Is your VLE cognitive?

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For sure the systems that we now use have over time become increasingly attuned to the complexities of student performance tracking, and so hopefully leveraging that competitive edge realized through analytics for our students.

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Online courses must die!

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Occupying a place on the continuum somewhere between a VLE and a PLE, an ILE is an informal learning environment that a facilitator manages on behalf of a group of learners. Unlike a VLE, an ILE is strictly informal. A touch dramatic, isn’t it?

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The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

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If they wished to change this kind of restrictive provision and depose the ‘tyranny of the institutional VLE’, universities would need to undergo a radical shift in policy. blogs disruptive innovation education higher education learning social web Technology the future of education VLE wikis

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Preparing for elearning the first run

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This week finally saw the launch of the third phase of our Moodle vle roll out at the college with the delivery of a new 2 hour cpd staff training session Preparing for e-learning. After the initial production work we exported the material in scorm format and upload onto the vle.

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Are you ready Tin Can

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If you have been around the Mood le vle or for that matter any vle for a while, then you will have I am sure over the years developed and or deployed in support of eLearning various scorm packages.

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Blog but beware

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One of the VLE training courses that I run here at the college, Moodle Web 2.0, To begin with it turned out that tracking down the blog was not as easy I first thought. introduces those features that are part of the standard build such as Chat, Forums, Glossaries, Blogs and RSS.

Flipping the class with Ed Ted

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Having selected your flipped video and material, it is then published to a unique url so that it can be shared either through your vle, e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter, brilliant. So how do you get to track your student activity? Not so much about Moodle in this blog post, but of equal importance materials that you can use as part of your course.

Books and eBooks

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In this age of digitised music, the needs of the market seem to being served by the granulation of the traditional album into tracks from which personalised albums can be constructed, can we not think about doing the same with chapters!

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Improve Quality of Life With Virtual Learning

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Sodexo’s learning team sought feedback and made some changes and enhancements for 2010, laying the groundwork for more learning and its virtual learning environment (VLE). To create a sense of place, Sodexo’s VLE incorporates renderings of the company’s North American headquarters building and the following features: • An auditorium to view webcasts and listen to updates from senior management. Designed to involve the organization’s 4,500 U.S.-based

Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment

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It will be presented in the special track on Mashups and Education at this year's Interactive Computer Aided Learning Conference , which as usual, is held in the beautiful Alpine town of Villach, in Austria. Tags: microblogging VLE PLE Twitter mashup icl 2009

Totara: re-shaping Moodle for corporate use

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A typical VLE is designed to support formal academic courses, whether face-to-face, online or blended. It tracks progress and completion in order to update personal development plans, competency databases and compliance records. So it has been more than a little surprising to me over the past few years to see Moodle, an open-source VLE, used so enthusiastically by corporates. Last week I asked Can the ‘big LMS’ break clear of formal training? -

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Leadership Development Track. VLE Platform. Executives Nominate 100 Solutions Across Expanded 30 Categories for Excellence. Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced today the Best of Elearning! Awards 2015 Finalists. Readers and professionals from both the private and public sector cast more than 4,000 nominations for the best-in-class solutions across 30 product categories.

Learning pathways

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Soon, over a period of time, as students and staff walked between the buildings, they made their own tracks through the grass. Once these tracks had become established as the most natural and preferred routes, the architect ordered the builders in to pave over the tracks.

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You can manage which learners can take your course and track the learners progress.

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

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When I do find interesting tools I will keep track of them using my Delicious account. April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help. For me it is a blog community and following many experts on Twitter.

Is there anything Moodle can't do?

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Over the past two months I've been working extensively with the open source virtual learning environment (VLE) Moodle. I've been using it in three ways: To provide support for a predominantly classroom-based course (pre and post course activities, forums, wiki, etc.). To support a predominantly online course in the usual way. To build an online community for a potential audience of many thousands of course graduates.

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What’s in a Moodle

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SCORM assessments , progress tracking, certificates? Just like Linux and the Linux community of experts, the success of Moodle is based on a set of open-source assumptions that need to be managed and modified for its successful deployment as an enterprise-wide VLE. A lot of people in e-learning and beyond have been asking us about Moodle recently.