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Is Image Memorability Important to eLearning?

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Such an algorithm could be useful to graphic designers, photo editors, or anyone trying to decide which of their vacation photos to post on Facebook" - Aude Oliva, associate professor of cognitive science and a senior author of the paper. MIT photography research ISD instructional design elearning development corporate eLearningI discovered this interesting research report from a tweet that pointed to an article in Scientific mind titled Haunting Scenes.

Little Known Ways to Create Your Own Graphics Using PowerPoint - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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If you follow Sweller’s cognitive load theory , then you understand that the graphics in your elearning course are very important and play a large role in its effectiveness. wendy phillips. I will second Wendy Phillips comment about using these images in Flash (I use Swishmax too), but wanted to add a little. A professional association chapter I belong to had our website redone and several photos from Getty Images were used by our web designer.