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Tag, you’re it! Google Tag Manager integration now on Tahoe


With today’s release, we’ve added Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration for Tahoe Pro and Premium Customers. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Tag Manager and what it can do, this blog post by Angela Petteys over at Moz is well worth your time: [link]. There are many, many other use cases for Google tag Manager. Learn more.

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Introducing: Personalize Your Users’ After Login Page With Tags


With our latest building block, you can customize your after login page based on a user’s tag. The B2C LearnWorlds Champ 3 How to Use Tags to Customize Your User’s After Login Page Win Your Users ‘at Hello’ Using tags to segment your audience has been a LearnWorlds favorite for a long time. Are they a customer? Are they a lead?

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Infographic – VTML Tags

Adobe Captivate

Here is an infographic we made with the main VTML tags you may use to make your text to speech audio sound natural! Which ones do you like to use? Write your comments below.

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Turbo Charge Scheduled Events in Your Learning Management System by Using Tags

Absorb LMS

The ability to tag instructor-led sessions with keywords can be an elegant way to present learners with a manageable list of upcoming events so that learners can quickly assess whether they’d like to attend. When people think of tags, they automatically think of topic keywords.

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Twine 2.4.1 First Impressions

Experiencing eLearning

Tags and filters for stories. One of the new features in the library is adding tags for individual stories. You can select a story, then Tag in the Story menu. From there, you can create new tags and assign colors. These tags appear in the lower left of the card for the story. Story layout.

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Premium Suites and a Price Tag That Rocks

eLearning Brothers

Introducing premium suites and a price tag that rocks:

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Adobe RoboHelp 2015: Conditional Build Tags and Named Expressions

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Using Conditional Build tags, you can mark topics or topic content. When the time comes to generate, you can choose to create conditions that control which tagged content is generated.   Tagged content appears in RoboHelp 11 and earlier as text with diagonal lines (first image below).   Looking to learn RoboHelp? .

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