The Sun has Risen on Learning Experience Design


Does this sound familiar? The post The Sun has Risen on Learning Experience Design appeared first on NovoEd. You’re an instructional designer who has invested lots of time and energy into creating beautiful online modules for a corporate course. You’ve followed your stakeholders’ wants and needs to a T. You’ve created animations and quizzes. However, once your course is live, you find the engagement from your actual learners is dismal and your completion rates are low.

Sun 59

Sun, Sangria and Spanish flies

Learning with 'e's

So, one evening as the sun was setting, a whole bunch of us ended up down a side street in a tapas bar enjoying the culinary delights of the Catalan capital. After an hour of bottling the most expensive brand of lemonade, a bell sounded and the production team switched labels and started bottling a budget version. It was a lot of fun to be in Barcelona at the same time as Doug Belshaw , Martin Weller , Audrey Watters and several other members of my PLN.

Sun 49

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Always Be Consistent Most of the Time

Association eLearning

Would you notice if the sun didn’t come up tomorrow? Of course you would, because the sun comes up every day. There’s no audio narration, no background music, and no sound effects. You’re used to it. If it didn’t come up that would be breaking the pattern you’ve become accustomed to. There needs to be a pattern in order for a pattern to be broken and when a pattern is broken people take notice. This can be a real double edged sword, particularly in eLearning.

Trending Jobs in the third-largest economy in 2019

Your Training Edge

Japan is recognized as the Land of the Rising Sun and rightly so. There is an intense hiring activity for consultants with sound knowledge in the area of Finance and Money Markets. So these are a few job opportunities that are in trend in the land of the rising sun. It is a land full of opportunities and regularly opens up itself to new avenues of development.

Job 100

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video Courses


This way, you’ll have great even lighting from the sun. The sun moves and can make it difficult to achieve consistency in your shots. It sounds simple, but hanging a solid-color blanket behind you can look really polished and professional. As a video creator, the sun is the most powerful and most affordable source of light available to you. The white side reflects the sun and acts as a bounce card. Put the reflector between you and the sun to diffuse the light.

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5 Vital Steps to Create Appealing Corporate Training Videos

Obsidian Learning

Integrate sound and music. Sound and music appeal to learners on a primal level. The inclusion of sound effects draws the learner in closer to the content and the universe you’ve created in your video.

LearnTrends: Extending Learning to the Edges of Organizations

Experiencing eLearning

technologies including a ‘Learning Exchange’ based on Sun technology, a virtual Technology Institute and other global immersive eLearning solutions including a virtual world collaboration environment. Working with Sun for Thomson Reuters Social Learning Exchange (SLX). Public version from Sun: , site about the product here: SLX. Sounds like this is also about collecting things that may be happening anyway and just making it easier to share.

Tips to Make Professional Training Videos at Home


To sound as natural as possible, you need to determine your target audience. It would be best to record it in the daylight, so choose the place where your face can be bright and enlightened by the sun. Training videos are a powerful educational tool.

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Now What? 6 After Conference Tips

Learning Rebels

The glow of the conference is fading as quickly as the warmth of the Orlando sun. Shannon, that sounds HARD. Okay, you’ve just returned from ATD ICE 2015. Because we are Rebels, we aren’t just going to let all the inspiration and renewed passion sit in the bottom of our abused tote bags. Right? Therefore, here are 6 Rebel tips for after conference follow-up: (Be sure to list your success tips in the comment section below). Create an action list.

5 Sleep Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

Your Training Edge

Aside from that, getting those first rays of sun in the morning may give you an uplifting mood, making other people view you as a nicer and more inspiring person. #2 White noise combines the soundwaves of different frequencies that can overlap with other sounds and make them less annoying.

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Tips to Make Professional Training Videos at Home


To sound as natural as possible, you need to determine your target audience. It would be best to record it in the daylight, so choose the place where your face can be bright and enlightened by the sun. Training videos are a powerful educational tool.

Video 52

10 Free Safety Training Videos and Elearning Courses

Ed App

This course will help you identify food safety procedures, such as determining the correct temperature in handling food, and your employees’ role in making sure that they are not just practicing these techniques, but that they are also of sound health when performing their job.

Experiencing a Realistic Simulation at Training2014

Kapp Notes

Yes we do talk about geeky training stuff as well as everything else under the sun. Pay attention to all senses, sight, sound, smell, touch. You may not be able to do this for all situation but don’t forget sound in an online simulation. (Scroll Down to Simulation , if you want to get right the simulation part of this post.). Last week, I had a wonderful time at Training 2014. The event was, as usual, a lot of fun. Especially since I had to miss TechKnowledge.

Learning Pool’s top hints and tips for making your face-to-face event virtual in a few weeks or less

Learning Pool

Sounds easy, right? To ensure the seamless transition across video and sound feeds to remote people, we hired an external company (Switch New Media). no direct sun, no echoes etc).

Big Cat Trail--Unforgettable Kanha

ID Reflections

This always reminded me of one of my childhood favorites, “When the sun shines in the morning and the night is on the run, it’s a new day, it’s a new day, and I will fly up to the sun…” The sound of the forest waking up is indescribable. Within an hour of our cruise into the forest, the sun would be high up in the sky--scorching, beating down. As the sun rose, an uncanny calm would descend on the forest. I am still thinking about Kanha.

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7 After Conference Ideas: Don’t Lose the Momentum!

Learning Rebels

The glow of the conference is fading as quickly as the sun on the Rockies. Shannon, that sounds HARD. You’ve just returned from the end all, be all, of conferences. You plunked down cash with the hope of learning something new and meeting fabulous people. Now you don’t want to let all the inspiration and renewed passion sit in the bottom of your abused tote bag. Right? Of course not!

Embodiment Online


Zoom has evolved to include features that help, including separate functions for sound source, screen share, whiteboard, breakout rooms, etc. We have learned to be aware of back-lighting, clothing colors, and lighting, including where the sun might be.

The Most Desired Qualities of an Instructional Designer

Adobe Captivate

As a professional courseware developer, Instructional Designers are ought to develop learning solutions on any concept under the sun. This require instructional designers to be conversant in learning science as well as in learning technologies such as eLearning authoring tools, sound editing software, image editing software etc. Instructional Designer Qualities Required in eLearning. Instructional Designers are indispensable in an eLearning courseware development process.

You Can Do Anything

Marcia Conner

They would say things like, “Your dream sounds neat but who would want to spend their whole life working that hard?” I said, “I couldn’t walk through the sun unassisted.” Walking through the sun, however, still eludes me. “How many of you were told when you were young that you could grow up to be anything you set your mind on?” ” A professor-friend recently opened his graduate management course with this question.

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Happy International Women’s Day


Yet this 365 days around the sun has been drastically different than any other we have lived through in recent history, propelling everyone into a chasm of unknowing, whilst still holding up our “I got this” masks to the eyes looking in.

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Should I record video in-studio or on-location?


Professional microphones used for video production “can ‘ hear ’ at lower and higher frequency ranges than our human hearing,” so they often pick up sounds that we don’t notice. If you want excellent sound quality, choose the studio location. Keep in mind the best time of day to take full advantage of the position of the sun. Should I record video in-studio or on-location?

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How Virtual Reality Became 2015’s Comeback Kid


Enjoying its moment in the sun at the turn of the century, virtual reality has dipped out of popularity. It sounds new-age, but virtual reality tech is making better care possible today. File this under “Topics Most Likely to Have Been a 1980s Sci-Fi Movie Plotline”: A 26-square mile real-life Sim City is currently under construction deep in the New Mexico desert, designed to test new technologies on a grand scale.

Cornerstone-Saba Acquisition: What Does it Mean for LMS Customers?

Talented Learning

Doesn’t sound like Saba customers will see much upside anytime soon. That doesn’t sound cheap, easy, fast or fun for Saba customers. As Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu once said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Have you heard the news?

Saba 86

Writing & Grammar: Apostrophes and Pronouns

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Pronunciation does not help us with other common errors: mixing up possessive pronouns, contractions, and other homonyms (words that sound alike but have different meanings and/or spellings). Last summer we went to the beach and  lay  in the sun for hours. by Jennie Ruby    The apostrophe can indicate possessive or sometimes plural, as we have recently seen.

Getting Ready for the Next Disruptions in Training and Education


A radical idea (Earth revolves around the Sun). Virtual reality (VR) is a combination of computer-generated graphics, real-world video and images, and sounds that create the illusion of a three-dimensional 360-degree space that the user can see, hear, touch, and sometimes even smell. Google the term “disruption” and you will find many results. It seems that everyone is trying to attach their product, service or training to this buzz word, often inappropriately.

Why Training has a Bad Name (and how we can change it)

Learning Rebels

The sun is bright here in 2016 with exciting ways to change up the training perception. All ideas sound like good ideas when you're talking to yourself. You’ve just been informed that you’ve been signed up for “training” What is your immediate thought? Oh, crap. There goes my day. Maybe this time I’ll learn something. Maybe the training experience won’t be so bad. I always get something out of training sessions!

Change 133

6 Tips To Cut Online Training Costs With A Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool


They say there’s nothing new under the sun. It could be a different design for an online assessment or an unusual sound effect for your compliance pop quiz. There are multiple rapid eLearning authoring tools on the market that allow you to develop online training courses in a fraction of the time. They are so easy to use that even eLearning developers with no prior design experience can create memorable and engaging online training materials.

5 Reasons It’s Time to Rethink Your Website Optimization Plan

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Doesn’t this sound a little incomplete? Secondly, your audience could be accessing your site using just about any device under the sun, so there’s no set pixel height that can be defined as ‘above the fold’. Page Speed Matters. We’ve all heard that one before.


Wonderful Brain

Rich”, he said, “You have about 10 seconds or eyes will glaze over or you’ll sound like you’re shoveling S$*t.”. Parents and caregivers know all too well that hauling a teenager out of bed while it’s still dark, or as the sun is rising is not a pleasant undertaking.

21 Business Phrases that Should Never Be Used in eLearning (or in Business)

eLearning Brothers

The author John Heyward coined the phrase, “make hay while the sun still shines” in the book Proverbs, Epigrams and Miscellanies of John Heywood. This term adds no additional meaning to it’s colloquial brother, agreement, but rather makes the speaker sound quaint at best and more likely pretentious. To save you the heartache of using a risque phrase in your eLearning, here is a list of phrases that you should avoid altogether.

Big Cat Trail--The Charm of Corbett

ID Reflections

This exposed the underlying beds of multi-colored stones weathered and smoothened by the years of rain, sun and shine. The sun's rays falling on these made them glisten like semi-precious jewels, of intriguing shapes and sizes.I Around 3 in the night, I woke up to flashes of blinding lightning and an incessant sound of thunder. Corbett was our final halt, and definitely a fitting end to this year's Big Cat Trail.

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Toward the Future: Adapting to the characteristics of Workforce 2.0


Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then, work 9 ‘til 5, Monday to Friday, until it’s time to retire to the Canary Islands for sun and sand. This means more flexibility to work when inspiration grabs a hold, like the night owl who works better once the sun goes down (and then enjoys a sleep-in the next morning). Joe Soap has worked at the same company for the past 15 years. He’s specialized in his job, and has years of experience using the same tools.

Sun 49

#EDENchat Up close and personal

Learning with 'e's

I have written a lot about Personal Learning Environments in the past, especially when they were emerging as a concept, and sounded quite new. I attended the first ever Personal Learning Environments conference in Barcelona, about 5 years ago, and spent three glorious days in the sun, learning from others about the PLE and how it would revolutionise learning.

Why you need to get a Thermal Imaging Camera for House Inspection


For a layman, it sounds a bit absurd but it proves to be a real deal to detect unseen problems like; Water infiltration. This door shows brighter yellow shade, which means that it is a hollow core that gets a lot of heat because of the sun.

How To Find A Career When Nothing Interests You

Your Training Edge

It may sound way too complicated, but the answer is easy to find – just look at your hobbies, favorite websites, journals, magazines, or books on your shelves. If the first two ideas on our list sound like a waste of time to you, then you can take a shortcut and complete the so-called career test. This is particularly the case with experienced teachers who already helped thousands of other students to advance and find their place in the business sun.

Sun 48

Top 10 Learning Systems for 2018

eLearning 24-7

The sun is setting and the only thing on my mind right now, is the Top 10 learning systems for 2018. 7 Thought Industries – Yes I know the name sounds like a think tank; thankfully though it is not, rather it is an LMS. Sounds like a flipped classroom capability. Deep Learning is on the roadmap for 2018, content curation, ask an expert/coach and video management are above average. Mobile sound.

The solution for happier, more loyal employees? Self-directed learning


Of course there is always the option of sending off all employees to the Bahamas for a few days of fun and drinks in the sun but that is expensive, hard to organize and it would only work for company goals if they involved having hangover employees dreaming of the tropical weather on a cold Monday morning. Perhaps creating an organizational culture of self-direction, though it might not sound as amusing, is the way to go.