Back on track


That’s why we’ve designed the Back on Track playlist, to answer these questions and ensure that your employees return to the office in the best possible condition. To get back on track, our dedicated playlist contains the following courses: Adapt in all circumstances.

Track 52

Benefits of Tracking the Employee Performance


Gyrus is a platform that lets you keep a continuous track of the performance of your employees without any complications. Reviewing the performance graph of employees regularly, giving the best feedback to your employees, and identifying their mistakes times, everything is possible with Gyru

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5 must-have features for a training tracking software


Learn more about the five must-have features that you should look out for when scouting for a training tracking software with Gyrus

Track 130

Course Review Tracking Template

Experiencing eLearning

How do you track revision comments in your e-learning or online courses? Most of the time, I use a spreadsheet based on the revision tracking template below. How do you track feedback on your courses? My spreadsheet includes a formula to automatically add the page title once reviewers enter the module and page number. That makes it easier for reviewers.

Track 253

9 Stages of the Custom eLearning Development Process

Whether new to custom eLearning or a seasoned pro, you will appreciate this solid overview of the development process, as well as the insider tips. Avoid costly mistakes on your next project, stay on track, and deliver relevant and engaging content that fits your learners and gets the job done.

Tracking students attendance during online learning


As many schools adopt the blended learning method, student attendance tracking has proved to be less effective, unlike the traditional process of taking attendance. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can effectively track your student’s online attendance.

Track 52

Test, check and track!

Saffron Interactive

The post Test, check and track! In this day and age people have so many choices about even the most basic of things — what to do, what to eat, what to read. So with all. appeared first on Saffron Interactive. Blog Development eLearning

Track 40

Performance Tracking Through Virtual Reality


From school to the workplace, practice tests and performance tracking through regular exercises help hone live work. Virtual Reality-based training and performance tracking enable a monitored learning environment for all new joiners. .

Track 69

Project Time Tracking Software: Should You Invest In Tracking Apps For Your Remote Team?

Dan Keckan

Is project time tracking software a wise investment for your business? Human Resources Management eLearning eBooks eLearning Project Management Tools HR Software Time Tracking SoftwareLet’s look at the basics and benefits to help you make the best buying decision.

Track 93

Time Tracking Template for Instructional Design

Experiencing eLearning

Having everything together in a spreadsheet like this time tracking template also simplifies my invoicing to clients. In addition, I track non-billable time. I use a Google spreadsheet for my time tracking template. The time tracking template is set up to group data by month for invoicing purposes. Feel free to use this time tracking template yourself. The post Time Tracking Template for Instructional Design appeared first on Experiencing eLearning.

Track 102

Enhancing the Learning Experience by Leveraging Learner Analytics

Speaker: Seth Puri, EVP Global Sales and Marketing, Gutenberg Technology

The importance of learner analytics is well understood among the eLearning community – but practical knowledge of how to capture and use those numbers is much harder to find. In this webinar, Seth Puri, EVP of Global Sales and Marketing for Gutenberg Technology, will deliver a guide to collecting and assessing learning outcomes – and demonstrate how doing so can help you deliver a differentiated eLearning experience.

LMS: Tracking, Notifications, and Reporting

Your Training Edge

Your Learning Management System can be used as a valuable tracking tool, not just for the training and development department but also for employees, managers, and even executives. Most LMS systems provide you with tracking features, but some also include notification and reporting features, so that nothing is lost in the shuffle of a large training initiative or a push to complete required training within a certain time period.

Track 109

Enable. Train. Track. Repeat.: Decoding Virtual Sales Success


Track. Our study on the method to make this process of tracking and update engaging through gamification can also help you get a better idea. It was a look back session at one of the most unpredictable years ever known to us and we could not stop talking about virtual sales.

Track 130

How to make eLearning measurement and tracking easy


In this article, we will be discussing how you make effective eLearning measurement and tracking. To know how effective your training program is, you must ensure you measure and track your eLearning training program. Easy way to eLearning measurement and tracking.

Track 70

Track & Report What Matters Most.To You


offline courses Offline Training Report track offline training track onboarding track course completions track course incompletions track incompletionsImagine, if you could, a system that allows you to pull all of your own custom reports to sort and filter by data that matters most to you. Now, imagine who you would share that information with if you could easily export that data.

Track 46

View from the Learner's Perspective: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Lonna Jobson, Instructional Design Team Lead, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

Learners make an investment when they participate in learning initiatives - an investment that is often overlooked. Their schedules, priorities, and even their colleagues’ schedules are impacted. The Triple Bottom Line of Learning acknowledges the learner as a crucial stakeholder in the learning process. Join Miriam Taylor and Lonna Jobson of Inno-Versity as they continue in this series by looking at eLearning from the learner's perspective!

Time Tracking Template for Instructional Design

Experiencing eLearning

In addition, I track non-billable time. Quarter and Month are calculated in hidden columns B & C of the Tracking tab.). As an instructional designer, I often need to estimate the time it will take to complete a project. One tool I use for determining my estimates is records of how long past projects have taken. Having everything together in a spreadsheet also simplifies my invoicing to clients.

Track 320

How to Track eLearning Without an LMS

Devlin Peck

Track completions, question responses, duration, and more Learn how to collect data from an eLearning course without uploading the course to an LMS.

Track 100

10 Training Tracking Tool Options To Boost Team Learning


If you’re in the market for a new learning software provider, a training tracking tool is a must. We’ve broken these out into categories to more easily digest which of these training tracking tools is the best fit. Track assigned and completed courses.

Is Your Outsourced Training Project Going Off Track?

Dan Keckan

Discover the warning signs for when your project is about to go off the rails, and how you can get it back on track. Turning your project over to the third-party vendor requires trust and focus. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Project Management eLearning Content Development eLearning Content Development Outsourcing eLearning Outsourcing eLearning Project Management Tips

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. Track and Analyze Exactly. Make sure that the tool you choose tracks every user.

Time And Attendance Tracking Software: How To Choose A System That Streamlines Your Payroll Process

Dan Keckan

Time and attendance tracking software reduces absenteeism rates and boosts team productivity. Human Resources Management eLearning eBooks HR Software Payroll Software Time Tracking SoftwareBut how do you know which tool is right for your remote team?

Track 86

Project Time Tracking System Perks: Stress-Free Client Billing And Resource Management For Your SMB

Dan Keckan

Can your SMB benefit from a new project time tracking system? Human Resources Management HR Software Payroll Software Time Billing Software Time Tracking SoftwareThis ultimate guide highlights the many perks of ownership so that you can make the best buying decision.

Track 87

Time Tracking Software Reviews: How To Build Social Proof With Online Directory Listings

Dan Keckan

Time tracking software reviews and directory listings can help you edge out the competition. Human Resources Management eLearning eBooks HR Software Time Billing Software Time Tracking SoftwareHow do you enhance your online reputation and establish social proof?

Track 89

Tracking the Elusive Compliance Beast

ej4 eLearning

If you have hundreds or thousands of employees, all in different locations, delivery cannot be a “one and done,” and tracking completion becomes a nightmare. For these reasons, eLearning has become a natural way to deliver content to a dispersed audience, with Learning Management Platforms (LMSs) being used to track progress and completion. 3: Can the platform track individual completion? Internal tracking is one thing.

Track 139

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

to be tracked, and how. • measure and track some real data to help. Developing a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. 3C O N T E N T S Contents Introduction PA G E 4 Five Steps to a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. PA G E 5 1 Create a project. charter. PA G E 7 2 Know your. audience.

eLearning: Offline & Tracking – What Are Your Options?

Upside Learning

In a previous post I talked about the emerging need for Offline & Tracking – how mobile learning has evolved and from where this need is coming. I would now like to discuss the options you may have at your disposal in trying to make eLearning available offline with tracking. I’ll evaluate whether some of […]. eLearning Captivate 9 gomo Lectora 16 mLearning Responsive Authoring Tools

Time Tracking App Ratings: Tips To Stand Out From The Online Competition

Dan Keckan

Time tracking app ratings in an online directory can help you build credibility and land more sales. Human Resources Management eLearning eBooks HR Software Time Billing Software Time Tracking Software

Track 85

The All-In-One Guide: Pick The Perfect Project Time Tracking Tool In Your Price Range

Dan Keckan

Can the right project time tracking tool boost customer relations and employee performance? Human Resources Management eLearning eBooks HR Software Time Billing Software Time Tracking SoftwareThis epic article helps you find the best software for your budget.

Track 85

Certification Tracking Made Simple


We often hear from restaurant training administrators who are frustrated with the challenges of having to track multiple certifications in different programs across their organization. Any compliance can be tracked and reported on along with your learning programs and exams.

Track 52

Tracking Corporate Training Application — L&D Challenges


According to an article by CMOE — Top 10 Challenges Faced by Learning & Development Professionals, challenge number 5 is tracking an employee’s corporate training applications. Tracking the effectiveness of training programs is difficult. It’s not college where students write papers and partake in [ ] The post Tracking Corporate Training Application — L&D Challenges appeared first on Abara LMS.

Track 49

7 Key Metrics When Tracking Simulation Training

Dan Keckan

Curious about how you can track simulation training developments at your organization? eLearning Design and Development Employee Performance Free eLearning eBooks Metrics Tracking Techniques In eLearningComing up with the right metrics is your main goal. In this article, I share 7 key metrics for training success! This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

6 Challenges When Tracking Employee Training

Dan Keckan

Find out what 6 of the most common challenges are when it comes to tracking employee training, and how training tracking software can help! Corporate eLearning Corporate eLearning Best Practices Employee Training Track eLearning Tracking Techniques In eLearningThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Track 74

How To Create An Accurate Employee Time Tracking Tool Budget

Dan Keckan

Here’s how to create an accurate time tracking tool budget. Human Resources Management eLearning Budget eLearning eBooks Time Management Time Management Tips Time Tracking SoftwareEvery cent must be accounted for when implementing hour keeping apps for your remote workforce.

Tracking Instructional Design to Efficiently Develop Training

dVinci Interactive

Tracking Instructional Design to Efficiently Develop Training More than 2,000 associates in services and operations support Edward Jones financial services branches nationwide. After accurately tracking the development process for different training delivery methods, she created valuable models.

Track 126

Best Time Tracking And Billing Software: 7 Expert Tips To Find The Ideal Tool

Dan Keckan

How do you choose the best time tracking and billing software for your budget? Human Resources Management eLearning eBooks HR Best Practices HR Software Time Billing Software Time Tracking SoftwareThis epic guide explores every step, from needs analysis to vendor vetting.

Track 87

8 Ways To Find The Best Time Tracking Software Apps Vendor For Your Remote Workforce

Dan Keckan

Finding the best time tracking software app doesn’t have to be a chore. Human Resources Management eLearning eBooks HR Software Time Management Time Management Tips Time Tracking SoftwareNot when you can use these 8 resources to choose the right tool for your remote team.

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