18 Top LearnDash Add-ons to Look Forward to in 2022

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

UnCanny Toolkit Pro. The UnCanny Toolkit Pro packs 25 powerful modules to extend LearnDash’s basic functionality. Explore UnCanny Toolkit Pro! LearnDash eLumine Instructor Role LearnDash addons Uncanny Toolkit

How Lean Manufacturing is Part of the HPI Toolkit for Improving Performance at Work

Convergence Training

It then often moves on to a process called value stream mapping , in which the process by which products are created is analyzed, looking for waste that can then be eliminated. How Lean Can Be Used as Part of the HPI Toolkit for Improving Performance.


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Capture that E-Learning Demo: Update

The E-Learning Curve

Tags: e-learning online delivery Camtasia Studio elearning content streaming media adobe captivate review downloads courseware development content authoring asynchronous e-learning toolkit

Capture that E-learning Demo 4: Captivate and Camtasia, concluded

The E-Learning Curve

Tags: e-learning online delivery Camtasia Studio elearning content streaming media adobe captivate review courseware development content authoring asynchronous e-learning toolkit

Audio 40

Capture that E-learning Demo 3: Captivate and Camtasia

The E-Learning Curve

Tags: e-learning online delivery Camtasia Studio elearning content streaming media adobe captivate review courseware development content authoring asynchronous e-learning toolkit

Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


In other words, your video hosting platform spares your site a lot of resources while giving you a powerful toolkit for putting it to use. YouTube isn’t just a video streaming site—it’s also the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

How to Support Culture and People during Learning Transformation


We also created employee toolkits to help apply the new vision. To enhance collaboration from all our streams, we delivered virtual and face-to-face workshops across the globe. What was the purpose of the employee toolkit?

5 Reasons Why the ‘Netflix of Learning’ May Be a Bad Idea


The physical media format wars of yesterday seem like a quaint footnote to a world where streaming media currently reigns supreme. Invoking the current market leader in streaming entertainment, Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) have been touted as the ‘Netflix of Learning.’

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Top 10 eLearning Resources You May Not Have Thought Of

eLearning Brothers

This open source toolkit enables you to produce interactive learning materials in a productive online environment. With VIDIZMO Streaming Media Products, you can create SCORM-compliant interactive presentations for corporate communication, learning, training, and workforce development. Guest post by Robert Morris. The upswing of the eLearning industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

Are you supporting new fashioned learning in the workplace?

Jane Hart

Workers will be inundated with a constant stream of information, so they will need to have a good set of new skills to deal with it all, in order to flourish and work productively. But we are about to embark on a major new series of workshops that focus on helping individuals develop their own PKM strategy and toolkit so they are ready for the (new) social workplace. So what is “new fashioned” learning? Well let’s start by thinking about what “old fashioned” learning is?

Taking risks to keep pace in retail L&D – with Flying Tiger [PODCAST]


Think Netflix: Learn from social media and streaming services. From social media to streaming services, people’s online experiences are changing everything. To keep up with the pace of change in your organization, you can download our 2020 retail strategy toolkit.

Students Succeed with Efficient Note-Taking

Academy of Mine

Yet, all these streams – impact, recognition, and more students – directly converge at students’ success. It’s an age old adage: successful students are the hallmark of a successful teacher.

How to Create a Custom eBook App to Reach a Wider Audience


Increase in Sales: Easy browsing and check-out processes on apps encourage buyers to make repeat purchases on a need basis and not put them off for another time, thus, diversifying your revenue stream.

eBook 70

The Rise of Training Podcasts in a Blended Learning Program


Podcasts – digital audio series that users can download or stream – are great at distilling complex topics into digestible pieces, because their informal nature relaxes listeners. Once the podcast is over, an eLearning course can prompt learns to reflect on the discussions they’ve heard and continue to grow their personal leadership toolkit.

9 Must-have Tools for Modern Workplace Training

Hurix Digital

The employee learning experience is as good as the training tools you have in your toolkit. This training tool allows instructors to live-stream their lessons via an LMS or a content delivery platform.

9 Must-have Tools for Modern Workplace Training

Hurix Digital

The employee learning experience is as good as the training tools you have in your toolkit. This training tool allows instructors to live-stream their lessons via an LMS or a content delivery platform.

25 Tools to Create Training Videos That Engage Learners


From filming to editing, streaming, or hosting, these tools have everything you need to create an employee training video — in one neat package. Video drives learning.

Video 83

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

Video Capture and Streaming. Looking to enhance virtual learning experiences with streaming video – including secure, automated access to integrated Zoom meetings? Remote Work ToolKit.

10 Virtual classroom software

Ed App

This mobile-friendly platform allows for multiple participant professional video calls, screen sharing, recording and streaming of pre-recorded content. Through collaboration with Facebook and YouTube, your conferences or webinars can be streamed directly on your channels.

Top online learning tools for successful solutions


Take a look at: Stream: use this platform for social and self-directed learning with personalized recommendations. Take a look at: WebEx: this software allows you to stream your webinar to up to 40,000 attendees. A toolkit for learning. You’re only as good as your tools.

Out and About: Past and Upcoming Events

Kapp Notes

Past Recently authored a blog entry at TrainingIndustry.com titled Add Online Simulations to Your Organization’s Instructional Toolkit. This year we hope to stream it live! Here are some blog postings, presentations and up coming events that I am trying to keep track of so I decided to put them all in one place. I have been blogging over there for a while about technology, check it out.

10 Elearning Trends That Research Says You’ll See in 2018


Rather, data is slowly becoming a desired part and parcel of a learning development team’s toolkit. We at Elucidat predict that more tools will start to make data available, and that it will become a daily toolkit used by teams to design and develop smarter solutions. “I Investment in workplace learning and development is set to rise yet again next year, with the growth of the global elearning industry expected to increase 11% by 2020.

11 Innovative WooCommerce Product Bundles Strategies for 2020

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

To my surprise, the store let me create my own toolkit with my choices of tools! Spotify, a music streaming company offered a free Hulu (on-demand TV and movies) subscription along with its subscription bundle to provide more value to its customers.

30 Awesome Remote Work Tools for Teams

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

In the remote workplace, however, you must take every opportunity to recreate or enhance these day-to-day work interactions through innovation, online collaboration, and a steady stream of digital communication. Basecamp : The all-in-one toolkit for working remotely.

The data insights that can transform personalized elearning experiences


This is why we believe every learning designer needs data in their daily toolkit, in order to: Profile audiences and help pinpoint their needs, contexts and goals so you can design relevant content, flows and adaptive experiences for them. It sounds obvious, but you need some decent data streams that are super simple to use. A good coach listens to what we say, reads our cues, focuses on our goals and progress, and adapts accordingly.

A Look Back At The Years Best From Workplace Learning

Mike Taylor

5 Ways to Change Behavior at Work: The L&D Behavior Change Toolkit. Jane Hart ( @c4lpt ) says that work now needs to evolve into three overlapping streams to support the three ways of learning. Jane Hart has just released a free ebook – “Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning in 2018” This is the first in a 3 e-book series that includes some (updated) content from Jane Hart’s ( @c4lpt ) including her popular Top Learning Tools and Modern Workplace Learning Toolkit.

Workplace well-being ideas: 23 companies share their mental health initiatives


While Dentaly has created a mental health toolkit that includes a curated list of online resources and links to support groups and employee assistance programs.

Ideas 82

Why It’s Important to Have a Robust CME Tracking Software


Your job isn’t only about keeping course completion rates up and new enrollments streaming in. Course tracking software is an essential element in your CME toolkit, but alone it can’t help you guide your organization to reach its full potential as an education provider without support. It’s also about making sure that each learner can meet their educational goals. Achieving these goals can increase member satisfaction, brand awareness, and memberships.

Track 40

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

Upside Learning - Mobile

Flash CS6 Toolkit for CreateJS. extension – Toolkit for CreateJS – that allows rich animation and drawing outputs to be created in Flash and published for HTML. It uses PowerPoint to develop rich mobile content and also has plug-in to add surveys, quizzes, assessments, and rich media such as streaming video, ePubs, and Adobe PDFs.

iPad 61

How to Attract a Loyal Learning Audience, Even on a Tight Budget

Talented Learning

In this era of quick, easy mobile audio/video streaming and editing, capture commentary in a form that you can re-use elsewhere to educate your market. Instead, we started by testing several of the most promising options and then refined our approach and expanded our toolkit over time. “If you build it, they will come.” We all know this iconic line from the classic film, Field of Dreams.

3 Smart Online Ways to Raise Funds For Your Nonprofit (+Case Studies)


With Bloomerang, nonprofits have access to a comprehensive toolkit for reaching out to donors online. Also, it helps you secure an excellent way to reach your fundraising goals with a second revenue stream. Online fundraising has become a popular way for nonprofits to raise money.

Why Should Employees Pick Your Company?

CLO Magazine

According to Martha Soehren, senior vice president, chief talent development officer for Comcast, the company created a new Individual Development Program toolkit with three main areas of focus: What problems do you want to solve? Ensuring access to a steady stream of employees has never been more critical. As today’s aging baby boomers rapidly retire, recruiting and retaining employees will be increasingly important to the future of the U.S. labor market.

CLO 54

30 Best Social Media Automation Tools & Practices You Need to Try Out


If you want a powerful toolkit to manage your social media, SproutSocial is your best choice. SocialFlow offers powerful social solutions and its purpose is to help you publish content that is translated into multiple revenue streams.

How to Select Online Manufacturing Training That’s Right for Your Company

Convergence Training

What we want to call out is that these days, there are two many ways to get them: Streaming from an internet site. Streaming Courses from Internet. An elearning course has the same content that you’d see in a course streaming from a website. Value Stream Mapping.

22 Reasons Why WordPress+LearnDash is the Best for an Online School

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Some of those popular extensions include: Event Espresso for event management, Elementor for building course pages, Yoast SEO for SEO optimization, WISDM Instructor Role for adding multiple instructors, Uncanny Owl toolkit (for a variety of other functions), Stripe (for accepting payments).

Learning Ecosystems: How to add data sources & iterate [Guide]


Maybe you need a video platform such as Kaltura that can add video streaming and webcasts to your toolkit. Last week, Tim Dickinson explained how to create a strategy for your modern learning ecosystem. In this post, we’ll dig more into the weeds of getting started and look at how to choose a good starter data source, connect it, and build from there. So, what's a data source again?

xapi 43

LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

WBT Systems

Joe Ganci writes the Toolkit column for Learning Solutions Magazine , which reviews all the different tools available for creating eLearning content. Webinars – Live streaming or recorded. Before getting started with using eLearning tools for your education or certification programs, it is important to know the difference between the different tools used to create, develop, and deliver eLearning content.

Developing for the Mobile Web: Native vs. Web Apps


With engineers from sites who have built powerful native apps ( Tumblr and Facebook ), developers of web app toolkits like Ember.js

Web 52

The Top 7 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools


And creating great learning experiences requires an effective training toolkit for creating quality content, communicating with learners, planning and managing learning activities and presenting expert guidance on user-friendly platforms. These training tools for employees will live stream the subject matter expert online via a platform that allows learners to connect too.

Tools 58

“Dogfooding” at IMPACT

Janet Clarey

Next week at our IMPACT conference ( streaming , if you can’t attend this year) David Mallon and I will be presenting new research from a 2011 study on High-Impact Learning Organizations (to be published later in the year). We know there is a staggering amount of new learning technology tools, technologies, and services added to our “learning&# toolkit. This is a crosspost. I’m also writing here with this RSS feed.