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How Leadership Training Must Change in a WFH World

CLO Magazine

1 reason employees don’t engage in workplace learning is because they don’t have the time, according to LinkedIn Learning’s “2018 Workplace Learning Report.”

The Golden Keys to Personal Productivity

Learning Wire

CEO of the largest social media platform yet conceived – Facebook – Zuckerberg is also known for having a very particular way of working. You can now easily share your calendar, your tasks, and even your current projects with colleagues and clients using web-based applications like Google Docs. Notifications from corporate social media, emails and texts, combine to generate a never-ending flow of information that can ultimately kill your productivity.

Psst. You wanna buy some features?

eLearning 24-7

Integrate with web based e-mail calendars – Gmail and Hotmail. Instant messaging. Social learning – snooze fest, but few vendors now offering Facebook SSO and Twitter integration. SaaS – the norm, what no longer is the norm – hosted on the client’s servers only. LMS vendors are continuing to add some very unique features in an effort to set themselves apart from the competition.