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Here’s how Adobe Captivate 6 could have been a Game-Changer for mLearning

mLearning Revolution

Having said that, it wasn’t my intention to offend anyone by what I wrote but I had such high expectations for Captivate 6 and was dissapointed, especially because of what Adobe as a company showed the world with their launch of the Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud. I called it a sign of the mobile times, because I believe they did so many things right around mobile throughout their 14 apps that make up the Suite. True mLearning a la Dreamweaver CS6.

The New Adobe Captivate 7 Marches Backwards into the Future [Review]

mLearning Revolution

Here’s how I concluded my review of Adobe Captivate 6 back then: Sadly I’m very disappointed with what I’ve seen out of the new Captivate version, and I say sadly because for years this product was my baby, from my early days working at eHelp, later Macromedia and more recently Adobe as a Senior Product Evangelist for Captivate and the eLearning Suite. Take for example the expanded list of Smart Learning Interactions, there are now 15 more, and this is bad news in opinion.

An Honest Assessment of Adobe Captivate 6 [First Impressions]

mLearning Revolution

In fact there was one killer feature related to mobile learning (mLearning) that we had talked about as a team, but its nowhere in Captivate 6. I’m a bit surprised there are no Triggers, States, Slide Layers and oh, where’s the Captivate Mobile Player iPad app? DOES ADOBE EVEN UNDERSTAND MOBILE? What about creating unique mobile experiences, that are radically different from their desktop counterparts and that delight mobile users?