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Self-service education

Janet Clarey

Are you getting tired of self-service? Imagine all these people in little rooms with their scalpels being overseen by one person like the self-service checkouts at the Home Depot. In corporate training we’re talking a lot about wikis, blogs, RSS, podcasts, vodcasts, bookmarking, etc. create your own content. Actually, I’m beginning to think that some days, it would be harder to live without hyperlinks than without human services.

Google-Assisted “Search� Learning…but pls don’t say “according to Google�

Janet Clarey

Instructors wishing to control search activities for learning can use Google Coop to create a search engine for a website or collection of sites. Google Lively is a 3-D environment where learners can create their own avatar and make and join rooms to meet and discuss topics. On iGoogle, learners can create their own start-age; their own customized, personal learning environment. What do you do when you’re connected and need a quick answer to a question?