They Might Not Need Training, Just a Little Support


This is horrifying considering we spend so much effort creating quality training programs. Performance support is about helping people solve the problem, “What do I need to know now to perform this task?” ” Since people cannot remember everything they learn in a training class, performance support is a way of bridging the gap between learning and performance so that learning can be transfered to the job and performance sustained. Would that do it?”

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Top Ten Tools for 2009

Learning Visions

So easy to clip from articles online, jot down to do lists, and tag and organize it all. My iPod Touch I know that this is a piece of hardware, but it makes learning and recording information on the fly a breeze, at least when theres wireless around. Flash I dont actually develop a thing with Flash myself, but our designers and programmers do some fabulous stuff with it! What tools do you use? (I I would add Captivate and do I use Jing!