Swf compilation failed.

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The post Swf compilation failed. HTML5/SWF Preview/Publish Question Adobe Captivate 2019 error_message html5/swf preview/publish question SWFI received this error when I attempted to Preview my project. What did I do wrong? Alternatively, how do I correct it?

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drag and drop) rely on swf?? The post HTML5 and SWF appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question Flash FLV HTML5 q&as question SWF ComponentsI have a couple of questions about these formats.

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What about all those old SWF files?

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I’ve seen several posts related to the SWF output and the lack of browser support or simply having issues playing them. I also have a number of projects that were published as SWF from old versions of Captivate. In many cases, all I have any longer is the final SWF. I utilize a small little SWF player that has, for me, worked very well – and the price is right (FREE)! The post What about all those old SWF files?

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Publishing Adobe Captivate Projects: SWF, HTML5, or Both?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Kevin Siegel      If you attend our  Adobe Captivate Beginner class , you will learn how to publish projects as SWF (for desktop users) and HTML5 (for mobile users).  While HTML5 may one day completely replace SWF, today is not that day.

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Video files not embedding and loading properly on swf publish

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I am attempting to embed short (10 sec) video files to a captivate 2019 project and publish it as an swf file. When viewing the swf file, the videos appear to be attempting to load (i get loader icon indications) but the video never loads. The publish format HAS to be swf, as the intranet i’m uploading to has permission issues with some files associated with HTML publishing. I need this video saved into the swf file, if at all possible.

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Captivate Swf Events

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Captivate Swf Events are used to achieve a tighter integration between Captivate SWFs and Flash or Flex.Captivate SWF events are fired with the Captivate SWF file as the event source so that external observers (like loader swfs in Flash/Flex or Java script) can take some action based upon these events.

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Old project(published as SWF in CP6), not working when republished for HTML5 in CP2017

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At that time), I preferred all my O/P publication in SWF. Also checked for any transient effect and similar SWF component…. The post Old project(published as SWF in CP6), not working when republished for HTML5 in CP2017 appeared first on eLearning. I used captivate CS 5.5 and then CS6 a lot in 2014. (At Then, was engaged in a projects that uses another software/tools Visual studio ….

MP4 videos won’t open when published to an SWF in Captivate 2017

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When I publish in Captivate 2017 in a SWF format, MP4 videos inserted into a frame does not open. The post MP4 videos won’t open when published to an SWF in Captivate 2017 appeared first on eLearning. I receive “connection error” or “error” I get this error on MacBook and Windows PC. Preview works fine, just publishing issue. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question Adobe Captivate2017 q&as question

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SWF speaks to HTML page… through JavaScript!

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Most of us, sometime or the other, have had a need to manipulate the HTML page that contains the Captivate SWF file. The requirement may have been to display a custom message or change an image in the HTML page on click of a button inside the SWF. This can be achieved by sending data [.]. eLearning this week Extending Captivate How do I. Training and Tutorials Whats new "Elearning authoring tools" Adobe Captivate Adobe eLearning Suite 2.5

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Flash to HTML5 – Swiffy From Google

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This has come just in time for mLearning implementers; there is a new tool out in Google Labs called Swiffy that let’s one convert flash animation (swf files) to a device independent HTML5. We’ve been experiementing with Swiffy for a few hours now and it seems to do quite a decent job of converting SWF files. Weekly Finds Convert SWF Files To HTML5 HTML5 SWF To HTML5 Swiffy

Quiz less responsive to clicking since change from SWF to HTML5.

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I have a Captivate course that ran well, until I had to switch from SWF to HTML5. I didn’t have this issue in SWF. The post Quiz less responsive to clicking since change from SWF to HTML5. first time post from a very non techie person! Then it became slow (which was resolved by switching from Scorm to TinCan) and the quiz has become very awkward … you click on a multiple choice answer and it doesn’t show your choice as being selected.

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Integrate Raptivity with Lectora Snap


presentation rapid eLearning rapid eLearning software shell Slides suggestions Support SWFYou can add an attractive interaction of Raptivity to Lectora Snap! There is no gimmick in it but certainly simple guidelines to be followed. Read them and save the hue and cry.

What's Up With the "Enable SWF for conversion to iPhone application" Option?

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Question About Adobe Captivate 5: What's Up With the "Enable SWF for conversion to iPhone application" Option? I know that Apple and Adobe are at war with regards to SWF output playing on the iPhone or iPad. But I just noticed in Adobe Captivate 5 that there is a check box when you publish that says: "Enable SWF for conversion to iPhone application."

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Resolve issues in published output (SWF) when your Captivate 2017 project contains YouTube Widget

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When you insert YouTube widget in your Adobe Captivate 2017 project using Interactions menu > Learning Interactions and view the SWF output, you may experience the following issues: Video content getting truncated/cut-off in IE 11. Publish the SWF output and YouTube widget will work fine on IE11, Chrome and Firefox.

Steps to use Flash iPhone packager to create iPhone app. from Captivate SWF

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from your Captivate SWF. Further to Shameer’s post on “Publish to iPhone from Captivate and eLearning Suite“, here are the next steps to generate the iPhone app. These are manual steps and you need to use the terminal/shell to execute the command on a Mac machine where you have your Apple Developer Certificate and Provisioning

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Balancing image quality and SWF output size in CP 5 – 1

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In this two part blog series we look at information that you can use in Adobe Captivate 5 to parallel decide the quality of an image and the SWF file size and bring forth the differences between the publishing of images in CP 4 and CP 5. Size of SWF output files is an important consideration for many content developers as it takes longer time for end users to download larger files. Selecting ‘high’ for all slides results in a large SWF output file.

SWF 64

Balancing image quality and SWF output size in CP 5 – 2

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When the project is published in CP4 with the JPEG option the SWF file size was 2314KB. This how the slide looked in the swf output file. When published as JPEG option, the size of the published SWF file is 1844 KB. Cp 4 SWF size. Cp 5 SWF size.

SWF 60

Solution for Adobe Captivate 4 AS3 aggregated SWF not working on Latest Flash Player (

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Solution: Close Adobe Captivate 4 and Aggregator if already running. Download the AggGenerator.zip from here and extract the AggGenerator.dll. In the Captivate 4 installed folder search for the file “AggGenerator.dll ” Rename the file to “AggGenerator_old.dll”. Place the dll downloaded in step 2 into the installed folder of Captivate 4. Relaunch Captivate/ Aggregator and re-publish [.].

My date with Adobe Captivate 5.5 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3… at HTML5 Restaurant!

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captivate training HTML5 iPad publish to HTML5 rapid elearning authoring tools SWF to HTML5Photography is one of my hobbies and I’m sure it’s the same with some of you reading this post. When I thought of creating some content in HTML5 for my iPad, the first thing that crossed my mind was Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. I not only appreciate it but have also seen a lot of my photographer [.].

Free, Live Tool and Technology Webinars for Instructional Designers


Irene ID: So, we need to create SWF and HTML5 output files for an [.]. Just this morning, I overheard our Instructional Designers (IDs)—Irene and Ike—talking in the break room (Irene is a senior ID and Ike is a new ID.): Free webinar Instructional Design training Videos workshop

Free 250

Widget Captivate 2019

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I have imported a flash swf animation to a Captivate 2019 project. But the widget play/pause button does not control the flash swf on the slide. What settings should I use so the swf is controlled by the playbar widget play/pause button. The project has a playbar widget to control the timeline. The post Widget Captivate 2019 appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question Adobe Captivate Playbars q&as question

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Waving Goodbye to Flash!

iSpring Solutions

Starting with version 9, iSpring authoring tools won’t publish content to Flash format (.SWF). In this article, we’ll explain why… Read More. Updates

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Adobe Captivate 5.5: Lowering the Size of Published SWFs

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Fortunately, adding interactivity to a lesson does not negatively impact the size of the published SWF. Rather, imported assets such as audio, video and images are the main culprits behind SWF bloat. However, nothing will bloat a published SWF quite like audio. by Kevin Siegel.

Case Study – Conversion of Flash Courses to HTML5 using Articulate Storyline

Swift eLearning Services

The courses that were developed in Adobe Flash or tools whose output is in SWF are now not compatible with the modern devices. In the recent times, the learning needs are changed and the technology has increased at its pace. This has transformed the traditional classroom training into e-learning.

objects disappearing after HTML5 publication

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I have a project that I was publishing in both html and swf. it works just fine in preview and swf. Hi everyone!!! However, the client had issues with flash running properly and wants it in only html. that has caused problems.

Something You Won't See on The iPad

eLearning Cyclops

So much e-learning is made in Flash, or published as SWF files, and iPad users will not have access to it. [link] The devices shown have Adobe Flash, but the iPad does not. What a shame. flash

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High Fidelity Support for Microsoft® PowerPoint Files in Adobe® Captivate 6

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Adobe® Captivate 5.5 : PPTX -> PPT -> SWF Adobe® Captivate 6 supports direct conversion from PPTX to SWF without converting PPTX to PPT. In Adobe Captivate 5.5, PPTX files were converted to PPT files during import and therefore some features of the PPTX files were not imported into Captivate projects. Therefore, PPTX features can [.]. Whats new

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Adobe Captivate 6: HTML5 At Last!

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Currently the most common way to publish a Captivate project is as a Flash SWF, an excellent solution because SWF files can be used by the vast majority of the world's personal computers, browsers and operating systems.

Drop down size of matching questions

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While OK in HTML5, the SWF version of the matching quiz drop down is displayed extremely small. Hello. This might be an issue for everyone using this type of quiz, but I couldn’t find an a solution. Is there a possibility to change the size? Thanks.

SWF 52

How to Merge Your Captivate Projects Into One Course

eLearning Brothers

This post will take you through the process of creating a simple TOC using SWF files. The TOC SWF files are the courses/topics of your choosing. Create captivate SWF files for each topic and place in the same folder. Publish the file into SWF format exported to HTML.

Adobe Captivate: Internalize or Externalize?

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The common way to publish a completed Captivate eLearning video is as a SWF (small web file). But it is possible to publish your Captivate video so that the Skin, Widgets, FMR's and Animations are split apart from the SWF.     Publish the lesson as a SWF

Adobe Captivate 5/5.5: Removing The Web Page Margin

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by Kevin Siegel    I received an email from a Captivate developer asking if it was possible to remove the white space that appears between the browser toolbars and SWF when a lesson is opened within a browser. In the image below, notice that there is white space above the SWF (just below the browser's menu bar).      Admittedly the space that appears above a SWF isn't huge and it's not something that I had spent time thinking about.

Adobe Presenter 9: Replacing the Default Playbar Logo with Your Own Logo

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First, create a SWF file of the logo you would like to use on the playbar in place of the Adobe logo. Give the new SWF the following name:  logo.swf.

Get Adobe Captivate 5 content with Text Animations working in latest Flash Player without republishing

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We have an application ‘CaptivateFP10Fixer’ which when given an affected Adobe Captivate 5 SWF with Text Animation, will give an Adobe Captivate 5 SWF [.]. We now have a fix for Adobe Captivate 5 content with Text Animations not playing in the latest Flash Player issue, which does *NOT* require a republish of the entire project! How do I

Using Captivate 2017 I can’t publish html5 nor preview, Can you please help me to fix it?

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I tried to publish and preview my project in both swf and html5, but it shows a spinning gif on a white page. I have installed the latest version of Captivate. The html5 does not load at all on any browser. I restarted my computer and got the same result. Can you please help me to fix it? Discussion Captivate

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