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Migrating from LearnDash to WP Courseware: An Easy and Effective Transition

Fly Plugins

If you’re currently using LearnDash as your learning management system (LMS) but find yourself facing limitations, overloaded with options or seeking a more customizable and flexible option, migrating to WP Courseware could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Why Migrate from LearnDash to WP Courseware?

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eLearning Brothers Launches a First in the Training Market – Customizable Courseware

eLearning Brothers

Salt Lake City Utah – eLearning Brothers announced today a first in the training industry – Customizable Courseware. Customizable Courseware is a fully designed and developed training package that includes the eLearning source files, classroom materials and PowerPoint presentations. About eLearning Brothers.


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Tips To Design User Interface (GUI) For Elearning Courseware Development

Swift eLearning Services

In this blog, we are going to discuss about the use of visual elements for designing eLearning courses, that is, Graphic User Interface (GUI)/ User Interface (UI) for an eLearning courseware development. Human beings are visual in nature, we respond to visual data more than any other form of data.

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Custom Content Or Off-The-Shelf Courseware: Is There Something In Between?

eLearning Industry

This article is about editable courseware, and how it can be a beneficial option between the off-the-shelf courseware and the custom content. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of all 3 options, and how you should take a look at your course catalog and see where you can benefit from each option.

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Can Brain Science Actually Help Make Your Training & Teaching Stick?

Speaker: Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO of Brainscape

You’ve splurged on the expensive interactive courseware. The instructor’s PPT slides are brilliant. Student engagement is stellar. So… why are half of your students still forgetting everything they learned in just a matter of weeks? It's likely a matter of cognitive science!

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A Better Way to Translate WP Courseware Into Other Languages

Fly Plugins

WP Courseware has customers in various different countries which means there is a need to have WP Courseware translated into different languages. WP Courseware can currently be translated by simply creating a PO/MO file using PO Edit or using a plugin like LocoTranslate. It does it all for you! Let me explain how this works.

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How to Buy eLearning Content: Benefits of Subscribing to an eLearning Courseware Library


The demand to buy eLearning content has created an opportunity for courseware vendors to provide a wide range of educational content to meet the demands of learners. </p>