Shout Out: Rachel Troychock

Kapp Notes

Speaking of alumni (see yesterday's post ) This month ASTD's magazine T&D featured one of Bloomsburg University's Instructional Technology alumni, Rachel in their article FUTURE LEADERS 2020. The article is about up and comming folks and what they are doing in the field of learning and e-learning. If you'd like to read the article yourself, you can click on December T&D Magazine here.

Rise of the smart cities

E-Learning Provocateur

I read a news article today about the announcement by the Queensland Government to provide wireless internet access to commuters on its Citytrain network. Other articles claim this service will be free. Watch vodcasts. Queensland is not the first government to offer free public wi-fi. Wikipedia lists dozens of cities around the world that have free municipal wireless networks.


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How and Why Pause Captivate’s Timeline?

Adobe Captivate

To understand this article – perhaps the most important – I recommend to read at least the first and the third article as a preparation. In many cases the pausing point will be visible on the Timeline (see previous articles), but not always. Create a dashboard with buttons to display multiple vodcasts, images, podcasts. Intro. This is the fourth post in a sequence of 5.

Is There an App for Leadership Development?

CLO Magazine

Mobile Possibilities Mobile devices allow learning to happen in the midst of life and work through ready access to the LMS, apps, modules, podcasts, vodcasts and social media. The book Job Aids and Performance Support by Allison Rossett and Lisa Schafer, the authors of this article, defines two types of performance support, based on when they help. Mobile apps will soon offer robust tools for leadership and managerial development.

Choosing Media - Push vs. Pull - Part 1 of Many

Tony Karrer

I'm slowly beginning to prepare for some future presentations and slowly writing a couple of articles that discuss the impact of relatively newer developments in eLearning such as: Rapid eLearning , the Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids , eLearning 2.0 , Podcasts, Wikis, Content Management, etc.

Media 100

Google-Assisted “Search� Learning…but pls don’t say “according to Google�

Janet Clarey

So then I ran across a decent article that I read through and thought I should buck up and revisit the things that make Google such a large part of my life. George Chinnery (2008) described some of the pedagogical uses of Google in his article, “ You’ve got some GALL: Google-Assisted Language Learning.” Here is a recap of Chinnery’s article as it appearing in Language, Learning & Technology.