Adobe RoboHelp: Working with Twisties

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Twisties are images you include with DHTML drop-downs and DHTML expanding texts. The twisties indicate whether a drop-down is opened or closed. Open or create a RoboHelp project. Double-click the project's style sheet to open it for editing. In the Select Twisties Images dialog box, browse and open the images you want to use as twisties. Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Help Authoring RoboHelp Technical Communications

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Adobe RoboHelp 8: eLearning & Help Join Forces

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Navigate to the location of your Captivate published SWF and open it. If the learner clicks the link, the video opens (otherwise it stays hidden). and choose DHTML > Create Drop-down Hotspot and Text. Tags: Adobe's Technical Communication Suite eLearning RoboHelp by Kevin Siegel When I teach my RoboHelp class , one of the RoboHelp features that most excites my students is RoboHelp's ability to import eLearning lessons published by Adobe Captivate.

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Hanukkah e-Learning Wish List

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Adobe CS4 eLearning Suite - I am still working with CS3. OutStart Trainer - I am currently using another DHTML editor in which I am not enthralled at all. Open access to all social media for the workers of the world - I am lucky to have access to such things as LinkedIn and Twitter, but not all do. My kids are making their wish list for Hanukkah, which inspired me to make my own.