Tip of the Week: Want to track learners’ activity for your Raptivity interactions?


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Tracking Player Progress

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Both Guru and Quest game types include a variety of reports you can use to track player progress. The post Tracking Player Progress appeared first on. Quick Tip Support Track reports

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Tip of the Week: Track Raptivity SCORM Output with Captivate using its Multi-SCORM Packager


multi-SCORM packager Raptivity Integration with Captivate SCORM Tip of the week


Tracking Time with Toggl.com

E-learning Uncovered

Tracking and reporting time accurately is an important part of a contractor’s work. I’ve found that, when the choice is yours, Toggl.com offers a high-quality live time-tracking solution. Simply type your email address and a password, and you’re ready to start tracking your time.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. Track and Analyze Exactly. Make sure that the tool you choose tracks every user.

eLearning Tips and Time Tracking: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s dive in to this week’s articles: eLearning Tips. Here’s a good link that offers some tips for videos in eLearning: eLearning Tips. Why hourly time tracking doesn’t work for software.

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How to Track Time and Transform your Training


The post How to Track Time and Transform your Training appeared first on Administrate. All Training TipsIn the late 1960s, BBC show Tomorrow’s World predicted a future where a computer would manage all classroom teaching. With each passing decade, technology has become an increasingly valuable part of the learning world – from early computers, to the internet. However, when an iPhone has the power to process Read More. Published on December 1, 2016.

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5 Steps To Optimizing Your Employee Training Tracking Process

eLearning Industry

It's great if you're already tracking your internal training, but is that enough? Here are our 5 tips to ensure you optimize the process as much as possible. Corporate eLearning Corporate Training Employee Training Track eLearning Tracking Techniques In eLearningWhat could you be doing better? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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7 Warning Signs That Your eLearning Outsourcing Project Is Off Track

eLearning Industry

Corporate eLearning eLearning Content Development Outsourcing eLearning Outsourcing eLearning Project Management TipsYou’ve entrusted your eLearning project to a third-party provider, but how do you know if everything is going according to plan?

Test and Track Online Corporate Compliance Training the Right Way

CommLab India

Learn some quick tips to create an effective testing and tracking strategy for your online compliance course. Training Solutions Compliance Training

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Time Tracking Software As The Learning Solution

eLearning Industry

Applying a time tracking software helps adjust to the impact of online learning in education, and empowers students and teachers to create a better learning environment. Educational Technology Learning Solutions Time Management Time Management TipsThe time of digital transformation has brought lots of changes. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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LearnFlex LMS: How to Automate Learn Track Renewals

B Online Learning

Using the automated renewal functionality within LearnFlex Learn Tracks can help save a lot of the manual overhead for administrators, […]. LearnFlex Tips Learning Management System data LearnFlex learning management system lms performance

LMS reports: 7 Tips to track skill development with an LMS


In this article, I’ll feature 7 tips to monitor skill development with the help of a Learning Management System. LMS reports: How to track skill development with a Learning Management System. Here are 7 tips to track skill growth with the help of LMS reports.

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Turning tracks on and off makes asset comparisons easy!

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Believe it or not, the ability to turn tracks on and off — a feature of Camtasia for Mac 2.5 — can make the decision process easier and more efficient, at least when it comes to video editing. So you have a lot of audio tracks that need to be tested against your video content.

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7 Tips to Keep Your eLearning Project on Track


Here are some tips on how to do an amazing job setting and explaining the right expectations to keep your project on track: 1) Set up a project kick-off call or meeting: In this meeting, explain the entire process and clearly define tasks, responsible parties and timelines.

Supercharge Course Sales with Digital Marketing – Part 2: PPC, Retargeting & Tracking


All Training TipsIn our first post on ‘Supercharging Course Sales’ we tackled how to plan and create winning content, as well as covering some basic on-page SEO techniques. Strong content, optimised well… Fantastic! Now what? Well, we could wait patiently for Google to start ranking our new content, watching the clock while potential Read More Published on September 21, 2016.

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Motivation And eLearning: 5 Ways To Stay On Track Without In-Person Accountability

eLearning Industry

In this article, we discuss five ways that students can keep on track. eLearning Best Practices eLearning Tips Learners Engagement Learning Motivation Online LearnersOne challenge of eLearning is finding the motivation for students to stay engaged and motivated throughout the coursework, without the element of accountability typically associated with classroom learning. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Is Your Outsourced Training Project Going Off Track?

eLearning Industry

Discover the warning signs for when your project is about to go off the rails, and how you can get it back on track. eLearning Project Management eLearning Content Development eLearning Content Development Outsourcing eLearning Outsourcing eLearning Project Management TipsTurning your project over to the third-party vendor requires trust and focus. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

Blue Sky eLearn

Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have a whole squad, we are counting down 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program! Tip #10 – Preparation. Tip #9 – Consistency. Tip #8 – Outsource.

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Easy Methods for Creating Caption Tracks in Camtasia Studio 8

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Have you been looking for a (mostly) automated way to create caption tracks for your videos? The post Easy Methods for Creating Caption Tracks in Camtasia Studio 8 appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Tips & How To's Camtasia Studio Tips and Tricks Video

LearnFlex Tip: Configurable Messages

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LearnFlex Tips Learning Management System elearning learnflex tips learning management system technology

Tips for Creating Scenario Based Learning

Origin Learning

To avoid such a situation, you must write down the learning outcome to keep yourself on track. Peer reviews and pilot testing is extremely important to ensure that scenarios aren’t off track.

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Day 4. How SCORM tracks course content


We’re now ready to discuss the magic of the SCORM API – how it enables learners to launch or resume a course and how SCORM tracks progress and results. A SCORM will first attempt to find the API provided by an LMS in order to track data.


Tips for Creating Effective E-Learning Assessments

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Not only does it serve as feedback for the effectiveness of the e-learning course, it also helps employees stay motivated and on track with respect to their personal career goals. These tips must be kept in mind: Make it fun.

e-Learning Lesson in Lectora: Status Tracking with Lectora V11.3.1


is the built-in completion status tracking. Watch the video below for more information on using status tracking and indicators. Try status tracking yourself in a 30-day free e-Learning software trial of Lectora Inspire. One of the great new features in Lectora® V11.3.1

ONLINE TRAINING: 5 Tips to Stay Focused & On Track

SET Safety

While useful to most, it can actually be a detriment to certain learners that find it difficult to stay focused and on track. Read on for SET Safety’s crash course in creating a positive learning environment and other useful tips. #1: Tally simple milestones and track your successes, it will help minimize your failures while reinforcing the positive aspects. #5: The tips above are only a few ways to stay focused and on track when taking part in online training.

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6 Blended Learning Success Tips


Below is a list of six tips (originally shared by Circulus ) that you can leverage for your own blended learning implementation. 6 Tips For Successful Blended Learning. This will help you understand if your project is on-track, and what needs to change.

Five Practical Mobile Learning Tips

Upside Learning

Ask if you want to push and track content – that means the use of some form of media; these could be simple presentations, animations to more sophisticated simulation/games designed to push content. Mobile Learning mLearning Mobile Learning Technology Mobile Learning Tips

Stop Guessing: Improve UX with Eye Tracking from myGaze and Morae

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Eye tracking should be an essential add-on to any UX study with Morae 3.3. Fascinating new insights into user behavior: the value of eye tracking. How does eye tracking add value to your UX study? How to set up an eye tracking study with Morae.

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50 Tips for Better Video

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Straight from the studio, we’ve put together this infographic of fifty practical tips that will drastically improve the quality of your videos. Use checklists to keep track of what needs to be done, and help you stay on track. Pro tip: Some screen capture programs actually.

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Quick tips on tracking learners by sharing group reports


With ProProfs Training Maker, you can easily track the progress of large batches of learners by accessing different kinds of reports. Track the training of a geographically dispersed workforce by sharing reports.

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Learning Thursday #6: Track Classroom Attendance Using a Scan Gun (Includes Video)

Adobe Captivate

The week’s discussion question is: What is your best time saving tip for those new to learning management system administration? And it saves you from manually typing every learner’s user ID into the LMS, or into an import spreadsheet, in order to track attendance.

Going Global – 6 Tips for Training Success


A recent Harvard Business Review article proposed ‘7 Traits of Companies on the Fast Track to International Growth’ and concluded that: “when Read More Published on August 18, 2016. All Training TipsInternationalisation is big business and in an age where training can be delivered digitally via elearning, the opportunity to do business beyond your borders and shores has never been greater.

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3 Super Simple ELearning Design Tips


With so many elements to keep track of when creating a course, how do you know which ones to pay attention to? TIP #1: Storyboard First. TIP #2: Use Sans Serif Fonts. TIP #3: Repeat Design Elements.

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10 Quick Tips For Effective ELearning


Keeping track of what works and what doesn’t is always a good idea. If you’re looking for some more tips on creating effective elearning, then check out the infographic below created by PapersGear.