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eLearning Trends of 2016

Association eLearning

As the year ends, we look back at three eLearning trends of 2016. What was predicted? What did you think was important? The results may surprise you. eLearning Trends: Gamification. At the end of 2015, Gamification was the hot trend. We saw analysts predict the continued rise of gamification in 2016. However, our research has shown that associations are lukewarm on the idea of gamification.


How to Design an Effective E-Learning Course

Content Raven

Most companies and organizations have created manuals and learning materials in the print format over the years. employees Training employee training elearning employee engagement


The Week That Was, November 28-December 2

CLO Magazine

Commentary & Opinion Homepage Commentary & Opinion Learning Delivery recap

CLO 28

Limitless learning plenary #OEB16 on owning learning

Ignatia Webs

A great set of speakers, all talking on the subject of owning learning (some limitless) Alec Couros Promise of open and connected learning is the subject. Promise of personalised learning is one of the elements that have changed in the last few years. The ownership. Help with bowdril youtube is example of the strength of weak ties. Everyone has access to networks today. Very good article.


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5 tips for selling learning to the C-suite


Expectations around L&D are changing. No longer just overhead, L&D must become accountable for achieving results that tie directly to meeting overall corporate objectives. And that means that L&D executives must also be prepared and able to sell learning to the C-suite. What do we mean? Speak their language. What keeps senior executives awake at night? Growth. Revenue. Efficiency.


Can You Tell Game-Based Learning From Gamification?

CommLab India

If you are looking to incorporate game elements in your training, chances are that you have come across these two terms –  Game-based learning and Gamification. These words may sound simple and be used interchangeably sometimes by designers and strategists alike, but confusing them can have serious consequences. Let’s start off with game-based learning. What is game-based learning?  .


#C2Xmas Day 2: Samuel Pepys Diary

Jane Hart

Day 2 of my Countdown to Xmas #C2Xmas continues here. Samuel Pepys lived in London in the 17th century and is most famous for the diary he kept for a decade as a young man which is considered to be one of the most important sources about the English Restoration period. THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS. You don’t have to read it all in one go! Is there some content you might provide in this format?


A Look Back At DevLearn 2016 – Some Session Takeaways


I recently attended DevLearn along with Caoimhín , Phily and Eoghan from the LearnUpon sales and marketing teams. While they put in the long hours manning the LearnUpon booth and demoing LearnUpon’s slick new UI to everyone who wanted to see our LMS in action I was able to attend quite a few of the conference sessions. Here are some take-aways from three of the better sessions I attended. Heuer.

Transform Your Video Strategy for Enterprise Learning & Communication

We sat down with Tom Clancy, former CLO of EMC, to discuss the role of video in the future of enterprise learning and communication.

How to Edit Multiple Slide Properties Simultaneously in Articulate Storyline

CommLab India

Articulate Storyline provides several useful features to develop e-learning courses efficiently. We can develop numerous courses rapidly, if we can focus on small things that consume a lot of development time. One of the time consuming tasks is editing the slide Properties to enable/disable the Menu tab, Resources tab, Seekbar, etc. from the Player. Looking for a way to avoid this tedious task?


Online facilitation inspired by car dealers

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

We have recently bought a different car, a used car. We started with a search on the Internet. Then we went one afternoon to some dealers to watch the cars. We met the first salesman there. Fortunately he fully matched my preconceptions of a car salesman :). He was a man who was already retired, and was selling cars for fun during weekends. So he pointed at a red Citroen station model. test drive.

Habits of top performing learning teams

Sponge UK

The latest Towards Maturity report, Unlocking Potential , features many insights into how organisations can bring out the best in their learners. One headline from the report  is the  widening performance gap between high and low performing L&D teams. What’s holding some organisations back? One Is it that their learners are simply better equipped to deal with technology? Probably not.


Should you invest in gamification for learning?

Designing Digitally

Any kind of investment deserves an ROI explanation, especially an investment in training. So, is spending on gamification justified? The answer is a big resounding YES ! Research has shown that gamification for learning enhances the overall performance of the organization and not just a particular employee. Here is a snapshot of some of the benefits of using gamification for learning.


Customer Training Completion Rates

Curious to learn how different factors in your training courses may affect completion rates? We crunched the numbers to help you set goals for course completion and build your content strategy. Download the study to learn what kind of content keeps learners engaged, how long courses should be, and more.