How to Launch Elearning Content Using xAPI

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Already using xAPI for more than just reporting? The post How to Launch Elearning Content Using xAPI appeared first on HT2 Labs. Learning Locker xAPIThen you may be wondering how it can be used to launch elearning content.

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My LMS only supports SCORM – How do I use xAPI?

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and 2004 and not xAPI? So how can capture xAPI data in […]. eLearning eLearning Tools xAPI Articulate Articulate 360 Experience API LMS SCORM StorylineIs your LMS dated and only supporting SCORM 1.2


Dissect an xAPI Statement

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Understanding how the Experience API (xAPI sometimes known as Tin-Can API) is structured is the first hurdle to knowing just how flexible and powerful the xAPI can be. If you consider this: you have a Learning Management System (LMS) as part of your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and you want to know WHAT, WHERE, WHEN … Continue reading "Dissect an xAPI Statement". eLearning xAPI Experience API Learning Analytics

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xAPI Explained in Infographs

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As I look at bringing in xAPI to where I work, I’ve received a few questions on what is xAPI and why is it better than SCORM? Here are a couple of infographs that explaining the xAPI … Continue reading "xAPI Explained in Infographs". eLearning xAPI infograph

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

instantly via websites, direct link, QR code, the gomo LMS wrapper, social media, the gomo central mobile learning app and more — all with full xAPI analytics. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

xAPI Medical Case Studies

Web Courseworks

I attended the xAPI Camp in Chicago on Friday, September 16, 2016 to learn about use cases in the medical community for xAPI. xAPI and the Learning Records Store is the eLearning communities answer to recording informal or formal activities for big data calculations.

Is xAPI ready?

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In my current work environment, I’m looking to implement xAPI as part of the bigger Virtual Learning Environment. Unlike other transformative innovations, such as virtual reality or chatbots, xAPI isn’t a delivery mechanism. eLearning eco System Experience API Learning Analytics xAPI xAPI-BasedI came across this article that is very insightful, in particular to my current situation.

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xAPI in Instructional Design

Web Courseworks

Jon Aleckson and I attended an xAPI conference on Friday, September 16 th in Chicago. But I’m interested in exploring the implications of xAPI for instructional design. xAPI could potentially change that. The post xAPI in Instructional Design appeared first on Web Courseworks.

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xAPI Community

Torrance Learning

ADL created a community with their xAPI cohorts and we’re aiming to do the same with our Spring 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort. We got our feet wet with a mini xAPI Learning Cohort in 2015, and now we’re ready to take the plunge by opening up this learning experience to everyone.

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xAPI Shifting to 3rd Gear


Between November 2014’s xAPI Hyperdrive and the xAPI track at DevLearn 2014, we hit our stride. We had people well outside of the ADL bubble talking about real world things things they were using xAPI to accomplish. What happened at xAPI Camp Amazon?

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Why xAPI? or Why Should I Care About xAPI?

eLearning Brothers

Our DevLearn 2017 eLearning Rockstars stage covered all of the top trends and techniques in eLearning development today, including xAPI. How the Experience API (xAPI) is an enabler. The post Why xAPI? or Why Should I Care About xAPI?

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eLearning, xAPI and Data Driven Design

Adult Learning with Technology

As I delve more in to the world of xAPI and gain a higher level of understand as well as it’s full potential, Data Driven Learning Design, based on Data Driven Body Language has crept into many of my searches.

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Transitioning from SCORM to xAPI

Web Courseworks

On October 5 th , 2017, the Department of Defense announced that its eLearning curricula would adhere to xAPI standards rather than the more traditional SCORM standards of the eLearning industry. I’m not going to delve deeply into the advantages and disadvantages of xAPI in this blog post.


Curious about xAPI and how it can change your approach to learning?

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It’s a brilliant article and tool for understanding what xAPI is and how it works. eLearning xAPI xAPI-BasedI came across this article shared via LinkedIn from Guroo Producer and wanted to share. Have a look a look below, or click here to visit the site.

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xAPI Camp DevLearn Presentations


Here are links to all the presentations from xAPI Camp DevLearn. Introduction by Megan Bowe xAPI State of the State by Aaron Silvers Immersive Learning by John Blackmon Working Better, Together by Paul Schneider Identifying Competency Gaps by Art Werkenthin and Duncan Welder xAPI and the Evolving Learning Ecosystem by Patrick Selby A Viable […]. The post xAPI Camp DevLearn Presentations appeared first on MakingBetter.

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Enabling Learning & Performance Analytics with xAPI

Web Courseworks

Mike Rustici , President of Watershed LRS, will be presenting “Enabling Learning & Performance Analytics with xAPI”on November 28th as part of our Though Leaders Series Webinar! Tell me about the Watershed mission and vision as it relates to xAPI and LRS. .

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Building xAPI Statements


xAPI Camp Learning Solutions 2017 presentation by Anthony Altieri. The post Building xAPI Statements appeared first on MakingBetter. Archive Experience API Learning Solutions 2017 xAPI Camp xAPI Statements

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eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Megan Torrance      In my  previous xAPI article  I pointed to the emergence of "geek-free tools and platforms" as the hallmark that xAPI is beginning to achieve main-stream status. eLearning xAPI

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Learner-to-learner collaboration with xAPI


Well, thanks to the magic of xAPI and the power of SmartBuilder, now they can. I just completed the xAPI Cohort, “a free, vendor-neutral, 12-week learning-by-doing project-based team learning experience about the Experience API.” Examples Social Learning social xapi

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September Recap: xAPI Quarterly, DevLearn, Consortium


Introduced the xAPI Quarterly. We will publish the newest information around xAPI. We will ask many of our xAPI Camp presenters to extend their messages into articles, helping xAPI Camp discussions live outside of the rooms where the event happens. Happy xAPI Campers.

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Four Ways xAPI is Shutting Down Learner Engagement


Based on our understanding of how the brain makes decisions, the very flexibility that makes the relatively new standard of Experience API (xAPI) so attractive may be shutting down learner engagement by making it too hard to choose from available options. LearningToGo Blog brain choice education elearning Learning LMS neuroscience Psychology standards xAPI

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iFest and xAPI Profile Servers


We’ve been hard at work the last few months identifying what an xAPI Profile Server should do beyond the basic requirements in the xAPI Profile Specification as part of a BAA with ADL. The post iFest and xAPI Profile Servers appeared first on MakingBetter. Last week we took the show on the road to iFest in Washington DC. We brought along a poster which explained why […]. Experience API

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LMS Analytics: Analyzing xAPI Data with Zoola Analytics

Lambda Solutions

lms reporting Zoola xAPIOne of the key hurdles to effective learning analytics is getting access to all of your data.

Exploring the capabilities of xAPI


Haitham Gasim, the Kineo US Director of Technology has been on a quest to dig deeper into xAPI and thinking about how Kineo can implement xAPI in order to better serve our clients.

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xAPI - Look Before You Leap

ICS Learning

Unless you have been living under a rock in the training and development world, you have probably heard someone utter the words xAPI, TinCan API, or Experience API – though xAPI is by far its most common name.

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How LRS and xAPI Technology Helps Educators Understand Learners

Lambda Solutions

Imagine if, as an educator, you had easy access to how well all of your learners were doing - what courses they passed, how long it took them to complete eLearning assignments, and how their performance had fluctuated over the course of their education.


xAPI: The Stroke Ready App

Torrance Learning

We recently hosted a group of about 30 clients, friends, and colleagues at an xAPI party (because nothing says “celebration” like verb definitions and data filtering). We’re tickled pink that we now have another instance of xAPI out there in the world.

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xAPI Use Case Session Learning Solutions 2017

Web Courseworks

He will be joined by Dr. Chad Jackson of CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians) as they speak on an xAPI project that Web Courseworks and CHEST created using data collection from medical simulators. Unlock xAPI’s potential and deliver more innovative learning experiences to your members!

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xAPI conceptualized

Clark Quinn

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the xAPI Base Camp, to present on content strategy. While I was there, I remembered that I have some colleagues who don’t see the connection between xAPI and learning.

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Getting Started with xAPI Statements


xAPI Camp Learning Solutions 2017 presentation by Sean Putman. The post Getting Started with xAPI Statements appeared first on MakingBetter. Archive Experience API Learning Solutions 2017 xAPI Camp xAPI Statements

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Deciding when to use xAPI

Experience API

For the better part of seven years, Tim Martin, our CEO at Rustici Software , has carried his xAPI hammer around telling the story of what the standard enables. The problem with his hammering is that it has led some to consider xAPI the solution to any problem.

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Two Years of xAPI


Sunday, April 26, marked two years since xAPI was released. That didn’t lead to an enduring success like xAPI. In its first year following xAPI’s release, innovative practitioners and teams began their experiments and proofs-of-concept with xAPI.

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Connecting Marzipano to xAPI – Part One

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Having written a couple of articles on Marzipano that continue to gain attention in Google searches including Marzipano 360 how to change hotspot properties and styles, Marking up 360 images making WHS more engaging and How to use 360 images with Marzipano and Insta360 I wanted to take things to the next level in eLearning and find out what it … Continue reading "Connecting Marzipano to xAPI – Part One".

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xAPI Tutorial


xAPI was the #6 eLearning trend for 2018. If you’re not doing anything at all with xAPI now, it can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Here’s something actionable that you can do TODAY in about an hour to get started with xAPI. xAPI Tutorial: 60 Minute Quick-Start Guide.

XAPI Gaining Traction: An interview with Megan Torrance

Web Courseworks

Megan led a session with Rob Houck from LearnShare on the Learning Record Store and the XAPI. The xAPI and the LMS: What does the future hold? Megan shares an example from the pilot project that shows how the XAPI and the Learning Record Store is utilized for flight attendants.

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xAPI and the Move to Performance

HT2 Labs

Ben Betts shares his thoughts on why when getting started with xAPI, you really need to start at the end. The post xAPI and the Move to Performance appeared first on HT2 Labs. Tech & Trends xAPI

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xAPI Camp: Call for Proposals


Lots of news this week regarding xAPI Camps! First off, it is now confirmed that our xAPI Camp – Seattle is actually (get ready for this)… xAPI Camp – Amazon. We’re going to be at Amazon’s HQ in Seattle on July 21 for a full day of xAPI awesomeness.

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xAPI vs SCORM – Which is Better?

Riptide Software

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be able to clearly articulate the differences when it comes to xAPI vs SCORM. One of the most critical pieces of information to understand when addressing these two specifications is that xAPI … Read More. The post xAPI vs SCORM – Which is Better? xAPI SCORM xapiappeared first on Riptide Elements.

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#mLearncon session ebup3 and XAPI combined

Challenge to Learn

This was a session on the potential combination of epub3 (an Ebook standard) and XAPI, this way adding the activity capabilities of XAPI to EPUB3 publications. e-Learning ebooks epub3 Xapi

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xAPI: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using It

HT2 Labs

We receive many queries asking about the differences between the [surprisingly still commonly adopted] SCORM and, its modern counterpart xAPI. In a nutshell, xAPI can be considered SCORM’s shinier, more effective (and better looking) successor. Data & Analytics xAPI

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