Sun.Apr 21, 2019

How Can eLearning Help The Manufacturing Industry?

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The manufacturing industry seems like a likely candidate to utilize eLearning for employee development. In this article, we'll discuss what challenges present themselves while bringing eLearning to the manufacturing industry, and how eLearning can transform the manufacturing industry despite them.

Is Integrated Talent Management Over? Let Talent Experience Reign.

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Have you noticed how many interesting new HR software companies we have? There’s a reason. The craze for “integrated talent management” has gone away, now replaced by a market for “talent experience” solutions. In this article, I’m going to discuss the history of “integrated talent management” and explain why it feels so dated. Then I. Read more» The post Is Integrated Talent Management Over? Let Talent Experience Reign. appeared first on JOSH BERSIN.

7 Ways To Evaluate Your Team’s Skills With the Right LMS

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You know what you’re looking for in your next LMS, but does every member of your L&D department have the same expectations? This article highlights 7 ways to assess your team’s skill sets to find the right LMS for your organization. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Experiential Learning Plus Online Learning Equals Enhanced Learner Engagement

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Engagement cannot be commanded, it can only be cultivated. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning Best Practices Editors' Choice Experiential Learning Learner Engagement

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

A great customer onboarding program is a proactive and meaningful way to make a lasting impact on customer engagement, retention, and expansion. In this eBook, Skilljar will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

LMS And The Impact Of Social Learning

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Top organizations are increasingly leveraging an LMS with social learning capabilities to make their training programs more attractive and engaging. An LMS that seamlessly engages the learners through social learning enhances the learning experience as well as promotes further participation. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Management Systems LMS Features Social Learning Platform Social Learning Tips Social Learning Trends