Rapid eLearning Through Software Simulations And Screencasts

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Previously when I discussed freeform and template-based rapid content authoring tools, I kept software simulation tools aside. The main reason was that such simulation tools are not always used for developing just any type of learning but focused on training content creation for a specific software application or system. The software simulation in turn, can be divided into screen capturing tools and interactive simulation development tools.

Leaner yet fitter Software Simulation workflows in Adobe Captivate 5!

Adobe Captivate

adobe captivate 5 , adobe e-learning suite 2 , rapid e-learning , captivate 5 forums. So for all our MAC users, a little piece of advise before your try to get your hands dirty with Software Simulation-. Adobe Captivate 5 is giant leap in the rapid e-learning authoring paradigm. Adobe Captivate 5 is new and I intend all puns here…which means captivate 5 has been re-written from scratch.


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3 Software Simulation-development Capabilities of Storyline 360 [Infographic]

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Articulate 360, the new software suite from the developers of Storyline, is creating ripples in the world of online training. Storyline 360 has an intuitive user-interface, provides access to a wide range of assets, and makes developing simulations and assessments efficient. This infographic focuses on the simulation-development capabilities of Storyline 360. Hope you now have an idea of which tool to use for your software training courses.

Adobe Captivate 6 Tutorials

Adobe Captivate

You can also customize themes to suit your requirements. Learn how to add a Table of Contents to your Adobe Captivate 6 course and modify the properties and look-and-feel of TOC to suit your project requirements and specifications. <td align=”left” Video Adobe Captivate Captivate Free tutorial Getting Started software simulation Themes video What's new Learn about Adobe Captivate from Experts.

eLearning: More Reflection

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by Kevin Siegel      Last week I wrote about how you can use  Reflector to create software simulations and demonstrations  from your mobile device. I received emails from several people who, having read the article, downloaded Reflector and attempted to create a simulation using Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. Continue this process over and over until you have completed all of the processes you wish to simulate on the mobile device.

Adobe Captivate 7: Trim Video Demos

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When the Recording Area appears, you record your screen actions just as you would if you recorded screen actions using the Software Simulation mode.   Unlike a typical Software Simulation (where there are multiple slides and Timelines), a Video Demo consists of a single video and just one Timeline. Adobe Captivate Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearning mLearning TechComm Technical Communications Technology training

Adobe Captivate: Kill the Click Sounds

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by Kevin Siegel      I received an email from a new Captivate developer who was having a hate-hate relationship with the click sounds he was hearing in his Adobe Captivate demonstrations and simulations. In his simulations, the same click sound was heard every time the learner clicked a click box.  To disable the mouse click sound in a software demonstration, select the mouse pointer on any slide.

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Adobe Captivate 6: The Theme for Today is Consistency!

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by Kevin Siegel    If you are creating a soft skills eLearning lesson (a lesson teaching a life skill such as conflict resolution instead of a software simulation), the appearance of each individual slide is critical. If you are creating a software simulation, the background is typically the application being simulated so that's one less thing you have to worry about.

Adobe Captivate 5/5.5: Template-Like Settings Without the Template

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As a group, the class opens an existing project template, edits the template, uses the template to record a software simulation and then creates a project template from scratch. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearningby Kevin Siegel    During my  advanced Captivate class , I spend a significant amount of time extolling the value of project templates.

Adobe Captivate: Text Entry That Sticks Around

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by Kevin Siegel      A client wanted us to create a software simulation that would allow learners to fill out part of a spreadsheet. You can use text entry boxes to simulate areas in an application that require a learner to type data. But simulating a spreadsheet? Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearning mLearning

Adobe Captivate: Nudge the Screen Area

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by Kevin Siegel    When creating a new Software Simulation in Adobe Captivate, the red box that you can drag to any area of your screen display is known as the  Screen Area. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearningAnyone who has tried dragging the pesky screen area from one part of the screen display to another knows that grabbing the screen area's border can get a bit tricky.

Adobe Captivate 8: More is More

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From this position, you can create a new project, record a software simulation/demonstration, or access recent projects. Adobe Captivate Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Captivate e-learning eLearning mLearning TCS5 TechComm Technical Communications Technology training UA User Assistance by Kevin Siegel      Last week I told you about the great enhancements you'll see in Adobe Captivate 8 when it comes to  image buttons.

Rapid Authoring – Freeform Vs Template Based

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To focus more on rapidly authored eLearning content, I am excluding the screen recording tools which are mainly used for software simulation type of courses. But such tools may not be suited for all types of eLearning courses as the fixed behavior templates may pose constraints on the instructional design and creativity. Such tools are mainly suited for the kind of courses which use patterns in the course outline and could include a number of simple interactivities.

eLearning: Playbar or No Playbar? Let the Debate Begin

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If your eLearning lesson is interactive (perhaps it's a software simulation with a quiz, or a soft skills lesson with buttons for navigation), the learner who navigates via the playbar instead of the interactive slide objects can derail the lesson. The most common location for the playbar is below the video or simulation.

eLearning: Is Right-Clicking Right?

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If you're responsible for creating a software simulation that teaches a learner how to make Word text bold, which of the commands are you going to simulate? While you could simulate multiple options, I'd encourage you to focus on just one (adding multiple options is going to take you too long to produce). Personally, I'd simulate the menu option or the toolbar button. Showing a right-click in a software demonstration is fine, but not a simulation.).

Adobe Captivate 5: Display Resolution and Snap to. Watch 'em Both

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He had captured several software simulations using Captivate's Application option. Sure enough, the developer's customers soon complained that they had to scroll way too much to interact with his simulations. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivateby Kevin Siegel. I received an email from a fellow Captivate developer who was distressed. He had a huge monitor and had maximized the application he was capturing. And

7 reasons why the new Articulate Storyline is a Game-Changer for eLearning

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I have been a fan of Articulate for a long time even as I worked for Adobe on the Captivate and eLearning Suite products. Articulate in my experience builds software that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and easy to use. I remember the first time I installed Articulate Engage, I thought this is how software should be built, it’s beautiful and engaging. Storyline approaches making software simulations in a whole new ways as compared to Adobe Captivate.

eLearning Solutions

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Authoring in eLearning 2.0 / Add-ins & Mash-ups Shift in eLearning Solutions from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids Direction of eLearning Solutions - Emergence or Big System Future Platforms for eLearning Solutions View of eLearning Development Software - Ease vs. Power Point Solutions vs. Suites and Composition in eLearning Solutions Rapid eLearning Tools Virtual Classroom Instruction - Resources Software Simulation eLearning (w/ links to Tools

Top 5 ELearning Development Programs


5 Popular Rapid ELearning Software Programs. Adobe Captivate – Along with Articulate, this piece of software is the workhorse of the industry. If you are new to elearning development, I would recommend the Articulate Suite of tools to get your feet wet, and then expand from there as needed. For example, when it comes to software simulations, I am a big fan of User Productivity Kit by Oracle.

eLearning Tools

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Posts on eLearning Tools: What is Rapid eLearning?

[WEBINAR] – Adding Software Demos and Simulations to a Project in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Following on from our Adobe Captivate for Beginners webinar, we will now look at creating software simulations, training demonstrations and video demonstrations in an Adobe Captivate project. In this webinar, we explore these methods, giving you the skills to create software training in Adobe Captivate 2017. We will guide you through the various ways you can edit the projects to suit your target audience and situation.

E-learning in the Telecommunications Industry


The training material needs to be frequently updated and upgraded to suit the changing market conditions and technologies. Varying educational and socio-economic backgrounds of the learners means there is a need to reach out to them in a way that suits them the best. Using software simulations, sales staff can be trained on the ways of filling up the forms in an efficient manner. Telecommunications is one of the largest and most fast-growing industries worldwide.

The 5 Best Elearning Authoring Platforms


Digital training is on the rise, so it’s vital you choose the software that will future-proof your learning. Ideal for screen reocrdings or software simualtions. Articulate 360 is a suite of various tools and programs for creating elearning courses. iSpring Suite.

eLearning Software

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eLearning Software posts: eLearning Software Tools Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Software Satisfaction - Satisfaction survey results for eLearning Software. eLearning Software Satisfaction (More) - follow-up on satisfaction results for eLearning Software. What is Rapid eLearning Software? Description of eLearning Software for rapid eLearning. Rapid eLearning Software - Another post looking at eLearning Software for rapid eLearning.

Important Factors of E learning in Skill Development

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But all e-learning courses are not same for example; it can be a software simulation which shows the click path through an application or any other. The convenient thing for you to learn through e-learning is that you can do it at any place or time which suits you. E-learning stands for electronic learning and typically mean that the knowledge through any electronic device with different particular areas.

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3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016

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Many developers of rapid authoring software have released new products and upgraded their existing tools to meet the changing needs of the technology-enabled learning marketplace, during the course of the year. ISpring Suite 8.5. ISpring Suite 8.5 The e-learning development software is a PowerPoint add-in, and anyone familiar with the Microsoft application can use iSpring Suite 8.5 But, the most striking ability of iSpring Suite 8.5

Getting a Head Start with Mobile Interactions

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

These interactions, together with memory aids available in the Raptivity HTML5 Turbopack released earlier, provide a rich variety of templates that suit a large number of instructional goals. When Raptivity released its first collection of mobile interactions for iPad and iPhone based eLearning, the path-breaking HTML5 Pack received several accolades. While it was a very useful collection of interactions, it mainly featured a bunch of memory aids such as flash cards.

Top 10 Authoring Tools for Developing Simulation Based E-learning – Part 1

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By using these rapid authoring tools, we can develop simulation based e-learning courses too quickly, at low cost. Choosing the tool that suits your requirements will not only reduce the course development time but also the costs. Here I am going to share the top ten authoring tools you can choose from to build effective and efficient simulation based e-learning courses. This tool is the perfect choice when you need complex simulations for your software courses.

Certificate program for Captivate 4 and other opportunities at DevLearn

Adobe Captivate

How to create interactive software simulations. How to create a soft-skills simulation. In addition to this certificate program, there are two other concurrent sessions which provide you an opportunity to learn Captivate and eLearning suite. devlearn , captivate training , elearning suite training. If you are planning to attend DevLearn next month, there is a great opportunity to brush up your knowledge of Captivate 4.

E-Learning Authoring Tool Comparison

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Lectora is $1600 for the core e-learning software, while their Inspire suite with extra multi-media tools is $2500. Lectora lags behind in both areas because you need to perform most of these tasks externally, which is slower and requires you to have your own tools or buy the more expensive Inspire suite. Software simulations: I tried to stay away from ties, but here I just can’t pick one over the other.

2018 Top 10 Learning Tools

Mike Taylor

I’ve used PowerPoint to create everything from presentations, videos, eLearning, graphics and workbooks to software simulations , marketing materials, and even t-shirts ! Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc). My 2018 Top 10 Learning Tools. The sign’s of fall are beginning to appear. The kids are back in school, trees are starting to change color, and it is time for Jane Hart’s Annual Learning Tools survey. There hasn’t been much change for me from last year’s Top 10 list.

Articulate Rise 360 vs. Articulate Storyline 360: Pros, Cons, And Best Uses

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Both Rise and Storyline are award-winning eLearning authoring platforms that come with a wide variety of unique features, but which is better suited for your organization’s eLearning program needs? This article will explore the unique functions of Articulate Rise 360 and Articulate Storyline 360, explain the best uses for each software, and provide four tips to ensure you succeed using these platforms. .

Webinar- Captivate 4 for new users

Adobe Captivate

In this 90 minute interactive session, you will learn about the different types of eLearning projects you can create in the product, including software simulations, scenario-based training, quizzes and others. So if you've just purchased Captivate 4 or the Adobe eLearning Suite , or are testing out the trial, you should plan to attend this session. RJ, our eLearning evangelist, will be conducting a live eLearning session on ‘Adobe Captivate 4 for new users'.

Storyline, Captivate, Lectora – An Evaluation Checklist of 3 Rapid Authoring Tools

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Choosing a rapid e-learning authoring tool that suits your training needs completely can be quite a challenging task. The eLearning Guild has come out with a report that lists the most desired features in rapid e-learning authoring software. Games, Scenarios, and Simulations. Can create simple software simulations. Can create complex software simulations.

3 Best Tools to Develop Web-based Training (WBT) Courses

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The software can be used to retain most effects of Flash. Adobe Captivate is a good e-learning development software that has become synonymous with the development of web-based software training courses. It can be used to create HD screencasts for developing e-learning tutorials on software applications. You can use the software to preview how your technology-enabled learning content looks like on various devices.

10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]

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You now have options for starting a blank project, a project based on your own project template or from a PowerPoint file, from a software simulation, a video demo and of course now for designing a Responsive project. I realize this is not a mobile learning feature per se, neither is this knew in version 8, but I do like the idea of renting Captivate 8 for ongoing mobile learning projects and by now it should also be clear that cloud-based subscription are the future of software.

Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction

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RapidBuilder® (Software Simul. XStream Software Linden Research, Inc. Corel Corporation OnDemand Software SumTotal Systems Inc. OnDe mand Personal Navigator Vuepoint Content Creator Quest Too IBook Assistant RapidBuilder® (Software Sim. Too IBook Insiructor OulStart Trainer LearnCenter Blackboard Academic Suite Sakai Suite Custom eLearning Content Designer's Edge SkilISoft Course Customizatio. Altova OnDemand Software Adobe Systems, Inc.

A guide to HTML5 elearning authoring tools


Elucidat’s drawbacks: Elucidat is best suited to organizations who have thousands of people they need to support with elearning. The desktop-based HTML5 authoring platform requires a software download initially and is available on both Windows and Mac, encompassing a classic user-friendly PowerPoint interface. Screen recording and simulations, which you can edit within the tool. Reasonably powerful test software simulation. iSpring Suite.

5 authoring tool examples to help you make the best choice


With so many factors playing their part, you can find yourself juggling between several different software choices. The authoring software you choose now will likely affect your learning content in the long run. To keep it simple, we’ve split these 5 authoring software examples into ‘cloud-based’ and ‘desktop-based’ tools. . Cloud-based software has grown significantly in popularity in the past few years. Effective for screencast and application simulation.

20+ eLearning Tools and Resources

DigitalChalk eLearning

With Articulate, you can create interactivity to a presentation by adding slide layers, drag-and-drop interactions, quizzing, screen recording, and software simulation. The Adobe Captivate software helps you create a wide range of interactive eLearning and HTML content. Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite.