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Augmented Reality – Making Paper Interactive

Upside Learning

One of the ways we recommend is to use elements of Augmented Reality. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve experimented quite often with augmented reality (AR) technology, either in the form of AR apps for mobile phones, or leveraging AR browsers, etc. Leverage augmented reality, there are many worthwhile applications. more about this later).

How to Use Augmented Reality for Technology Based Learning

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It works to make the real virtual, and uses virtual to simulate reality. That being said for the humor, let’s explore how augmented reality can be used for technology based learning, such as e-learning and m-learning. For other organizations, where virtual reality is not that big a necessity, augmented reality does the trick. Technology acts funny at times.

An Augmented Reality Future

Upside Learning

The use of augmented reality as an interface has mostly been gimmicky. Perhaps the only other AR based apps that have made equal sense are the augmented reality browsers. Augmented reality will eventually allow a unique way to control our increasingly digital world, how will ‘Workplace Learning’ take advantage of this?

The paradox of augmented reality

E-Learning Provocateur

Scott is the Co-founder & CMO of Explore Engage , a digital media company that is attracting serious attention for its augmented reality eyewear. caught up with Scott in the harbour city and asked him the following questions… What are your favourite examples of augmented reality? (0:08). Is augmented reality worth the hype? (3:54).

Is Augmented Reality really the answer? #edtech #AR

Dont Waste Your Time

Following on from previous posts on Augmented Reality ( Does it have a place/future in education? and Augmented Reality on campus ) I’ve spent a little time trying, and enjoying, the experience of using and creating Aurasmas , but have not got anywhere past the stage of just trying it out. So, what place does augmented reality (AR) have in the classroom?

Augmented Reality and M-Learning

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Interactivity meets reality. Augmented Reality and it is happening as we speak. Augmented Reality – what is it? AR Reality. Acrossair app displays all the tweets around you in 360 degrees of Augmented Reality view, with the distances and photos of the people tweeting around you. 4. You walk past the buildings, see the crowds and yawn. 

When augmented reality isn’t

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So I was excited to stumble upon their Augmented Reality browsing of Powerhouse Museum around Sydney app for Apple and Android. love history, I love augmented reality, and I own an iPhone – so a combination of all three proved irresistible. The app barely augments reality. In short, the augmented reality component is redundant.

Pokemon Go: Does this mean augmented reality learning is a thing?


Little did he know that we’d be reaching a point that we’re finally altering (or “augmenting”) not just the physical world around us, but reality itself. Sure, augmented reality is nothing new. What Pokemon Go achieved, though, is making augmented reality not only popular and tangible for millions of people, but also fun. Enter Pokemon Go.

Will augmented reality revolutionize training?


Wearable computers are the means and augmented reality is the interface between what we know to be the real world and the so called virtual world. Augmented reality (AR) although still in its infancy if we consider its spread, promises to set high standards of connectivity for the not so distant future. From open-cord surgery performed by anyone, to simulating the conditions of Mars, or studying a bigger part of the cosmos, augmented reality seems to be a basic step in achieving all these far-fetched ideas. Is AR just the latest fad? Permalink

#mLearn12 on #augmented reality with Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Ignatia Webs

Elizabeth Fitzgerald from Open University UK gives an overview of augmented learning state of the art. or will this risk information overload => maybe we need to curate the augmented environment. Do we need a new theory of augmented place? The slideshare of her presentation can be viewed here Augmented reality and mobile learning: the state of the art from Liz FitzGerald.

Project Glass: Augmented Reality from Google

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Other Project Glass stories: Google’s ‘Project Glass’ Augmented Reality Glasses Are Real And In Testing. Google Gets Transparent With Glass, Its Augmented Reality Project. Google’s “Project Glass” Seems A Little Too “Connected” For Me… Augmented Reality – Explained by Common Craft [video]. Related posts: Augmented Reality on campus.

Why is Augmented Reality not Mainstream in Learning?

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Augmented reality technology has been around for over a decade now, and there is a lot of talk about its promise and applications. In this post, we would like to survey our readers to discover why augmented reality is not a mainstream technology in learning. AR augmented reality technology We offer four reasons we have heard around the industry. Please feel free comment and let us know where you are on this issue. A. There is not enough awareness about where AR can really help B. It is expensive to build AR applications C.

Augmenting reality - technology is going invisible

Lars is Learning

Here's my article, just published on Trainingzone as the headline story, exploring how augmented reality and mobile technology promise to radically improve learning effectiveness. Tags: trainingzone e-learning gesture technology augmented reality kinect mobile learning performance support Would value your comments and feedback. -- The pace of technological innovation continues to surprise. This week reports suggest that, in theory at least, it will be possible to create new materials that.

Kinect, Augmented Reality and The Future of Training

Kapp Notes

Now here is one with some interesting augmented reality concepts from 2011. Here is an oldie but a goodie that brings augmented reality to the world of training in a dramatic and interesting way. Again, when things come together it is rather interesting. Here is a video from Designing Digitally that combines the Kinect with instruction. really like the like the pinwheel.

Advantages and Drawbacks of using Augmented Reality #AugmentedReality

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I don’t seem to be able to get away from reading posts and websites on Augmented Reality at the moment (it’s no bad thing) and this post from Frank Spillers at Demystifying Usability called What’s next in mobile user experience? Augmented Reality listed the following advantages and drawbacks; Drawbacks of Augmented Reality. Image source.

Augmented Reality Marketing Today

Upside Learning

I ran into this interesting infographic this morning about Augmented Reality marketing today. Tools for Developing Augmented Reality Applications. 2. Upside Learning AR augmented realityWhile it’s not completely relevant to eLearning or learning in general, it’s interesting to see that AR is making rapid strides in marketing. Also, the figures seem to suggest that while it’s gimmicky, it improves engagement and gets individuals to spend more time on those website that use AR. Here are links to a couple of our AR experiments. 1. Upside Pune Layar. 2.

#html5 and #augmented reality combined into a great music clip by the Black Eyed Peas

Ignatia Webs

So, yes, I think html5 is quite innovative and augmented reality is as well, but. mobile augmented reality html5 eLearning iphonehere come the Black Eyed Peas with an incredible fabulous iPhone application that puts you - as a music listener - in the middle of their video-clip (great tip from Gary Woodil l, thx!). Will.I.Am from the BEPs surely knows how to take technology to the next artistic level! And I must say that this is again an illustration how art can lead the way for education. Now how cool is that! cents).



Augmented Reality E-Learning Learning Consulting AR e-learning L&D Learnnovators MOOC Ryan TraceyThe post EDUCATE EVERYONE appeared first on Learnnovators.

#mLearnCon: Augmented Reality is “Everywhere” Learning

Aaron Silvers

Me: As learning people, why should we care about Augmented Reality? Kris: Augmented Reality can extend the world around a user by layering digital reference information on top of the physical world. Learning Experience Design Featured Social Learning ar augmented reality baqon learning learning activity mlearncon mLearning mobility simulation

Cool Augmented Reality Apps

Learn and Lead

Came across this video blog by Matt Gonzalez in which he talks about augmented reality apps. Augment is a little harder to master but once you do, it seems quite cool. Watch the full video here: Apps Augment Augmentation Augmented technology Cool stuff Layar Mobile Mobile apps Mobile technology Technology Translation Word Lens Boring, in my view.

The two types of augmented reality

E-Learning Provocateur

My favourite example of augmented reality is now a couple of years old: While it might not be as flash as the xkcd enthusiasts might demand from this emerging technology, it remains practical and – gasp! But are these two latter examples really augmented reality? Instead, they are augmenting a representation of reality. Reality is in real-time.

BMW Adds a Layer on Top of Reality

Kapp Notes

Here is a great example of augmented reality. augmented realityCourtesy of BMW. think the implications for training, especially in manufacturing could be huge.

Educate everyone

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My all-time favourite example of augmented reality has been reinvented. When I first saw BMW’s augmented reality glasses on YouTube over 8 years ago, I was excited. For years afterwards, augmented reality seemed to be trapped in the mystical realm of what it “could” do in the future. It heralded a new dawn in educational technology.

Experience, Discover, Learn Naturally

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Virtual reality and Augmented reality offers a uniquely interactive way of training and assessing your workforce to experience an entirely new side of training. Virtual Reality advantages of augmented reality advantages of virtual reality virtual reality for business virtual reality for corporates virtual reality infographics

#mLearn2010 Augmented Reality and Mobile Learning - some lessons learned by Gunnar Liestol

Ignatia Webs

With this augmented reality , they wanted to show the parthenon and overlay information to give a complete, comprehensive experience of the Parthenon. this is augmented learning with a vengeance!). Tags: augmented learning mobile mLearning mLearn augmented reality mobile learning mLearn10 Please if you can, look this research up! Just amazing!

My forecasts for 2017

eLearning 24-7

”  Uh, you may know who they are – and no offense to them, but it is a reality. When people think of VR (Virtual Reality) they often think of Oculus Rift and similar headset devices. Fit VR, Homido VR, Freefly VR headset, Merge VR Googles, Pasonomi VR Glasses, IncrediSonic Vue Series VR glasses, View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack, Habor VR headset, Tepoinn VR headset, Archos VR Glasses, Bobo VR headsets.  I should note that the highest priced one is 44 pounds (UK).  DESTEK Vone 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses is another one out there.

Using Augmented Reality for Contextual Mobile Learning by Jason Haag

Learning Solutions Magazine

Augmented reality (AR) provides a view of the real world, with enhancement from computer- generated. input: sound, graphics, text, video, and GPS data. This article expands on a session from DevLearn. and provides examples of how AR delivered on mobile devices is already providing support for. learning. and performance in real-life situations.

My blogging year in the rear-view mirror

E-Learning Provocateur

The dark side of gamification – I’m an advocate of gamification in the workplace, but if done badly it can do more harm than good. A way with the fairies – My first dabble with augmented reality. The joy of UX – My second dabble with augmented reality. As the year draws to a close, I like to reflect on my blog posts. Where is L&D heading?

AppFusion: Your Sixth Sense, Augmented Reality by Terrence Wing

Learning Solutions Magazine

Augmented Reality (AR) digitally enhances a workplace by adding computer-generated information. and sensory inputs, including teaching and performance support, or by combining real-world stimuli. and information with instructional content. This can be done today – the tools exist, and it’s only a. matter of designers using their imagination.

MOOCs, open badges & the future of e-learning

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The paradox of augmented reality. blogging e-learning augmented reality backchannel blog comedy elearning face-to-face future learning m-learning mobile MOOCs Open Badges Udemy Another year of blogging draws to a close, this time dominated by the themes of MOOCs, open badges and the future of e-learning. Comments are the lifeblood of bloggers, so cheers! MOOCs.

Open 118

John Blackmon – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Learnnovators: A growing number of new concepts and technologies – such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Internet of Things, Performance Support, etc. – are coming up in the learning industry. John:  Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality will certainly play a role in the future of learning, but Performance Support is something that Lectora works well with today. ABOUT JOHN BLACKMON (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Trivantis Corporation). THE INTERVIEW: 1. How did you scale this height? John:  It makes me quite proud.

Pokémon whoa!

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Ingress is oft described as an augmented reality game, but I disagree. It’s an alternate reality game. It is in this light that I look on with amusement at Niantic’s latest offering: Pokémon Go. I was vaguely aware of this game since I maintain a general interest in augmented reality. When I was a teenager I was addicted to video games. The emotion is.

Infographic – The education of tomorrow

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’ section, “augmented reality will offer fun and exciting curricula” and “credibility of MOOCs is expected to grow” … but this is what we’ve been talking about for 1-2 years already? eLearning Augmented Reality Education Education Technology Educational Technology Infographic Learning Technology MOOC Technology But you know what.

Layar the first mobile augmented reality application

Ignatia Webs

Augmented reality is the natural next step off technological mobile applications. Augmented reality gives you just that bit more information when and where you need it. And, if you would link augmented reality to the semantic web, we would probably have something like the fourth dimension. Layar builds on the Android platform. Cool idea.