Digital Body Language – How Digital Communication Works


In the new normal, most communication is digital. Read our expert tips about the notion of, and understanding “digital body language,” and how to use it effectively to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Designing Engaging Digital Learning Podcast

Experiencing eLearning

We discussed a range of topics related to online and digital learning. The post Designing Engaging Digital Learning Podcast appeared first on Experiencing eLearning


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Difference between Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation


There has always been confusion among all the industries and most important to the education sector in which institutions are focusing to move for digital transformation or digitization or digitalization! What is Digitalization? What is Digital Transformation?

Audio: 4 Effective Strategies Women Utilize in Digital Learning

InSync Training

Trends Modern Classroom digital learning

Audio 130

A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform

Training companies have an opportunity to embrace the change and create meaningful change in their organizations by moving online. Discover the advantages of a digital-first approach, using an eLearning platform.

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Training Impact

Infopro Learning

Covid19 accelerated the rates of change and digital transformation we are experiencing today. Watch the webinar replay of From Surviving to thriving: Overcoming Today’s Digital Learning Challenges.

Digital Dexterity


Digital Dexterity is the capability in an organization with the ability to deliver transformational business impact. As organizations invest trillions of dollars into digital transformation initiatives, it is quite normal to not realize the desired impact in over 70% of the projects.

3 Tips To Meet Modern Learners Digital Expectations

B Online Learning

With the increased demands on employees, the ubiquity of information and the digitalised lifestyle, it’s no wonder that learner behaviour and their expectations of digital learning content has changed. That’s how we should create our digital learning. How much instruction text do we really need in our digital learning content? The Disruption of Digital Learning: Ten Things We Have Learned. Did you know that people unlock their phones up to 9 times every hour?

Importance of Digital Curriculum Development in Higher Education 

Hurix Digital

However, i mplementing personalized learning programs in higher education powered by a digital curriculum requires robust technology infrastructure for better user experience. Why is creating a Digital Curriculum Strategy beneficial? How do Students Benefit from a Digital Curriculum?

Why Learning JavaScript Is Important For Digital Learning Designers

Dan Keckan

There is an alarming number of digital learning designers that do not have the ultra-important skill required to create top-tier digital learning. In this article, we’ll discuss what JavaScript can do for digital learning designers, and why it is a must-have skill.

The Better Way to Onboard Customers

Speaker: Skilljar Experts

The best onboarding programs have a super power: they’re constantly improving. Here at Skilljar, we’ve learned a thing or two about onboarding, both by crafting our own experience, and by collaborating with the best Customer Education professionals in the world. In our upcoming webinar, we’re going to share these learnings with you.

5 Secrets About Digital Learning

Your Training Edge

The Digital Education Survey 2016 [1] revealed some interesting findings that compelled the academic researchers and corporate Learning & Development (L&D) professionals alike to dig into the secrets about digital learning that made it ever so popular. The survey highlighted various interesting things regarding how technology is evolving the education, leading to a purely digital learning environment. Secret 5: Digital Learning is Eco-friendly.

WEBINAR: Workforce Digital Dexterity


Thank you for joining MyGuide by EdCast on June 3, 2021 for our informative webinar on “Workforce Digital Dexterity.” Digital Adoption Digital Transformation Webinar

Digitally literate and being digitally fluent are two different things

Adult Learning with Technology

I read recently a very interesting article on [link] about Digital Fluency vs Digital Literacy by Clint Lalonde. Why this was so interesting to me "Digitally literate and being digitally fluent are two different things". Adult Learning eLearning digital fluency digital literacy

Is Your Workplace Digital Divide Creating “Access Agony”?

Learning Rebels

As discussed in part one of this discussion , having a workplace digital divide creates, “Access Agony 1 ”. How does “access agony” impact the workplace digital divide? What is L&D’s Role in Workplace Digital Divide? Access Agony.

Leading Successful Change to Remote Training

Speaker: Dr. Britt Andreatta, PhD, CEO, 7th Mind, Inc.

This month, unprecedented numbers of workers have set up offices in their homes, in an attempt to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Meetings that were previously being held in conference rooms have been moved to conference calls and online meetings. Whether you’re managing the impromptu digital transformation of your company, or training new employees at a distance, make time to join Dr. Britt Andreatta former Chief Learning Officer at and author of several books on the brain science of success, as she covers how YOU can train remotely, and effectively, while supporting the flow of work.

Digital Participation

Your Training Edge

All point towards the same finding i.e. increasing digital participation. This digital participation, digital literacy and the faster rate with which businesses and academic institutions are becoming a part of it, would be my focus in this article. Digital participation. The digital environment generated a number of opportunities to participate in a sophisticated and goal oriented social, civic and leisure activities when online.

Digital Immigrants Zero, Digital Natives Won


If that scares you then you are a Digital Immigrant and should be scared. Learning Digital Immigrants Digital Natives Older Workers Let me repeat myself; training as we knew it is becoming irrelevant.

Digitally literate and being digitally fluent are two different things

Adult Learning with Technology

I read recently a very interesting article on [link] about Digital Fluency vs Digital Literacy by Clint Lalonde. Adult Learning eLearning digital fluency digital literacyWhy this was so interesting to me was in relation to that.

Q&A: Migrating ILT to Digital Delivery

Allen Interactions

Thank you all for joining us on Thursday, March 19 for a virtual roundtable to discuss best practices for migrating ILT to Digital Delivery. Webinar ILT remote teams VILT Digital Delivery Q&A

ILT 116

Ensuring Compliance with Student Data Privacy Regulations

This whitepaper talks about- 1. Countries with Highest Use of Tech in Classrooms 2. Complications with Digital Tools 3. What is Student Data? 4. Why Should Educational Institutions Care About Data Privacy? 5. Legal and Ethical Obligation and more

Lumina Foods Simplifies and Digitizes


The post Lumina Foods Simplifies and Digitizes appeared first on Wisetail LMS. See five thoughtful ways parents working at home during the pandemic can balance having kids under the age of 18 at home while also managing their workday and their stress levels.

Why Digital education has become mandatory during covid times

Smart Class Solution | Digital Teacher

The post Why Digital education has become mandatory during covid times appeared first on Digital Teacher. smart class Digital Learning digital learning platform online classes Online Learning

Why Do We Need Digital Classroom in 2021

Smart Class Solution | Digital Teacher

Let us explore various reasons why Digital Classroom […]. The post Why Do We Need Digital Classroom in 2021 appeared first on Digital Teacher. smart class digital class digital classroom online education“Necessity is mother of Invention”.

Speexx: The First Digital Language Training Provider on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning


We at Speexx are proud to announce we have earned a spot on the 2021 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning. Read more about how we were awarded this honor as the first, and only, digital language training provider to secure a spot.

Inspiring K12 : Creating the Joy of Reading and Self-Directed Learning in the Digital Era

Contents of the Whitepaper- Daily Habits of US Teens Benefits of Reading Personalized Approach Enriching the Experience with Interactive Elements Make Reading Engaging Microlearning to the Rescue The Effects of Immediate vs Delayed Feedback

The L&D Disruption Playbook Part 2: Digital Learning Principles

Dan Keckan

These are the 4 key principles that underpin any digital learning strategy. Running experiments is better, faster and cheaper than running programs. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Rise of the Digitals

Your Training Edge

People who use technology too frequently and have a high adoption rate for the latest technology are referred to as “Digitals”. As technology is improving, there is a rise in Digitals. Defining Digitals. Digitals are people of all age groups, males or females and can be from any country. Digitals are constantly surfing the internet in search of the latest information and applications. Characteristics of Digitals. Where Digitals Are Usually Found.

Digital Natives Or Digital Immigrants?

Dan Keckan

The terms “digital native” and “digital immigrant” are invented by Marc Prensky. He proclaimed that digital natives and digital immigrants perceive and use technology in different ways as well as in learning. eLearning Basics Digital Learning Editors' Choice Learners Engagement Modern LearnersThe differences between these individuals are addressed in this article. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Digital Transformation is mainly about People Transformation


What do people really mean when they talk about Digital Transformation? Word cloud of the most frequent words in Digital Transformation studies. (W The acceleration of technology has placed Digital Transformation at the top of every CEO’s agenda.

3 Guiding Principles to Support the Human Dimension in Learning

Speaker: Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting

Join Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting, for her exclusive session where she will be discussing the 3 guiding principles for the future of learning, and how these can affect the design of work in organizations.

Maturity In The Digital Era

Dan Keckan

The effect of the digital era on traditional maturity models is a real game changer. Learning Technology Digital Learning eLearning eBooks eLearning Evaluation Towards Maturity

Digital Learning conferences in Australia in 2021

E-Learning Provocateur

While some of the digital learning conferences I had listed for 2020 went ahead as planned, others pivoted to virtual delivery, while the rest were ironically postponed or cancelled. Let’s try that again. Just as we were gearing up for another year’s worth of cutting edge insights and showcases, the coronavirus had other ideas.

Four Ways Digital Transformation Might Affect Digital Adoption In The Workforce

Epilogue Systems

These tools are likely to disproportionately shape organizations’ digital workforce transformation — but exactly what will this transformation look like? The post Four Ways Digital Transformation Might Affect Digital Adoption In The Workforce appeared first on Epilogue Systems.

Why the Workplace Digital Divide Matters

Learning Rebels

Now is the time to realize that specific aspects of your current organizational digital strategy may be holding people back. Do you have a workplace digital divide? It is important to point out the workplace digital divide is not about upgrading laptops and phones.

Use Chaos to Build a Stronger Organization

Speaker: Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group

As we look to tomorrow, it is time to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned and how do we create flexible organizations that can survive what the future holds. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, will share insights, data, and tools that are helping organizations adapt and even thrive in this difficult environment. She’ll discuss the emerging trends in the Learning technology market, and how these exciting new approaches to creating micro, adaptive, and personalized content is changing the face of workforce development while creating strong connections to business outcomes.

5 Essentials to Know about Digital badging – From its origins

Your Training Edge

Digital badges are at the confluence of exhibiting achievements and digital credentials. To understand what digital badges are, let’s look at the dilemmas faced by Kareem and Sara. These are some of the many real-world problems digital badging was invented to solve.