Tools To Make You Drool – Video Training Toys For IDs

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The post Tools To Make You Drool – Video Training Toys For IDs appeared first on Social Learning Blog. In my last post I examined several characteristics that make for hi-quality learning videos – [link] In this post, I take a look at some of the latest tools available to Instructional Designers to make their video efforts come to life. Captivate 6 from Adobe - - makes producing and distributing video easier than ever. IDs [.]

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360 Degree Videos: The New Shiny Toy in Corporate Training

CommLab India

360 degree videos are making great headway globally, across social media platforms, video channels, industries, and just about anywhere else videos can be used.

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Social Learning: An Ongoing Experiment

CLO Magazine

Psychologist Albert Bandura’s social learning theory suggests that people learn from one another through observation, imitation and modeling. Interestingly, the top motivators cited for using social learning technologies are more abstract than tangible.

Customer Connect, Social Media, and Animals!

Origin Learning

For a fast lane experience, organizations may have to start looking at ways and means of harnessing the power of social media effectively given the interesting insights that it has to offer to a curious learner. Last year, it achieved €25 million in social media revenue.

Whose Sandpit and Whose Toys?

Learning with e's

Whose toys? The range of technologies is bewildering with social and mobile technologies, personal web-based tools and corporate systems all having things to offer. We're all set for the Plymouth e-Learning Conference tomorrow at the University of Plymouth.

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The Advantages of Knowledge Sharing

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One of the hardest lessons to learn growing up is how to share… how to share your toys, your candy, and maybe your room with a sibling. The post The Advantages of Knowledge Sharing appeared first on Social Learning Blog.

How to Measure Social Learning

CLO Magazine

Social learning has yet to become a standard in many organizations. For many learning leaders, social learning is the new toy on the shelf. Part of determining social learning’s place in corporate America is figuring out how to best derive measurable value from it. However, there still isn’t much of a consensus or standard as to how social learning can be measured. How many monthly visits is each social learning platform receiving?

The foundations of innovation in L&D

E-Learning Provocateur

Futuristic hardware and magical software that educates everyone at the press of a button are tempting “solutions” Some folks call this mindset Shiny New Toy Syndrome, and by golly, it’s a pandemic.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Learning from Observation

Learning Visions

A study is cited in which researchers looked at brain activity while subjects learned how to build a structure with Tinker Toys. Creating Social Presence in Online Classroom (ID. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Wednesday, March 14, 2007 Learning from Observation This post, from the Eide Neurolearning Blog got me thinking about motivation in e-learning.

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This Week on #TalkTech: ‘Biostamps,’ ‘Appisodes,’ and Fun

Bottom-Line Performance

If you want you your 2-year-old to remember to put his toys away every day, how might you teach him? Perhaps shout at him every day for the next 6 weeks (or 16 years), only to find his room still cluttered with toys when he leaves for college. Social Learning talktech

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LATI: A better way to measure influence on Twitter?

E-Learning Provocateur

At the very least it’s fun to toy around with. social media Twitter digital influence influence LATI longevity measurement metrics neologism social media analysis


Marcia Conner

Why else would so many call the slew of social messaging tools revolutionary ? While on a panel recently about, “The Future of Social Messaging in the Enterprise,” I pantomimed to the audience, “Please tweet what he just said.”

2011: A writer’s odyssey

E-Learning Provocateur

Social media. • Social media extremism. • 20 hot resources for customer-facing social media. • The big myth of social networking. • Foching up social media. • Toying with emotion.

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2011: A writer’s odyssey

E-Learning Provocateur

Social media. • Social media extremism. • 20 hot resources for customer-facing social media. • The big myth of social networking. • Foching up social media. • Toying with emotion. blogging writing award book books conference content development e-books e-learning ebooks informal learning m-learning mlearning mobile learning social media

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At Play – Storytelling And Story-making

Upside Learning

Typically, the kid and I indulge in play sessions that use Lego as the base toy and then build an imaginary world for our Lego models to inhabit and interact with. While we do this, we make sense out of the social, cultural and interpersonal contexts that make up the story.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Begins in the Brain


Sooner or later, you will run into someone with a better toy, and you feel unhappy about your purchase. We are hard-wired to be social and part of that social framework is supporting and helping each other. Are you happy?

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Retreat gear

Jay Cross

German magnetic car toy. Social LearningThursday I’m off to a retreat in Texas. People are talking about what they will bring. Coffee, vino, whatever. I think of UTAOU people as life designers, not instructional designers.

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Advantages of 360 Degree Videos in Corporate Training [Infographic]

CommLab India

360 degree videos are making great headway globally, across social media platforms, video channels, industries, and just about anywhere videos can be used.

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ReD is Dead

Rob Hubbard

It included eccentric characters (a hell-raising brain in a jar and a thespian pirate, amongst others), 3D games in tombs and deserts, collaborative mindmaps, videos, rapid elearning, interactive webinars and more, all accessed from a social network.

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Session Notes: Breaking Down Silos @JD_Dillon #TrainingMag

Learning Visions

How Kaplan applied social and how that has changed the way work gets done. He thought social was about the technology. This whole social thing has nothing to do with technology. With no toys and no budget. Cuz we didn''t have the toys. Social = ability for people to engage and share. Confluence has a commenting box, which made it social. Needed to tie the social bit to the work. Can you measure social engagement?

Making Slow Learning Concrete #change11

Clark Quinn

And I admit that I’m talking a technology environment in the concrete instance (because I like toys). design meta-learning social strategyIt occurs to me that I’ve probably not conveyed in any concrete terms what I think the ‘slow learning’ experience might be like. So here are some instances: Say you’ve a meeting with a potential client.

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Thank You, Thank You for Kickstarter Backing

Kapp Notes

Each of our backers received a cool badge they can post on social media (and we hope they do). What a crazy ride the last few weeks have been. As you may know, I have co-founded a company called 2K Learning and we decided to try Kickstarter to fund part of our company’s birth.

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Empathy: Helping Learners to Feel Others - Tip #113

Vignettes Learning

Turkle shares the story of a girl who became so sad because the toy could no longer talk back to her. Bandura—Social learning theory Samarrai, Fariss (Aug. Evan’s Story (Please watch the video before reading) I’d like to thank @JD_Dillon for sharing the Evan video.

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eLearning Thought Leaders: Jane Bozarth – DevLearn Preview

eLearning Weekly

Jane Bozarth likes social media. Her latest book is Social Media for Trainers. We had an eclectic conversation hitting topics from book publishing to SCORM to the future of the LMS, but she kept coming back to social media. JB: Running an upscale toy store. .

When Technology is your Friend: Regaining Control of your Content

Challenge to Learn

Pick easy, user-friendly tools (ideally, tools that require no training) and adopt one new "toy" at a time. E-learning students often crave social contact and interaction.

The New Nerd

Tom Spiglanin

When we pay attention, we try to defer checking email or our social streams during face-to-face conversations. 100-year-old wearable technology, circa 1915. In a recent post I wrote about the wrist watch as a century-old example of wearable technology.

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Thank You for Sharing: The Next Generation of Extended Enterprise Learning


Back in the day, we were all taught to share, whether it was a new toy, afterschool TV time, or the last piece of cake. We see people sharing their cars on Lyft, their homes on Airbnb, and the details of their lives on social media.

Three "Not So Obvious" Obvious Things about Virtual Worlds

Kapp Notes

For example, I used to do some consulting for a large toy retailer and they created an actual replica of model store. They would bring in merchandisers and others into the actual store to look at layout and determine toy placement. If a virtual replica of the store existed, the merchandisers and toy manufacturers could meet every week in a virtual store to brainstorm and "walk the isles."

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

Origin Learning

Many schools have toyed with the idea of using AR applications to support learning, such as when a student scans a page of his homework, a video of his teacher explaining a related concept pops up, or book reviews in the form of videoattached to scan-able book barcodes. Social mobile learning.

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Games Can Help You Think Like Your Opponent

Kapp Notes

As the article NCAA Football 13: Why This Popular Videogame Is More of a Coach Than a Toy states: Many gamers credit the NCAA Football series with increasing their knowledge and understanding of the sport. Thinking Like Your Opponent.

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Drowning in E-Mail? A Few Tips for Staying Afloat


That’s why at least a few companies out there have begun toying with “email-free” days, or banning e-mails outright. There are tools to help track your Internet use that could curb time wasted on those distracting social networking sites , and show you just how much time you are losing.

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The survival of Higher Education (4): 5 key objectives

Learning with e's

This is a continuation of my short series on the future of higher education, and builds on yesterday''s blog post on why Social Web tools are useful to support student learning.

The role of AR technology in making learners imagine


No matter how old we are, if we try hard enough we still can remember bits and pieces of this land of beauty where legends came alive, where the lines of the carpet were windy mountain roads for matchbox cars and dolls had their own social life.

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How You Can Engage Your Millennial Workforce – Tips And Learning Strategies That Work

Adobe Captivate

While Baby Boomers or people from the Gen X group would have played with He-Man action figures or Barbie dolls as children, most Millennials would have had gaming consoles, computers, and mobile phones as toys back in their childhood. Extend To Social Learning.

What is SCORM?

Growth Engineering

Think of a child’s shape sorting toy. Download your free Engagement Engine Workbook to map out a strategy which uses gamification, social and personalised learning: The post What is SCORM?