How To Maintain Momentum in Blogging

Experiencing eLearning

Someone asked me in last week’s eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp Q&A about how I maintain my blogging momentum. I’ve been blogging since late 2006, and I’m still publishing every week. That’s a lot of writing. Block time to write. Blogging

Tips for Writing Narration Scripts for eLearning

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“How can I write a good narration script that makes sense with what the learner can see on the screen?”. For some of us, writing meaningful narration whilst describing what the learner can actually see on the screen can be difficult and can also take some time to create. This blog post shares some tips and tricks to help write your narration scripts. Tip 1: Think about the learner’s experience. Tip 2: Write your narration script first.


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4 Tips to Writing eLearning Scripts That Sing

Association eLearning

Wouldn’t you like to write a script with that kind of impact? In a recent article in T+D magazine, author Cammy Bean provides several tips on scriptwriting that really resonate with me. According to Bean, the first tip to writing a great eLearning script is to write like a human. First, when you’re writing, remember “Frank” – the human not the “learner.” Frank will be taking this course in another year, so the writing needs to connect with him.

Tips for Writing Instructional and Training Material

Convergence Training

It’s not easy to write well. Or, as Ernest Hemingway put it, “Easy writing makes hard reading.”. And while it’s true that all types of writing are difficult, it’s also true that each type of writing presents its own special challenges. That’s definitely the case when it comes to writing instructional or training materials. So, we’ve created a list of tips and resources to help you write better, more effective training materials.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. the chance to write their answer in a text box. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Research tips for script writing


A carefully researched script enhances the quality of the video and determines the success of the explainer video, but the challenge is to write a script that is clear and concise. Then start to re-write the information in your own words. For a short explainer video a maximum of 3 sources should be sufficient for the writing of the script. Put hyperlink to 20/80 Rule blog.) The post Research tips for script writing appeared first on mysimpleshow.

11 Tips To Write Microlearning Strategy For Corporate Training

Tesseract Learning

In this blog, we will discuss the 11 tips to write great microlearning strategy for the corporate training

Business Writing that Works: 3 Key Principles

Your Training Edge

Writing may be an art, and business may be, well a business, but when you combine these two entities, inconceivable success will be what you’re left with! Professional business writers may make business writing look as easy as taking candy from a toddler, but there’s more to grabbing the attention of the corporate audience than simply noting down your thoughts. Literary genius is hardly ever appreciated in corporate write-ups. Extra Tips for Business Professionals.

8 Years of Blogging

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I missed my anniversary by a few days, but I’ve now been blogging for 8 years. Voice Over Scripts: Writing Style Tips. Formatting Tips for Voice Over Scripts. Tips for Storytelling in Learning. Image Credit: Graphic Stock Filed under: Blogging , Lifelong Learning My first post on 12/26/06 explained that I was creating a graduate course on social media for teachers and felt I should “practice what I preach.”

The Art of Business Writing

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of business writing? On a daily basis, you might text a client, write an advertisement, or write an online post for your website or blog. When you’re writing, choosing the right words, message, and tone can be difficult. These tips will help you refine your writing style and convey the proper message with your words. Are you writing to one specific person?

7 Writing Tips That Will Make You A Better eLearning Author

Dan Keckan

This article features writing tips to make you a better eLearning author when guest posting online. eLearning Career eLearning Blog Free eLearning eBooks Guest Blogging Writing In eLearningYou might know your niche, but do you know how to sum it all up in a 1000-word article? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Substantial Writing for Training: Secrets to Great Learning Content

Your Training Edge

No matter what you’re doing, you’ll need written materials to complement that writing. The first thing you need to know as you’re writing training materials is, what’s the end goal? Write to the Audience Directly. It makes more sense too, as you’ll be writing more specialised materials, so you’ll probably know exactly who you’re talking to. Keep Your Writing to the Point. The tone in which you write is important.

Business Writing: Jargon Phrases to Avoid

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I’m talking about business writing because business doesn’t only involve gentlemen working in the same companies. It’s one of the most popular phrases used in business writing. This phrase is popular in a specific kind of business writing – resumes. All in all, make yourself clear when writing for business. But you’re forgetting one thing: everything changes in writing. With that, you need to elaborate your statements when for writing for business.

George Orwell's Advice for Writing eLearning Content

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Though highly interactive , problem-based eLearning can help maintain engagement, completing these activities usually requires learners to read words that we write. In a culture of multi-tasking skimmers, we must write as clearly and concisely as possible to help keep learners motivated. Practical Writing Advice from George Orwell. Especially for those of us who write training materials. His essay builds a case for six simple writing rules. --1-- By Shelley A.

Leveraging Your Blog to Create a Course


You spent a lot of time creating your blog posts, why not leverage that hard work to create your course? One of the best ways to determine if your course idea is worthwhile is to start a blog around that particular subject first. As you write on the subject you will start to see whether or not people are interested in the topic by looking at your things like your site traffic stats and most popular blog posts. LearnDash started as a simple two-page blog.

3 scenario design tips you might have missed

Making Change

Need to write a scenario question? Get ideas from these three classic blog posts that you might have missed. These tips will make your scenario characters believable, relatable, and concise. See tip #2 for the solution.). You’ll get hands-on practice writing scenarios and get my personal feedback on your work. Instructional design branching scenarios mini scenarios scenarios writing style

Writing Distractors for Multiple Choice Questions

Integrated Learnings

For instance, if you need learners to identify what button to click on to begin a procedure in a system, don’t write a multiple choice question where the options are names of buttons. Simply writing “bad” statements as distracters misses an opportunity to show learners valid examples and non-examples of applying a skill. So how does one write good distracters? So when it comes to writing distracters. Instead, write a distracter that illustrates just one.

5 Tips for Writing eLearning Storyboards


If you want to create a compelling, engaging, and enjoyable eLearning experience, the first thing you need to do is write a great eLearning storyboard. When writing an […]. The post 5 Tips for Writing eLearning Storyboards appeared first on PulseLearning. eLearning Blog eLearning storyboards instructional design

5 Tips for Writing eLearning Storyboards


If you want to create a compelling, engaging, and enjoyable eLearning experience, the first thing you need to do is write a great eLearning storyboard. When writing an […]. The post 5 Tips for Writing eLearning Storyboards appeared first on PulseLearning. eLearning Blog eLearning storyboards instructional design

10 Tips to Writing Better Quiz Questions


However, to ensure you receive the most accurate feedback, you need to make sure you’re writing effective quiz questions. Use these 10 tips to help you write better quiz questions in your e-Learning course: Write questions that support your learning objectives. For more information on learning objectives, read this blog post: 4 Tips for Creating Effective Learning Objectives for Yourself. Check out this blog post for some ideas: Just for You!

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5 Great Tips to Write Engaging Quiz Questions for Marketing


On July 7, 2014, a food blog shared a quiz called “Which cake are you?” on social media. So, the first thing that you need to take care of when deciding on how to write a quiz should be the quality of the questions. Unlike other forms of content like blogs & videos, where you address a broad audience all at one, quiz questions and answers provide a one-to-one medium to communicate with your audience. Top 5 Tips to Write Engaging Quiz Questions.

Webinar: Writing Much More Better

eLearning Brothers

Earlier this week we had a spectacular webinar with one of our instructional designers, Dr. David Christiansen discussing writing for eLearning! Q – I was taught the ABCD format to writing objectives. They’ll be sharing tons of great tips there. Blog eLearning Featured Instructional Design Resources Resources Webinars webinar writing

5 Tips for Writing an Engaging Online Training News Release

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In this article, we will explore some tips about how to write an engaging online training news release. Let’s go through 5 tips which will help you write an engaging online training news release: 1. Write a Great Hook. A great hook is always the mantra to success while writing a killer news release. Write a Wonderful Headline. You may repurpose the headline which is worked well in the blog or special reports.

ID and eLearning Links 9/29/20

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I share these links periodically here on my blog. In this post, I share links on writing better dialogue, sample projects for inspiration, and useful tools for different kinds of learning. Writing dialogue. How to Write Natural Dialogue in 11 Steps, With Examples!

How to Write Good Assessment Questions

Association eLearning

Believe it or not, it can be hard to write effective questions. This is true whether you’re making an eLearning assessment or writing questions for a traditional in-classroom test. Write confusingly worded questions to “trip up” the learners. You can use these tips to help make your next set of assessment questions as clear and relevant as possible. “Can someone explain this question to me? I don’t know what it’s asking.”. How am I supposed to know the answer to this?

Free eBook - How To Become An Authority In The eLearning Industry By Guest Blogging

Dan Keckan

Steep competition, search engine algorithms, and time-crunched readers are just the tip of the iceberg. eLearning Career eLearning Blog Free eLearning eBooks Guest Blogging Writing In eLearningIt’s difficult to carve out a niche for yourself online these days. But our new eBook can help you become an authority in the eLearning Industry and get the online recognition you deserve. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Writing Daily Reports as a First Step to Strong Team Building

Your Training Edge

This is writing daily reports. It takes some time to write a sufficient report. How to write a progress report. To write an effective progress report, you need to understand to which aspects you should pay attention and how exactly to compel your research. You can always write that John has done that, and Jenny has achieved that, but it will not allow you to estimate the work objectively. Currently, Richard works as a general blog editor for ProWritersCenter.

Writing & Grammar: Answers to Periods with Abbreviations Challenge

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

I prefer to use the guidelines published by Ms Good Gardener in her blog, but you may want to consult others if your garden is outside of the US. Here are some tips on things that slipped through in the revisions by various respondents: The acronym for Zoning Improvement Plan, according to both The Gregg Reference Manual  and the  Associated Press stylebook , should always be written this way:  ZIP code. Writing & Grammar

What Copywriting Can Teach Us About Writing for an Audience

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How might that help you in writing your content? Here are some tips to do just that. Write at an 8th Grade Level or Less. There are some publications that write below that, even as low as a 5th grade level. A good way to do this is to make up someone you write your content to. Be specific, and only write to that one person.

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7 Tips for Building an Online Coaching Brand


Be aware of them, and as you notice yourself falling back on one of these ideas, write it down. These might include maintaining a blog and a newsletter mailing list, or being active on Twitter but not on Facebook.

BLOG: Top 10 Question Writing Crimes #TBT

Unicorn Training

A couple of years ago we posted a blog - based on 'The Great Duck Race' we created as game sponsors of the eLearning Awards - detailing the things people get so wrong when setting quiz and assessment questions. ve been writing assessment questions for over 25 years and have learnt a lot of simple but important lessons along the way.So here’s a “top ten” list of common question-writing ‘crimes’, using the Unicorn Great Duck Race as a light hearted template.1.

5 Tips on email writing to ensure your L&D information gets read


5 Tips on email writing to ensure your L&D information gets read. In my ten year experience with writing to my future trainees to fill them in on all the relevant aspects of our impending training sessions I have often found that they showed up with all the questions I had arduously worked at answering in my electronic word-crafted invitation to them. So here are a few tips on how to ensure your emails actually get read. Write short yet descriptive subject lines.

How To Create a Course Using a Blog


If you have a blog, then you know how much work is required to continually write useful articles. It takes a great degree of dedication to run a blog properly, which is why many people avoid it altogether. One reason people become demoralized with blogs is because they feel that the initial value of their articles is lost shortly after it is released. Sure, the biggest ‘push’ for any article you write is going to be in the first few days of posting.

ID and eLearning Links 5/26/20

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I share these links periodically here on my blog. In this post, I share links on writing about unfamiliar subjects plus 3 different sets of instructional design competencies. Writing when you’re not a SME. How to Write About Unfamiliar Subjects: Four Tips for New Topics | ProEdit While this is about writing, this relates to instructional design as well. Bookmarks ATD CDT ibstpi instructional design writing

6 Tips to Help You Plan a Successful Online Course


As an example, if you were teaching a course on organic gardening, you might write your course to appeal to a student who lives in the suburbs or a rural area with space for a garden and with a spouse and children living at home. The more clearly you can write your student persona, the easier it is to target them on social media ads and messaging. You can also identify your ideal student through research and surveys, or by asking questions of your blog readers.

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How to Monetize a Blog: 12 Ways Used by Successful Bloggers


Looking for ways to monetize your blog? Here’s a list of 12 ways to help you with your blog monetization strategy. 3 Way #3: Turn Your Blog Into a Membership Site. This should help drive traffic to your new blog on a daily basis. Blogging is a type of art in itself.

Writing Effective eLearning Narration: Making It Easy to Read, Say, and Comprehend

Association eLearning

Here are a few suggestions, taken from my experience with writing, recording, and directing audio narration: Communicate each idea concisely and quickly, in bite-sized chunks. Many courses rely upon voiceover to help connect with their learners. This is a solid approach and, when used well, can make for great learning experiences. But what I have found is that the narrated portion of courses is often written like something you would find in a textbook.