Autism Education Trust develops Virtual Learning Environment with Stream LXP

Learning Pool

The Autism Education Trust (AET) will implement Learning Pool’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Stream to create its first virtual learning environment for 5,000 teaching professionals. . million learners around the world.

Learning Pool Face to Face in a Virtual World Webinar

Learning Pool

The post Learning Pool Face to Face in a Virtual World Webinar appeared first on Learning Pool. Webinars content rapids Stream LXP webinar xapi


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Virtual Events are Creating a Paradigm Change in eLearning

Web Courseworks

The current trend of running annual meetings virtually has forced association executives to rethink their approaches to teaching and learning and social networking. I’m happy to see this paradigm change in the way we look at eLearning for the association world.

How to Maintain a Company Culture in a Virtual World

Jigsaw Interactive

About 83% of companies are using more flexible work practices such as virtual working and virtual training. Working virtually is a permanent change for many businesses. By utilizing a virtual environment focused on interactivity and engagement.

Virtual Worlds: Affordances and Learning

Clark Quinn

I’ve previously posted my thoughts on virtual worlds, but I had a wee bit of a revelation that I want to get clear in my head, and it ties into several things that went on at the conference. First, let me say that the day of the conference I got to attend was great, with lots of the really involved folks there, and every evidence (including the tweet stream) that the second day was every bit as good. Tags: social virtual worlds

Benefits of Education Streaming Platforms to Students and Tutors


The legacy education system of brick and mortar has gradually transformed into live streaming platforms within a short time. As a part of this, education systems are quickly moving towards the live streaming platforms and utilizing their full potential. Virtual Conferencing.

Working virtually

Clark Quinn

I’m finding it extraordinarily productive to be working virtually. Both, however, handle video streams without a problem. This is the new world of work. This working virtually is a direction I think will be productive for organizations going forward. The post Working virtually appeared first on Learnlets. Of late, I’ve been involved in two separate initiatives that are distributed, one nationally, one internationally.

6 Benefits of including live streaming into online training sessions


Online learning is what the whole world has been gearing towards ever since the digital revolution started. These instances are calling for collaborative live streaming. 6 Benefits of including live streaming into online training sessions. First and foremost, with live streaming, the audience can be a lot larger than in typical video conferences. Last but not least, hosting live streaming sessions does not require your learners to be all in one place.

Virtual World Goods Worth Billions in the New Year

Kapp Notes

According to the BBC: Virtual goods such as weapons or digital bottles of champagne traded in the US could be worth up to $5bn in the next five years, experts predict. Additonally, "Virtual goods is the whole story in the world of social games. What could be the implication for enterprise-focused virtual immersive environments? Could other virtual worlds create virtual market-places for office furniture, suits and other corporate appropriate items for purchase?

Virtual Meetings vs. Video Conferencing: Workplace Collaboration and Training Tools

Roundtable Learning

Today, thanks to technological advances, the team at CNH Industrial uses the most advanced communication technology available, virtual meetings , to traverse the ocean between them — merely by donning a headset. What Are Virtual Meetings? Here’s How Virtual Reality Can Help.

Why Virtual Education Requires an Actual Virtual Classroom

Jigsaw Interactive

Although online learning has experienced a steady increase over the past decade, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that undeniably spurred its meteoric rise around the world. Virtual classrooms are specifically designed for teaching and learning.

Virtual Classrooms: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Online Course


All thanks to new technologies, yet another image of classrooms is evolving to include much more than this traditional image – online class setup or Virtual Classrooms. What is a virtual classroom? There has been a steep boost in the popularity of virtual classrooms recently.

Learning in a Virtual World

Moodle Journal

Just lately a lot of my time has been taken up with Second Life, if you have yet to try virtual worlds then let me recommend the experience. My principle reason for the whole venture is to see how this new semi-immersed virtual reality can be utilised for teaching and learning, even as an extension to our continuing work with Moodle.

7 Ways to Make Money as a Fitness or Yoga Instructor


Start Virtual Fitness or Yoga Studio . With this Virtual fitness studio, you can manage more people than in-person training. The first step is to build online Video streaming platforms for conducting Online fitness or yoga classes.

3D Virtual Immersive Environment: Conceptual Orienteering

Kapp Notes

The learner can then get behind the wheel of a virtual car and see and feel the effects of trying to drive while "drunk." For example, there is a location in Second Life that shows what the world looks like from the view of a schizophrenic. You can shrink learners to the size of blood cells and propel them through the blood stream to observe a drug’s interaction with a virus. Tags: virtual immersive environment 3D worlds

Class Meeting in 3D World of VirtualU

Kapp Notes

Virtual immersive environments come in all shapes and sizes even though many people tend to only think of Second Life when they think of virtual worlds. Last night the class ventured into VirtualU for a tour hosted by Jim and Steve Parker who have created a virtual platform build on Active Worlds. Then we began our tour of the virtual world. Checking out the virtual exhibit hall. Tags: virtual immersive environment

Gongbang: your virtual study buddy

Course Index

They have one of the world’s fastest broadband infrastructures, which makes online life pretty zippy. South Koreans spend virtually their entire lives online in one form or another. It’s a study community, a virtual silence-shrouded library, a place to concentrate.

The hybrid workforce: More than simply being virtual

CLO Magazine

The hybrid workplace shares many characteristics with the virtual model, but has one fundamental difference: The virtual workplace is a worker accommodation, but a hybrid workforce is a deliberate organizational strategy.

Top 10 virtual training platforms

Ed App

Virtual training has become an essential part of today’s learning landscape. In this article, we will take a look at 10 of the top virtual training platforms out there. But first, let’s define what virtual training is and why it is important. What Is Virtual Training?

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

This year, however, our nation and the rest of the world remain frozen in place by Covid-19. For example, think about what’s happening in the world of work. As I discussed in last week’s post , organizations everywhere are suddenly taking a crash course in virtual learning.

How to Overcome the Top 3 Pains of Virtual Training


There’s a new sense of urgency to get virtual training and remote collaboration efforts up and running quickly so you can start to achieve a sense of normalcy during this challenging time. Training is no longer a combination of virtual and in person.

10 Virtual Team Bonding Activities

Ed App

Here are 10 virtual team bonding activities you can consider when planning your program: Virtual Team Bonding Activity #1 – Take a Course Together. Also, EdApp has a virtual classroom platform feature that supports Zoom and Microsoft teams for video conferencing.

Perception in the E-Learning World

eLearning 24-7

The perception issue though isn’t what a web conferencing tool does or it, it is that many vendors refer to web conferencing as a virtual classroom. . Seems to resolve that perception that a virtual classroom is somehow vastly different than uh, doing a webinar. A virtual classroom, reeks of education and especially K-12. A stream of people communicating with one another, isn’t social hip, it is been there, seen that. Hyundai had a problem.

Third Summer 2011 “Learning in 3D Class”

Kapp Notes

Here we are gathering to begin our journey to different worlds within VirtualU. It was a fascinating virtual environment that provided a number of great examples of how virtual environments can be used for instruction. The tour was led by Digitell CEO James Parker who expertly guided us through different uses of virtual worlds. Intersting use of virutal world to immerse the learners in the concepts they need to learn as it relates to negotations.

In our hybrid world of learning, it’s time to enable better choices

CLO Magazine

Co-design personalized paths with learners to optimize for choice in our new world of work. By early 2020, learning executives assumed the responsibility of bringing learning into virtual environments. Many coaching and mentorship relationships have always been virtual.

4 Reasons Why You Need Sales and Marketing Alignment for Virtual Selling Success


When the business world shifted from in-person to virtual this year, B2B sales changed too. We decided to find out how sellers are adjusting to this virtual environment and what’s helping—or hindering—them. This post appeared originally on the Seismic blog.

Allego Reveals Future of Training at First S3 Virtual Showcase


Companies around the world are rethinking conferences and meetings, and Allego is no exception. Last week, we hosted our first-ever S3 Virtual Showcase, attended by nearly 700 sales, training, and learning and development professionals from over 130 leading companies.

Real Estate Virtual Strategy in Pandemic


Before COVID-19, real estate agents frequently asserted that virtual reality (VR) would never find a home in this industry due to the large sums of money required. Shift to Virtual Reality? Live-Stream Alternative. Live-streaming does not need video editing skills.

Second Summer 2012 Learning in 3D Class

Kapp Notes

Last night we visited several exciting venues in the virtual 3D world of VirtualU. It is the virtual world of Digitell, Inc. It was a great venue to see 3D virtual immersive environments in action. We started the tour in the Digitell World Convention Lobby Environment. In this area the students got a quick tutorial on the navigational elements of the virtual world. Checking out some of the 60 virtual poster sessions.

Why Virtual Reality (VR) is the Best Training Tool for Your Company in 2020


With the number of risks rising in today’s world of technology and unprecedented changes, it is now more crucial than ever to train staff with Virtual Reality Training Technology to remain engaged and alert while in the workforce.

40+ of the World’s Best Sales Training Programs to Get Your Team Into Shape

Sales Hacker

It’s a three-month virtual course that teaches you how to win every stage of the selling process: from B2B sales prospecting to renewals. GP Strategies was founded in 1966 to provide best-in-class performance improvement solutions across 16 industries around the world. Miller Heiman is a global organization serving individuals and organizations around the world with game-changing technology and a broad range of training courses.

Ken Hudson’s Finland Keynote: They Became What They Beheld

Kapp Notes

At the Learning in Different Worlds conference held in Lahti, Finland, my colleague and contributor to “Learning in 3D’ is presenting about virtual immersive environments and discussing different attitudes toward these environments and describing how educators can use these environments for learning. Opening of Learning in Different Worlds Conference. He then described that role plays have limits but virtual worlds do not.

How to Edit Videos: The Not So Complex World of Video Encoding

TechSmith Camtasia

Without video encoding standards, the streaming video that revolutionized the Internet would not have been possible. Luckily for us, all the progress that has been made with encoding formats has led to an internationally-embraced video coding standard that can be played on virtually any modern web-connected device or browser: H.264. It’s versatile, offers good quality at manageable sizes, and, as mentioned earlier, is compatible virtually everywhere.

Adobe Captivate 2019 release

Adobe Captivate

For a few years, I’ve been listening to other Captivate developers talk about virtual reality and the dream to design 3D eLearning. You can now create a virtual reality eLearning project that learners can view on their computer screen, mobile device and even using a VR headset. If eLearning was a video game, we’ve just gone from Donkey Kong to World of Warcraft. Virtual Reality Projects. YouTube Streaming. YouTube youtube streaming

How Virtual Training Can Protect your Team from the Coronavirus

MeetingOne on Webinars

Virtual Training, Virtual Events & the Coronavirus. Many organizations have teams around the world that need to stay up-to-date on products, services, and policies. The Benefits of Virtual Classrooms & Events.

Top 5 VR Headset Alternatives To The Oculus Quest For 2021

Roundtable Learning

Virtual reality (VR) training extends learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. VR training simulates any world you can imagine and gives learners the ability to encounter true-to-life scenarios without facing real-world risk. .

Future of Virtual 3D Environments for Learning

Tony Karrer

Do you think these have a great future in the world of learning for adults?" The basic point of the article is that despite not hearing as much about Second Life and other virtual worlds, a lot is happening where you can’t see it. My personal experience with Second Life is that there's something really compelling about conducting meetings and events in virtual worlds.

How to Edit Videos: The Not So Complex World of Video Encoding

TechSmith Camtasia

Without video encoding standards, the streaming video that revolutionized the Internet would not have been possible. Luckily for us, all the progress that has been made with encoding formats has led to an internationally-embraced video coding standard that can be played on virtually any modern web-connected device or browser: H.264. It’s versatile, offers good quality at manageable sizes, and, as mentioned earlier, is compatible virtually everywhere.

Brainstorming, Cognition, #lrnchat, and Innovative Thinking

Clark Quinn

Moreover, however, was that there are intriguing potentials from tapping into virtual worlds to remove the geographic constraints on such social interactions. What was also interesting to me, reflecting on an early experience with the Active Worlds virtual world, your attention eventually focused on the chat stream, because that’s where all meaningful interaction really happened. Tags: design social virtual worlds

FlipCon14 – It will be out of this world!

TechSmith Camtasia

Then the virtual event is for you. With 28 hours of streaming content, you can watch the keynotes and half of the concurrent sessions live and archived for six months. Virtual attendees fully participate with your own backchannel for communicating with the speakers and asking questions real time. The post FlipCon14 – It will be out of this world! Guest post by Flipped Learning Network Executive Director, Kari Arfstrom.