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Infographic: Are Learning Leaders Prepared for Digital Learning?


Infographic: Are Learning Leaders Prepared for Digital Learning? Did you know: Millennials make up 42% of the current workforce 64% of L&D professions believe increasing the amount of informal learning is critical 40% believe they are unprepared to increase the amount of learner-contributed content This is a sample of the information compiled by the Brandon […]. The post Infographic: Are Learning Leaders Prepared for Digital Learning? appeared first on EdCast.

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Digital Media – a Constructivist view of principles

The E-Learning Curve

Constructivism is part of the Cognitivist 'gene pool,' and as such it is appropriate to look at the impact of digital media on cognition and learning. In "E-Learning and the Science of Instruction" (2003), Clark and Mayer explore the research on the impact of media in e-learning across seven design principles. Find out more. Continue Reading → The post Digital Media – a Constructivist view of principles appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog.

9 Ways Microlearning Drives Employee Performance


It’s official! Microlearning has hit “here to stay” category status. Want proof? Well, more and more organizations (92% in one recent study ) are planning to increase their use of microlearning in the coming year. They know it can drive employee performance and that means higher productivity, retention, and profits. Who doesn’t want that? As the first platform provider to bring microlearning to market (long before it was even called microlearning) and the organization that delivers more than 15.8

[eBook] Make Better Business Decisions with Customer Training Data

Want to take your training data one step further? Download this eBook & learn how to demonstrate the full value of your program by combining traditional training metrics with the data in your CRM.

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Is Online Learning the Secret to Employee Engagement?


You may want to brace yourself for this fact: a mere 13 percent of employees feel engaged by their jobs. That’s right, thirteen percent. This means that 87 percent (i.e., almost all) employees are disengaged at work. This statistic should be a wake-up call to company leaders. It’s time to realize the importance of employee engagement and begin making efforts to engage workers before it’s too late. What is Employee Engagement? These days, there is plenty of talk about employee engagement.

7 Steps for the Rapid Conversion of ILT Material to Online Learning

CommLab India

Read this post for a 7-step process on converting your classroom resources to engaging online courses. eLearning Design ILT to eLearning conversion

🔴 #eLearning #LIVESTREAM – Captivate Software Simulation – 07/31/2017, 16:00 EDT

Adobe Captivate

In this Live Stream, I will be covering some of the key things about Software Simulation that I have learned over the years. My hope is that if you don’t already use this foundational feature of Adobe Captivate, you will essentially have added a new tool to your eLearning toolbelt. If you have used it but don’t fully understand it, you will begin to see the power of this functionality in Captivate.


Turn to Game-Based Learning to Engage Your Learners

CommLab India

Find out the reasons to use game-based learning to engage your learners. eLearning Design game based learning

The Top 7 Features Your LMS Must Have

An LMS has the power to enhance training effectiveness, and improve business outcomes. The key is knowing which features will enable your organization to get there. This guide will help ensure your LMS is capable of meeting your learning objectives.