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From his posting , Stephen Downes sounds like he didn't really enjoy giving his talk on personal learning environments here in Boston yesterday, what with all that having to connect with "corporate e-learning industry types". Donald Clark makes the point in his posting Why I love PLEs that, in his interpretation of the term, they are already easily available in the form of personalised home pages on Google, Yahoo!,

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Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/1/2006

Big Dog, Little Dog

A classic example, he noted, was the work of Stanley Milgram of Harvard, who in the 1960's asked each of several volunteers in the Midwest to get a letter to a stranger in Boston. ABC News courting next generation on Internet - Yahoo. Realizing the High-Performance Enterprise - CRM Daily. P&G holds two- to three-day leadership council meetings every quarter where each and every top development employee is evaluated.

Time for the Training Department to be Taken Seriously


For those of you unfamiliar with scope of this event, EMC World 2010 boasted about 8,000 attendees, filled up the entire Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for four days, and closed down Faneuil Marketplace, one of Boston’s biggest tourist destinations, for a private party for event attendees.