Spotlighting the “Hacking uncertainty through continuous learning” interactive workshop in the MWL track at LearnTec 2019

Jane Hart

In the afternoon of Wednesday 30th January Harold Jarche will run an interactive workshop on Hacking uncertainty through continuous learning in which he will present frameworks for sense-making in complex and chaotic environments. Modern Workplace Learning

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PKM and Online Communities Workshops

Jane Hart

Here are the details of two upcoming workshops and one free webinar at the Social Learning Centre. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Workshop. Keeping track of digital information flows and separating the signal from the noise is difficult. Online Communities Workshop.

PKM 211

Consultants, Keep Engagement High After Your Workshop

How can you keep them on track for success after you’re gone? You get them off and running, but how can you keep them on track once everyone has to go back to work? And if they use what they just learned very soon after your workshop, they’ll also retain the information longer.

Stop tracking your learners. Care for them instead.

The eLearning Nomad

Folks who know me – or have been following my blog – know I’m highly sceptical when we spend more time on data tracking (harvesting, mining, analysing…) than on creating and nurturing the magic of good/deep learning. You can’t track magic.

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Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

to be tracked, and how. • workshop in which project stakeholders and SMEs provide the details. measure and track some real data to help. Developing a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. 3C O N T E N T S Contents Introduction PA G E 4 Five Steps to a. Results-Driven. Curriculum.

‘Discussion forum': don’t let the name of the tool put you on the wrong learning design track

The eLearning Nomad

The term discussion forum causes much trouble in online workshops and courses. The next e-facilitation workshop is from 14 September to 16 October.

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How can we develop e-learning that respects adult learning principles?

The eLearning Nomad

Get an email when new posts appear OVERVIEW OF BLOG POSTS. Repost and update from ’ Can we develop e-learning that respects adult learning principles? ’ (November, 2013). Many adult learners consider the packaged e-learning modules offered by their organisations a necessary pain.

Global Tablet Shipments on Track to Surpass Total PC Shipments by 2015 [#mLearning]

mLearning Revolution

Today we don’t get to decide which device learners use to access our Learning – slide used in my mobile learning workshop. As I say in my presentations and workshops, today we don’t get to decide which devices learners use to access our learning.

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Workshop, E-Learning or Video? A question of strategy

Connect Thinking

Question from a client: We’re rolling out workshops about a new people development process. Workshop. We also need to consider what is lost when we move training out of the workshop and into a self-directed modality, such as e-learning or video.

3 Secrets of Workshop Facilitators: Leverage Them to Author eLearning Rapidly


I personally love facilitated, in-person training workshops. These workshops also provide the opportunity to congregate with peers in a casual setting and to grow professional networks. But, I still appreciate the idea of attending training workshops led by expert facilitators.

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

Typically, the training provider will run anything from an afternoon session to a several day workshop, focusing on topics like coaching or managing performance. the content, we then tend to lose track of participants. FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR.

Are You Riding the Waves or the Ripples? Tracking Learning Trends

Vignettes Learning

See the diagram “Tracking Learning Trends: Are you Riding the Waves or the Ripples?”. See Roger Schank's " Tell Me a Story ", “ Teaching Minds and my workshop on Story-Based eLearning Design. See my workshop on Storyline Authoring.

The dawn of a new generation

E-Learning Provocateur

However in the past 6 months improvements have plateaued despite improving the content and structure of the training workshops. Kit, the Learning Consultant insisted the videos should be loaded on the LMS so that the time spent and results could be tracked.

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Track Course Completions for Free Using Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer

E-learning Uncovered

Are you creating courses using Adobe Captivate and don’t yet have a learning management system (LMS) for tracking results? October 27 | DevLearn Pre-Conference Workshop: E-Learning 101 | Las Vegas, NV.

Asynchronous e-facilitation: watching or listening?

The eLearning Nomad

Are you running reports and checking course data to verify whether your learners have done the work in your e-course or online workshop? The way you communicate about your tracking power is essential here. Learners need to feel supported, not tracked.

Workshop on putting informal learning to work

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

I’d leading a half-day workshop on how to implement informal learning the day before Online Educa in Berlin. For the main event , Charles Jennings and I are designing a two-day track titled Creating a New Era of Corporate Learning.

Earn the privilege to train your learners

The eLearning Nomad

I’m well aware that my searches are continuously tracked and the cookies are set so I’m shown ‘the ads I actually would like to see’. You track me? Gathering more user data, tracking your learners and then bombarding people with ‘your product’ (i.e. My next e-facilitation workshop is from March 7 th to April 8 th 2016. If the timing for this one isn’t quite right, the following e-facilitation workshop starts on May 30 th.

Integrating Social Learning In The Workplace


Tracking the impact and sharing it with the organization. I have been writing about social learning and its related concepts – communities of practices , working out loud and skills for the networked world for quite some time now.

Laura Overton – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Laura is a respected industry expert and speaker, conducting workshops and stimulating debate around the globe. ABOUT LAURA OVERTON (MD, Towards Maturity).

Micro-Learning as a Workplace Learning Strategy


These kinds of conversations will not only enable the employee to keep on track but also provide them with a tool to reflect upon and extract their learning.

Top 9 e-Learning Predictions for 2014


More LMSs and learning platforms enabling options for managing and tracking informal learning. More tools, LMSs, and delivery platforms supporting the standard to track informal learning experiences.

The Most PROVOCATIVE Shout-Outs From Today’s Learning Innovators


When systems start to provide the content I need differently from the content you need, we will have taken a giant step forward. ” – Karl Kapp. “ …many courses aren’t designed for learning and the organization’s expectation is only to track completion. ” – Tom Kuhlmann. “

In Pursuit of The RIGHT Learning Management System (LMS) for Today’s Workplaces


THE QUOTE: “ Until such times as systems can seamlessly track, report and produce useful data for the learning that occurs through the many little experiences in the daily workflow without manual intervention, I think it is still ‘work in progress’.” – Charles Jennings (in our interview with him).

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17 Awesome Resources on Micro Learning


Tracking Micro Learning with Tin Can API : This article (by Tadej Stanic, CEO at Edynco) discusses the significance of tracking micro learning and how Tin Can API plays a key role in the process.

Working Out Loud: Using the Tools We Already Have


It may require a facilitator to add cohesion and keep the live conversation on track.

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A Not-So-Serious Debate on The Serious eLearning Manifesto


Things have to change…too much e-learning is on the wrong track.” – Michael Allen. “ THE QUOTE: “ We have been deeply concerned about the state of elearning. We’ve talked about it, lamented it, grumbled to each other, and wondered how things might change.

What is Influencing the Future of L&D?


L&D leaders can learn much from the example set by their counterparts in marketing, who track everything that can be tracked and then adapt their behaviour continually to improve performance. You are wrong if you are expecting me to start crystal-ball gazing to identify the future shape of corporate learning and development. I’m in the privileged position of being able to share some early insights into real evidence of how L&D leaders see the future unfolding.

Deeper eLearning Design: Part 2 – Practice Makes Perfect


Any practice you track is assessment, and so inherently the final practice is summative assessment. This is the second post in a series of six that covers Deeper eLearning. The goal of this series is to build upon good implementations of instructional design, and go deeper into the nuances of what makes learning really work. It is particularly focused on eLearning, but almost all of what is mentioned also applies to face-to-face or virtual instruction.

20 Incredible Mobile Learning Quotes


We need to have mobile enabled content that doesn’t require tracking by the LMS and we have to get rid of the notion that if learning isn’t tracked it’s not formal or not valuable.” – Karl Kapp (in our interview with him here ). “I’d THE QUOTE: “Mobile phones are misnamed.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 4: Role in Corporate Universities


MOOC-providers like Coursera have also started Specialization tracks where a targeted sequence of courses lead to certifications. The world has gotten complicated.

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Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in E-Learning & M-Learning


The QR code was invented in 1984 by the Denso Wave Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota, to keep track of vehicle parts during manufacturing. THE JOURNEY: We at Learnnovators have always been excited about Quick Response (QR) Codes. We have been doodling about leveraging the possibilities these quirky square codes offer while developing cost effective and powerful mobile performance support solutions.

21 Brilliant Resources for Up-skilling Learning Designers (for the Informal & Social Learning Age)


Almost all Learning professionals need to work on upskilling themselves in new approaches and new technologies as these come into more widespread use…Key capabilities include understanding performance support and the options it offers, understanding and tracking developments in learning technologies and other technologies that may be used to support learning and development, and also rapid development skills.” – Charles Jennings (in our interview with him). “

2014 – The Year In Review


It enables organizations to manage the entire learning and development process from enrollment and delivery to testing, tracking and reporting. 2014 has been a wonderful year for us, because it was replete with LEARNNOVATIONS (learning innovations). And, it has earned us many an insight from thought leaders who travelled along with us in our quest for knowledge.

LEARNNOVATIONS ~ Looking Back, Looking Forward


” “Most of those (gamification features in rapid e-learning tools) are either simple tracking systems with badges or lame games.” ” “We have to get rid of the notion that if learning isn’t tracked it’s not formal or not valuable.”

Deeper eLearning Design: Part 6 – Putting It All Together


Templates and checklists are tools that help us avoid skipping steps and ensure that we’re on track. C2 Workshop Digital Education Digital Learning e-learning Education elearning ID Instructional Design L&D Learning Learning & Development Learning Designers Learning Strategy Learnnovators Online Education Online Learning Organizational Learning Performance Support Workplace Learning Clark Quinn E-Learning eLearning Ravi Pratap Singh SME