How to do SEO for eLearning in 3 easy steps


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to successful marketing today. It does assume you know a little about search engine optimization already. Each keyword should be a word that people searching for your course would use – so avoid jargon known only to people who are already experts, and use plain language wherever you can. The higher the search volume associated with a keyword, the greater its potential to drive traffic to your store.

Discover Your Organization’s Learning Ecosystems


While many learning opportunities are obvious, others can be subtle—such as informal conversations or impromptu Google searches. DID YOU KNOW: Each learning program is likely to have its own learning ecosystem, although you’ll likely find overlap between ecosystems (especially when it comes to commonly used systems like the LMS).The Many learning programs—such as widespread, formal programs with associated budgets—should be easy to identify.

Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


In this latter case, we’ve helped generate publicity that attracts a buyer – but, in the process, ends our association with that client. Examples include helping the US-based LMS provider, Pathlore, to be acquired by SumTotal Systems and helping the UK-based learning content producer, Skillchange Systems, to be acquired by Vega (which, itself, was later acquired by an Italian company). Analytics and learning record stores (LRS), along with the increasing influence of ‘big data’.