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Wild and Wacky Friday - WetPaint websites

Take an e-Learning Break

Wetpaint has created several videos that demonstrate the advantages of Wetpaint over competitors such as freewebs or wikia (in the style of PC vs. Mac) Check it out: [link] Consider a WetPaint site as a quick way to build a collaborative learning site.

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Bloomfield College Keynote Resources

Kapp Notes

Extends Class If you want to start a wiki, try Wikispaces or try WetPaint. Thing Participant Centered Learning Spanish in 3D 2D vs 3D Learning Web 2.0 Random Web 2.0 Statistics Learning, Web 2.0, Gaming and Statistical Round Up Some Posts about Web 2.0 and Informal Learning Creating a Vibrant Learning Community Tear Down the Walls: Web 2.0

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Tools Used

Clark Quinn

gmail, Google Reader, Instant Messaging, istockphoto, LiveJournal, Multiply, Netvibes, Pandora, Wetpaint, Wikipedia, Wordpress. Virginia asked what the "other tools" were: Plaxo, YouTube, LearningTown,, Pageflakes, Photobucket, Snapfish, Diigo, gather (?),

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Collaboration Tools

Tony Karrer

Screen-Sharing GoToMeeting ( link ) eBLVD ( link ) ConnectNow ( link ) Microsoft Shared View Crossloop ( link ) Yuuguu ( link ) WebExNow ( link ) LiveLook ( link ) Vyew ( link ) Glance ( link ) Yugma ( link ) Teamviewer ( link ) BeamYourScreen ( link ) Remote Control GoToAssist ( link ) RealVNC VNC GoToMyPC ( link ) logmein ( link ) Teamviewer ( link (..)

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Wiki rebus

Learning with e's

They were asked to address a number of questions related to their research topic, and not only post them to their Wetpaint wiki, but also create a PowerPoint presentation (some incorporated these into the wiki) for discussion by the whole group. The presentations continue on Tuesday and so will the fun.

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Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

Here are the results and the level of exposure to technology tools this community provides: Twitter (2482) Social Network (1999) Wiki (1610) LMS (1346) Podcaster (1239) Facebook (1176) Flash (980) PowerPoint (922) YouTube (843) RSS (814) LinkedIn (798) Second Life (687) iPhone (602) Director (584) Moodle (550) PDF (521) Captivate (515) Wikipedia (502) (..)

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Watching the paint dry

Learning with e's

I have shown them how to integrate these into a Wetpaint wiki (probably the best of the bunch at the moment for functionality, ease of use and ad-free response). It's been a busy day teaching with two of my BA groups having a stab at creating their first blogs here at the University of Plymouth.