The top LMS companies in Dubai that could be a great eLearning solution for your company


We know for sure that looking for a Learning Management System is not easy work because you have to analyze many factors to determine if an LMS is a good fit for your organization. This is why we did research for you and we picked the Top LMS companies in Dubai. We can easily find over 100 e-learning companies that offer eLearning services in Dubai. What should you analyze when looking for the Top LMS companies in Dubai? UPSIDE LEARNING.

Top 21 Online Learning Websites You Should Know About

CommLab India

Are you new to e-learning courseware development? Never developed an online learning before? Have no formal skills in crafting e-learning materials? Developing learning material that is effective can be a little daunting for first-timers. This is especially true if you are planning to develop e-learning. Instructional design is the methodology of designing content in a way that helps learners learn quickly and effectively.


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The Fantastic Four – Factors That Help Keep your E-learning Outsourcing Costs Under Control

CommLab India

You wanted to reduce your e-learning development cost, that’s why you thought of outsourcing. E-learning companies that use the agile e-learning development process, develop short courses, offer translation services, and work with rapid authoring tools can keep online learning development costs under control. Let’s check how these four aspects play a key role in saving e-learning outsourcing costs.

Blended learning supports Xerox rollout

Clive on Learning

I wasn't too familiar with Assima, even though they've been around for 24 years, but as seems to be the case with many e-learning specialists, they seem to be doing rather nicely thank you - 150+ employees, a £15m ($30m) turnover and 40% year on year growth. Support provided by floor walkers, help desks, a software practice environment, electronic materials and highly realistic software simulations.