can keep track of how students are comprehending new information using TechSmith Relay’s analytics. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

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Gmail Tabs from Google: What You Need to Know!

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Google has recently made a change to your Gmail inbox that sorts messages into tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Based on Google’s criteria, this means any emails sent to you by companies like TechSmith will automatically be placed under the Promotions tab, unless you make some adjustments. As you hopefully know, TechSmith is all about providing tools that help people communicate with images and videos. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

Employee Highlight: Meet TechSmithie Katie Moore

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In our Employee Highlight series, we will introduce you to various TechSmith Team Members, or TechSmithies, as we like to call ourselves. My name is Katie Moore and I’m a senior marketing manager here at TechSmith. My role consists of managing the Social Media Team, part of our Evangelism Team, our Customer Content Coordinator and Email Marketing Programs Team. Staff development and training is really important to TechSmith so we spend a lot of time focusing on that.

DevCorner: Who develops the software you use?

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Dean Craven, TechSmith CTO. Somewhere along the way life happened and I moved on from software development to growing our development staff, now serving as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TechSmith. TechSmith software developers deep in discussion. Software developers are not simply “nerds” like the classic stereotype, socially awkward with a computer for a brain. Software developers working at TechSmith. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

The Secret to Social Media Video: Captions! Here’s how (and why) to add them

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Social media streams are crowded, fast-moving, and crazy competitive. As social networks throttle back organic reach, being noticed is getting harder everyday. Social media video has stopping power. Captions are the Key to Social Media Video. Social media videos start out as silent. Social media engagement. Here is my three-step approach to adding captions with my favorite tool and the host of this blog, TechSmith Camtasia.

The New 508 Compliance Rule – What it Means for Video in Higher Ed

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The most recent rules apply to information and communications technology (ICT), which include lecture videos, websites, learning management systems (LMS), social media, digital documents, and more. TechSmith Relay offers integrated third-party captioning capability, role assigned captioning, and highly-accurate auto-captioning, with an ADA caption checker that highlights any captions that need fixing. For Educators closed captions lecture capture online learning techsmith relay

Video Marketing on Social Media: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Efficiency

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However between Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes and all the other growing social networking platforms, this can be a daunting task. Similarly, Animoto reports that square videos are shared 22% more on social media. Join him on social media below and start making an impact with your online video. The post Video Marketing on Social Media: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Efficiency appeared first on TechSmith Blog.

Snagit for Chrome Update – Screencasting Comes Out of Beta, Gets Facelift

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We are actively working on our next feature update, so keep an eye on our Google+ Community and our social channels for more information! The post Snagit for Chrome Update – Screencasting Comes Out of Beta, Gets Facelift appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. News & Events Screencasting Snagit techsmith snagit for chrome Update The time has finally come for us to bring the screen recording feature out of beta for Snagit for Google Chrome!

Will you help us help you?

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Daniel Foster is the "social media guy" for TechSmith. He enjoys iceboating, ice cream socials, and isosceles triangles. TechSmith UX 38 181Photo credit: Emily Walker. Some wise person once said that for a relationship to thrive you really need to study the one you love. Get to know what makes him tick.or ticked off. What kinds of little things light up her face. And, of course, which type of chocolates to buy.

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Emerging Technologies for Online Learning 2015 Presenter Profile – Dr. Ulanda Forbess

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TechSmith is proud to be part of the 8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium 2015 , where educators share ideas and best practices for using the latest technology to transform teaching and learning. I teach a technical writing course, and have changed the curriculum to include writing for social media. Use TechSmith Fuse to record with your phone and then post to your students.

TechSmithies Go Google+

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By now, many of you may have heard of the new social networking platform on the internet scene. Google+ is a hybrid of the various social tools many people are already using on the web. It's Google's attempt to do social media better than the rest. Watch a video about the Google+ Project: Google has asked businesses to refrain from creating identities on Google+, so you will not find an active TechSmith Corporation presence just yet. TechSmith 38

Learning Theory - Enterprise 2.0 - Social Software - eLearning Learning Weekly Hot List

eLearning Learning Posts

We will be publishing this kind of hot list each week and doing monthly and other summaries here using the social filtering mechanisms of Browse My Stuff. The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. SharePoint vs. Social Media - Engaged Learning , June 22, 2009. Using Social Signals to Find Top eLearning Resources - eLearning Technology , June 24, 2009. The following are the top other items based on social signals.

Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

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One of the most popular ways to use video, however, is on social media — especially Facebook. But what does it take to be successful with social media videos? Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. For example, here at TechSmith, we have completely changed how we serve up tutorial content. Prior to Facebook video advertising, here at TechSmith we hosted all tutorial content solely on our website and YouTube. Video is HOT right now! Like, on fire.

Webinar: Camtasia Essentials – Adding Closed Captions to Video

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We were pleased to have Jason Valade from TechSmith with us for a webinar last week. In the world of social media, videos are using closed captions more and more so that the auto play feature on our videos will show some more context to the scrolling viewer. He talked about one of the most useful Camtasia essentials that was made available in later versions of Camtasia Studio 8 and continues to be useful in Camtasia 9/3: closed captions.

Tune in LIVE to 48 in 24: Tips, interviews, behind the scenes

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We’re locking ourselves into the studio for 24 hours straight, to record 48 interviews that will help you become a better screencaster and visual communicator…and will give you an inside look at the people who make the magic at TechSmith. Topic: Innovation at TechSmith. We’ll talk with two “Tweeteorologists” about how they use visual and social tools for weather forecasting. Technical support agent at TechSmith. Product owner at TechSmith.