Sun.Mar 03, 2024

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ILT's Comeback: Changing Corporate Training Dynamics?

CommLab India

W hy, despite the constant progress in technology, is Instructor Led Training (ILT) experiencing a noticeable comeback? Is this shift back to traditional ILT methods just a sentimental nod to the roots of learning, or does it signify a surprising adaptation to the evolving landscape dominated by technology? Could the increasing demand for ILTs from organizations globally be a response to the changing dynamics of the modern world, which seemingly favors technology?

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What Are Alpha, Beta, Gold Stages In eLearning Content Development?

eLearning Industry

Alpha stage tests eLearning content internally for bugs. Beta involves wider user testing for feedback on functionality and usability. Gold is the final, polished version, ready for launch after incorporating all corrections and feedback from earlier stages. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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How to Create a Niche Education Facilitator Program


In this LMScast episode, Barbara Thomason shares insights about social-emotional learning (SEL) within the niche of preteen education and development. Barbara Thomason is a social-emotional learning (SEL) specialist and the creator of Joy Circles , an initiative that helps preteens build confidence and vital life skills. Barbara also talks on the unique difficulties preteens have in today’s world, emphasizing how incidents like the COVID-19 epidemic affect their mental and social health.