Business of Learning

Tony Karrer

Future of Training Started Yesterday – Dave Wilkins – Mzinga The gist: we need to completely rethink training departments and responsibilities from the ground up (both literally and figuratively) and we need to recognize that we are midst of a transition to a new normal. Sure we know about software and services that go along with things like: Informal Learning Social Learning Toolkits Resource sites Books 24x7, Safari But will people really pay for these things?

Learning Management Systems that kick ass: Generation21

Janet Clarey

A: John Stearns- For Gen21, social media is simply another analogous function that clients may choose to use in their learning toolkit. The third track is the approach where the LMS trails another app, as in Mzinga. The other roadblock we see is cost. This post is part of the Friday series "LMSs that kick ass.&# I'll be highlighting one Learning Management System (LMS) every Friday. This week it’s Generation21 (Gen21).