Extended Enterprise Systems – Halloween Edition

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Multi-tenet or multi-portal, some call them multiple portals. Main system (portal or parent) can push out material, courses, etc. to the sub portals or children. Main portal or parent, can see all the sub-portals/children – data, info, everything. Sub-portal/child – can have their own courses, materials, tests, etc. Thus, your channel partner buys the LMS – ie. They scream “$$$” for the parent/main portal.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems

Talented Learning

Accord LMS. BlueVolt LMS is purpose-built to serve industrial business segments – organizations focused on things like HVAC, plumbing and electricity, as well as continuing education in those specialties. Crowd Wisdom is a great choice for organizations that primarily want to generate revenue from professional development, certification, test preparation and other extended enterprise content programs. ACCORD LMS. MATRIX LMS.