Effective Microlearning in Action


Microlearning isn’t new. But recently, microlearning seems to be making waves as the dominant topic of conversation. Because now we know that microlearning really works. When done the right way, microlearning can help solve some of … Continued.

Why Modern Learners Want Microlearning

eLearning Brothers

of these descriptions, then microlearning may be an excellent fit for your organization. Often described as “bite-sized” learning, or learning that meets the moment of need, microlearning is any small piece of content that learners can consume on-demand, typically in less than five minutes.


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Microlearning for Beginners

Dashe & Thomson

Microlearning is a term that is used often in the learning and development world. Thousands of organizations are opting to leverage microlearning as their primary L&D strategy, but it can be confusing to understand exactly what microlearning is.

What Makes Scenario-Based Microlearning Content Cutting-Edge?

Dan Keckan

Both scenario-based training and microlearning have been successful L&D strategies that are known to increase knowledge retention and boost employee engagement.

Go Beyond the Hype: Proven Strategies for Effective Microlearning

Speaker: Amit Garg, CEO and Founder at Upside Learning Solutions & Margie Meacham, Author and CFO of Learningtogo

Microlearning has been a buzzword for L&D teams by featuring on the top of the trend charts for a while now. It has its rightful place in the arsenal the learning leaders have at their disposal, but it is hardly the panacea it is often made out to be. In this interactive webinar Amit Garg, Founder & CEO of Upside Learning, and Margie Meacham, Author of the book ‘AI in Talent Development’, will discuss the nuts and bolts of getting microlearning right. They will go into the "What? Why? & How?" of microlearning, minus the hype.

5 Microlearning Benefits And Applications L&D Managers Cannot Ignore

Dan Keckan

Microlearning has been gaining popularity recently and for good reason. Microlearning is a strategy that addresses the needs of modern learners.

How To Implement Microlearning In Your L&D Strategy

Dan Keckan

Implementing microlearning in your L&D strategy can be very challenging, but these 4 steps are going to make that road much easier. Microlearning Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Content Development eLearning eBooks Microlearning Benefits Microlearning Best Practices

6 Reasons To Outsource Microlearning Content Development For Fast Results

Dan Keckan

Before you make the big decision you should consider these 6 reasons you should outsource your microlearning content development. Microlearning eLearning Content Development eLearning Content Development Outsourcing eLearning eBooks Microlearning Benefits Microlearning Best Practices

7 Reasons Microlearning Works

eLearning Brothers

In our previous post, we discussed a new learning approach—microlearning. One RPS study found that microlearning improves an individual’s focus and long-term retention by 80%. instructional design eLearning Resources microlearning

7 big advantages of microlearning


Microlearning is the most effective way to teach and reinforce skills in the workplace. Microlearning advantages of microlearningIt’s a learning technique that emphasizes short, bite-sized lessons rather than long-winded training sessions.

Give Your Microlearning Strategy a Makeover

Speaker: Margie Meacham

Microlearning isn’t just a way to design new learning; it can be a way to revitalize existing content too. Join Margie Meacham for a webinar breaking down the neuroscience behind microlearning, and providing a step-by-step method for reviewing and converting existing content.

Leveraging Rapid eLearning Practices for Speedy Microlearning Development

CommLab India

Have you thought of combining microlearning and rapid eLearning? Know more on how rapid eLearning can benefit microlearning development. eLearning Design Microlearning

7 Reasons Microlearning Works

eLearning Brothers

In our previous post, we discussed a new learning approach—microlearning. One RPS study found that microlearning improves an individual’s focus and long-term retention by 80%. instructional design eLearning Resources microlearning

Why Do Learners Love Microlearning?

Lambda Solutions

Learner Engagement LMS Trends LMS Tips

4 Microlearning Strategies L&D Leaders Can Use To Drive Strategic Innovation

Dan Keckan

Find out more about the 4 microlearning strategies you can utilize to drive innovation. Microlearning Corporate Learning And Development eLearning eBooks Microlearning Benefits Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples

What is Microlearning and Why Should You Use It to Scale E-Learning Output?

Have you started providing Microlearning? As one of the hottest e-learning trends, now is the perfect time to get started creating bite-sized content for your learners. This free eBook gives you all the answers and tips on how to get started.

The Power of Microlearning Videos in Corporate Training

CommLab India

Are you looking to harness the power of microlearning videos for your employee training program? Here are the top 7 ways to incorporate microlearning videos with your corporate training program. eLearning Design Microlearning

Microlearning Assets And Rapid eLearning For A Strong Learning Culture

Dan Keckan

Facilitating a strong learning culture with microlearning assets and rapid eLearning helps elevate employee performance. This article shares how rapid eLearning helps make the best out of microlearning.

The 8 Biggest Microlearning Mistakes L&D Managers Make And How To Avoid Them

Dan Keckan

Learn how you can get the most out of your microlearning strategy by avoiding these 8 common mistakes. Microlearning Corporate Learning And Development eLearning eBooks Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples Online Training Strategy

Microlearning: The ‘Bite-sized’ Formula for Skill Development Training

CommLab India

Look no farther than microlearning. Here is a blog on how microlearning can be your best solution for skill development. eLearning Design MicrolearningAre you looking for an effective solution for skill development training?

Agile Microlearning Explained

techniques, deliver an extremely effective adaptive microlearning solution. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

Microlearning is more important than ever


Microlearning has been a popular subject of debate within the training profession for years. Is “microlearning” even a real word? Microlearning was so popular that business leaders were asking for it without even being able to explain what it was. Microlearning

Top eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2019

Dan Keckan

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our list of Top eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2019. For the first time, we have taken a deep dive into some fundamental players in the microlearning game. Microlearning eLearning Content Development eLearning Content Development Companies Micro Learning Top eLearning CompaniesFind out who you absolutely, definitely need to follow. Here are our picks for 2019! This post was first published on eLearning Industry.



We've all heard a lot about "microlearning." Over the last few years we've seen a growing use of the term "microlearning." While the optimal length of a microlearning session is debated, the most ardent proponents of the method seem to prescribe learning sessions that are less than 5 minutes--though I've encountered claims that millennials can only focus for 90 seconds! ” Whatever we might choose to name it, the hype around microlearning participates in this same trend.

Microlearning Best Practices: Revolutionizing Your Training in 2022

Dashe & Thomson

Recently, microlearning has become a go-to strategy for organizations looking to create engaging development solutions without overwhelming their learners. Simply put, microlearning is the use of small, short, learning units that can be delivered through a variety of different media.

Inspiring K12 : Creating the Joy of Reading and Self-Directed Learning in the Digital Era

Contents of the Whitepaper- Daily Habits of US Teens Benefits of Reading Personalized Approach Enriching the Experience with Interactive Elements Make Reading Engaging Microlearning to the Rescue The Effects of Immediate vs Delayed Feedback

The Top 5 Best Practices for Microlearning to Take Off!

CommLab India

Organizations seeking to develop engaging rapid eLearning solutions while also not overloading their learners have turned to microlearning. This article looks at the importance of microlearning and its top 5 best practices. eLearning Design Microlearning

The Mind Science Behind Microlearning

Dan Keckan

As compared to a 20-minute recipe for making one tube of Pringles chips, the making of a good piece of microlearning takes a lot more time and involves some serious mind science. Microlearning Long-Term Memory Microlearning Best Practices Psychology Principles

How Does Microlearning Improve Employee Engagement and Performance?[Video]

CommLab India

Are you wondering why microlearning is the latest buzzword in the corporate training world? Read on to explore the many benefits and popular formats of microlearning, as well as key design characteristics of microlearning modules. eLearning Design Microlearning

Microlearning In 2022…Miraculous Or Overrated?

Dan Keckan

Microlearning in 2022…miraculous or overrated? We look at microlearning’s strengths, how it’s evolved, where it goes wrong, and how to make it work for you. Microlearning Microlearning Benefits Microlearning Best Practices

Legendary Presentations: eLearning, Sales Collateral, and Defeating Death-by-PowerPoint

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director, BrightCarbon

Create effective microlearning, incorporating compelling visuals, engaging animation, and impactful multimedia. Use PowerPoint to create your dynamic, visual microlearning quickly and easily.

How can microlearning be helpful for the sales team?

Creativ Technologies

Microlearning does not require much time from the learners because it’s short in size. But there are other reasons for including microlearning in your training.?. Microlearning is understandable?. The post How can microlearning be helpful for the sales team?

Transform Your Customer Training With Microlearning

Dan Keckan

With microlearning courses, you can educate customers and prospects as often as needed and maintain a strong relationship with them. Microlearning Customer Training Microlearning Benefits

Performance Indicators to Measure the Impact of Microlearning

Infopro Learning

Microlearning is a unique workforce training approach that can help drive learner engagement and knowledge retention. Microlearning has become one of the most effective training strategies for most businesses today. Blog Custom eLearning Microlearning

Microlearning Tools: Popular Software to Develop Assets

CommLab India

Microlearning content allows learners to expand their knowledge and experience with the click of a button. These microlearning assets boost learning and keep learners' attention, making them essential additions to your training arsenal. eLearning Design Microlearning

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

the video shorter (taking advantage of microlearning). 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool gomolearning.com @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect. from a modern authoring tool? saturated market, we’ve designed.

Scaffolding in Microlearning

Experiencing eLearning

How do you incorporate scaffolding in microlearning? How is scaffolding different in microlearning than in longer formats? That raises an issue for microlearning. Scaffolding is removed over time, but microlearning doesn’t have the long time span for typical scaffolding. In a 5 minute microlearning module, it’s harder to create multiple opportunities for practice. We have several options for scaffolding with microlearning. Microlearning as Scaffolding.

Microlearning: Overcoming 4 Assumptions

Allen Interactions

If we’re not focused on the right problems, we can’t be sure that microlearning is the right solution. The training industry’s interest in microlearning shows no signs of slowing. We’ve seen an enormous response to the ebook and blog posts we’ve shared on the topic, and an increasing number of clients are asking us to help them create microlearning solutions. microlearning Ellen Burns-Johnson microlearning examples

Three Guidelines for Meaningful Microlearning

Allen Interactions

microlearning microlearning examplesBy ELLEN BURNS-JOHNSON, Instructional Designer / @ELLENBJOHNSON L ast week, my Studio Executive and I visited a client in California. The meeting went well, so to celebrate, she and I went out for tapas.

Microlearning: Examples and Benefits

ej4 eLearning

Microlearning” has become something of a hot industry topic in the past few years. That’s not because it’s new—in fact, we’ve been creating microlearning content since 2004.