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It involved them going off in pairs and researching the psychology of the internet, as represented in a number of activities including blogging, using social networks, and effects such as the reduction of social cues, respellings through txting or 'rebus', and the nature of online relationships.

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Why It’s Your Job to Close the Skills Gap and How You Can Do It

Alex Weinstein of Wetpaint describe his company’s success with hiring good learners: “Most of the developers we hired had no or little experience in [Ruby on] Rails. You’re the best person to bridge the skills gap for your team. January 25, 2016.

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Learning with e's

7 - Slideshare is a very simple, but most effective web service which enables you to load up your complete PowerPoint slide shows (or other files such as pdf files) direct to a webspace and then make them available to others.