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5 Key Ways to Improve Training and Development


Large software companies like LinkedIn, with their acquisition of online learning company Lynda, are targeting the training market. Tracking Performance : A training program is not effective unless the progress is tracked. By providing visually appealing and interactive content, your client’s employees’ motivation to complete the training courses increases, which, consequently, makes them retain the information better in the long term. Find an Adequate Balance of Information.

20 ways to prepare yourself for modern workplace learning

Jane Hart

Click here for more information. You realise that learning in the workplace is more than being trained or taking e-learning courses; ie that it happens in many different ways as people do their jobs at work, from interactions with people as well as from personal learning activities. L&D can help to develop effective personal learning/knowledge management skills in their people. LEARN FROM YOUR DAILY WORK. ARE PART OF A SOCIAL WORK TEAM.