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AICC and SCORM Compliance: The Benefits for Your e-Learning


That’s a bit like what was happening in the e-Learning community before SCORM was established. In the late 1990s, each learning management system had its own proprietary content format, which encouraged vendor lock-in. Today, SCORM is the de facto standard for e-Learning interoperability.

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Q&A - eLearning Standards Especially SCORM

Tony Karrer

Most of the time, it's to handle cross-domain issues, i.e., learning content is on different server than learning management. There are a bunch of other standards by ADL (who is responsible for SCORM ), IMS , IEEE LTSC including CORDRAâ„¢ , LOM , Meta-data , etc. in the eLearning world.

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xAPI, LRS – The Interview

eLearning 24-7

was so entrenched that no vendor really wanted to touch SCORM at all. IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers — an international, industry standards body. In our world, they’ve standardized things like the Learning Object Metadata model used in SCORM packages. SCORM Version 1.2 might address.

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